tarotscope for new moon in virgo ♍︎ 17/9

what is coming for you? what needs to be realigned? pay attention to what is happening at the moment & listen closely to your body.

this tarotscope applies for sun, moon, rising!
if the reading resonates & you feel like contributing to my tip jar, thank you in advance! :D
virgo placements:

this is your szn and you are thriving! you are achieving significant milestones. don't forget to celebrate your small victories, and give yourself some pampering and love. practice movements & make yourself nourishing food!
while everything is looking breezy and happening smoothly for you, make sure to find time to ground yourself. grounding doesn't mean just sitting down, it's about connecting and moving along to the rhythm. at the end of the day, it's you who always have control over it.
libra placements:

do you feel choked from bottling your emotions at the moment? you are pouring love to something or someone but it doesn't reciprocate. you're so focused on making sure that people are pleased with your appearances & words, but are you pleased with yourself?
unblock your throat chakra & emotions as you channel your energies by singing & burning bowl rituals. the energies from the past is sticking with you a lot, and you are not responsible for keeping them. love is a good thing, but put them in the right place.
scorpio placements:

what is demanding your attention at the moment? there is a sense of detachment towards your surrounding, because you are afraid to embrace your own predictions. you are long overdue for self-reflections and prioritize your personal needs.
as you breathe in and expand your lungs, you were reminded that you have been hustling for quite sometime now, and you forget how air feels like in your body. if you've been noticing a pattern in physical or mental health, it is best to check in with your doctor.
sagittarius placements:

are you having hard time to let go? you've been reminiscing the past a lot, but you are not making any progress either. what takes a dent in your regular routine, is not working for you, it is time to leave it out from your schedule.
improve your ability to sensitivity and listening by fixing yourself a sound healing playlist, what was once your jam, or sounds that gives you instant uplifting vibes. soak yourself in a bath because the fire in you needs some cooling water to wash away the pain sometimes.
capricorn placements:

what you have been manifesting comes with a price, and you're challenged. but once you get over this hurdle, everything will be transitioning smoothly. harness the earth energy at the moment to play on your own field.
if you have been feeling alone, a get-together with your friends is a nice opportunity to reconnect and learn from them. you might find refreshing ideas or ways to overcome your challenges. and don't forget to drink some water, we know you work so hard!
aquarius placements:

you intentionally isolate yourself in order to protect your emotions from those who planned to harm you. there will be light from the darkness that you are in now, but take this time to enjoy detachment because it has been feeling sticky for some time now.
massage doesn't only heal muscles, it reminds you that your body has been consistently sending messages that they need your attention! connecting with crystals can also improve your understanding about materials that tries to speak to you on deeper level.
pisces placements:

there's a lot of opportunities coming your way, but they are not like what you wanted. despite not doing what you like, you still managed to achieve and ace them. use this time to explore what are you capable of. perhaps, expand your horizon.
whenever you're feeling not worthy of what you receive, treat yourself to positive affirmations. you could also ask from your friends and loved ones about things they like about you. and then, let time flows wherever it wants. the universe knows where to bring you.
aries placements:

there is a lot of infighting coming for you, and you are trying to act watery and vulnerable despite the reflexes of answering & fighting back. you're going with the current instead of going against it, and you're using a lot more wisdom to plan your strategy.
when we got caught up in conflict, we tend to prioritise who are the loudest. we forgot that we have our own voices. and to listen to ourselves is be still and allow consciousness to take place. incorporate chanting in your meditation practices, allow that throat chakra to flow.
taurus placements:

you are being gifted with tools to increase your skills and abilities, but these are new to you and you are still tiptoeing to get used to it. you get invested & passionate about this new thing, but don't forget to take a break as you used up a lot of energy.
an altar to complement your journal practice, consists of things that makes you feel happy and grounded. this altar should be filled with offerings to the universe that have guided you in your journey & work. write about daily encounters, there's a lot to learn.
gemini placements:

raise your glass. you are long overdue for celebration of your hard work, and drawing boundaries for things that doesn't serve you anymore. you've been working on healing and it starts showing results for you, so pat yourself at the back, you got this!
look into decorating yourself and what have been appearing in your dreams lately. were you prepared to go into the dream realm & explore things that your subconscious have been making you do? there are a lot of secrets that you still protect yourself from.
cancer placements:

there are relationships that can't be fixed anymore. it seems like you cannot find your way out from it. is it the state of mind that's stopping you? there are better relationship & friendships waiting for you at the end of the light.
if you haven't been grounding yourself, take this time to clear your head space. write a gratitude list about how this relationship have served you in the past, but it no longer works for you. time has passed for your emotional labour. focus on yourself.
leo placements:

serve, surrender, conquer. there are many tricks in your sleeve to win what you want, and you need to be more calculative in your thoughts before executing it. you can plan as much as you can, but it is up to universe to decide where this will be going next.
find art & sex as a medium to express yourselves when you feel disconnected with your body. a lot of us live with the belief that we know how to vocalise our thoughts, but sometimes, our hands works better in expressing what we truly want inside. unleash it.

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