#MJFam #MJInnocent #SquareOneMJ #1993ChandlerCase #Facts
Here is why #DianeDimond is lying⤵️

#DianeDimond has always claimed that Michael Jackson paid $15,331,250 to Jordan plus a $2million signing bonus, $1.5million for June, $1.5million for Evan & between $3 & $5million ⤵️
for Larry Feldman, depending on what version you go with!

Diane also confirmed via her source that no payments were made prior to the settlement being signed, therefor all the payments Michael Jackson made (Evan, June, Jordan & Larry) were all listed in the settlement.
The settlement itself also states that no money was to change hands prior to Michael completing a confession of judgment document & delivering a copy to Feldman (section 3.e)
The Chandlers entrusted Feldman to keep their only copy.
Let’s humor Diane for a second & pretend she is correct & is telling the truth about the amounts. The redacted section of the settlement should state Jordan Chandler is to recieve $15,331,250 plus a $2million signing bonus, Evan Chandler is to recieve $1.5million ⤵️
June Chandler to recieve $1.5million along with Larry Feldman to be paid as per the contingency ($3million) + expenses ($331.250) add all that together & the total amount you would see on the Confession of Judgment would be $23,331,250 NOT $15.331.250!
You have to remember the Confession Of Judgment is a document that states the total amount someone agrees to pay the other party in a settlement agreement & will only be filed if/when the paying person defaults.
Why only have the Confession Of Judgment stating $15,331,250 if the total amount was $23,331,250, because if Jackson did default for whatever reason, all they could garnish and recover would have been $15.331.250!

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12 Sep
#MJFam #MJInnocent #TrollFails #LeavingNeverland #LiesOfLeavingNeverland
Let us address how certain uneducated guiltiers/trolls/haters love to claim that Joy Robson stuck to her story regarding her "family" going to the Grand Canyon in order to not perjure herself. ⤵️
Joy Robson does NOT qualify by law to be charged with perjury, reason being Joy was not a material witness, if she was, then she would have been subpoenaed by the prosecution to insure that she testified ⤵️
Material witnesses are incredibly important to prosecuting the accused & by law they can legally detain that person to ensure they testify to try & ensure a conviction.

Many witnesses lie on the witness stand, it was given the nickname of “testilying” ⤵️
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10 Sep
#LeavingNeverland #LiesOfLeavingNeverLand
#WadeRobson claims in his lawsuit that Michael abused him in his condo during their first trip in 1990. Wade claims he was alone there while his sister & mother slept in a hotel across the street
Pg 8 point 19
However his mother Joy, testified in her 2016 deposition (pgs 61, 62, 63)
scribd.com/document/35376… that she & her daughter Chantal also slept in that condo, on the floor in sleeping bags, while Wade & Michael slept in the room.
So Jackson not only took the risk to sexually abuse a boy without any grooming but he supposedly did it right under his mothers & sisters nose. This of course is contradicted by another one of Robsons allegations in his lawsuit:
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10 Sep
#ChandlerCase #1993Settlement
One of the many mistakes guilters make (perfect example of them not reading what's in front of them)
Is that they like to cite "Jordan Chandler had $15.331.250 paid into a trust!
This is somewhat incorrect.
Further on in the settlement you will see in (5.b) it mentions qualified assignments which shows the settlement is a structured settlement, which means that Jordan’s portion of the $15,331.250 could only be paid into a trust fund bank account
however section (3.e) of the settlement is specifically referring to the Confession Of Judgment which is a form type document that would have been held IN TRUST by the minors attorney (Larry Feldman) to execute if Jackson were to default on any/all payments.
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9 Sep

Sneddon complained that in order to do something with Jackson he needed new, “credible” evidence or new “victims” willing to co-operate, & called on the public for help in finding those “victims”!
Sneddon’s Feb 2003 press release began with the status of the 93 investigation. Sneddon said that the case could be re-opened if they found credible evidence against Jackson, which can be read as an admission that they had nothing credible prior to that!
The Status of the Prior Investigation. A number of years ago at a press conference in Los Angeles with the then L.A. County District Attorney, Gil Garcetti, we described the investigation as “open, but inactive.” It was stated that the case could be reactivated upon the⤵️
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7 Sep
#MJFam #MJInnocent
How can anyone deny that #EvanChandler didnt have a plan for extortion in 1993, or even at minimum a plan to blackmail #MichaelJackson

We all know what Evan wanted $20m dollars
Guilters say these conversations were about the custody battle with ex-wife June
Here we have #EvanChandler talking about Michael's tour being cancelled before Jordan allegedly confessing to his alleged abuse.

Something else that proves no way where these conversations about the custody battle
#MJInnocent #ChandlerCase #FalseAllegations #Extortion
Here is #EvanChandler saying he has found a nasty SOB attorney who wants to get "this" out in public as fast & as big as he can.

Now why would Evan be saying he wanted his custody battle out in public? #MJInnocent
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7 Sep
Guiltiers believe that #EvanChandler & #LarryFeldman wanted to be doubly sure that Jordan was telling the truth & thats why they sent him to Gardner THEN Katz. The truth is Gardner was the best in the business regarding false allergations of CSA ⤵️
so there would have been no need for a 2nd opinion on his work.
The real & most logical reason for Katz is that Gardner didnt give the Chandlers the conclusion that they were hoping for. It is not known what Gardner acutally concluded from the interview but it doesnt take much
to work out why it wasnt leaked with the rest of the interview in Feb 03 along with JC's declaration.

In total Jordy saw THREE "professionals" regarding his alleged abuse

Abrams, who later went on to say he didnt spend enough time to the boy to know if he was coached or not.
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