I remember in 2010 when Kamala was elected AG (I voted for her). My neighbor already worked in AG's office & during our regular talks he'd mention what he thought she would be like should she win. Then we would talk about what kind of boss she was (is). Obviously he could not
Discuss too much in detail, but during talks w/him and two other neighbors - 1 a defense atty & another a prosecutor - they'd discuss law, judges, upcoming cases, & just lawyer speak. I'd mostly listen since, lol, except for when speaking abt her results & her plans for the State
And eventually we got to talking about her running for Pres and we all agreed it would happen. She was positioning herself way back then. Now, go back further to 2004 when she was elected as first Black DA is SF. Because she was from Oakland, East Bay knew of her & celebrated
her victory. Oakland is small so, folk followed her. Now, go back further to her Berkeley days. My cousin when to school w/her & they were friends. She, like me, is the same age as Kamala. So when Kamala was elected DA, my cousin & and I talked about her - that was 2004. Back to
Now & supporting her as running mate to Biden. I am not alone as a longtime follower of Kamala, particularly California folk since she's been a star here for a very long time. I love the fact that she is on the ticket & that the country/world are seeing what we have seen forever
That she is the real deal. I love the online engagement, the podcasts, the extremely knowledgeable Black women who promote her. And her ability to gather WOC and ww followers who are anxious to vote for Biden/Harris. And, like millions, seeing Hillary, Obama, and Michelle back
her means the world - like the Avengers coming together, finally. I love what she means to my daughter. I love what she means to Black boys and men who need to see Black women promoted and protected. And I love what she means to Indians who are too often overlooked in politics
I love what Doug means to Jewish voters. The uniquely American-ness of Kamala is for right now, a once in a generation event, celebration, opportunity. Maybe its my age, but I am enjoying every moment in the moment. I am not afraid of the outcome. These days when stress &
infighting is rampant, I tune it out. Joy thieves are everywhere. I respect the energy but not the wastefullness of losing the moment & of creating negative memories from a candidate who slogan is "Joyful" warrior. Who laughs and causes us to smile and gop to whine. Only 49 days
that we will never get back. Oh, there will be more campaigns, but there will never be the *First BW running on ticket. We will never get this back. We don't just win Nov 4th, we win now by rowing on time, dancing on beat, singing in key, and fighting together, with purpose.
I am not a political expert so you won't see deep analysis in my tweets, but you'll see me RT & QT those smart folk who know data What I am an expert in is knowing when I am in a moment; knowing when to pause & take in; to recognize & store; and when purpose is more important
my own ego. I have a Kamala coffee cup & other stuff. I don't give enough because as much as I love Kamala, I love Teenlet more so. So I promote Kamala when/where I can w/friends/family since voting matters more than anything else. I manage my feed to keep as much pollution off
as I can - for my own mental health. It doesn't mean I don't respect or "like" a follower, it means I need less pollution, more peace. We are close, oh so close, and I will remember this time as one of comraderie, fun memes and gifs, sneakers, cooking, Mommala, Funtie, laughing
And, yes, Khive- in all its iterations.

But mostly I will enjoy our collective effort to redirect America away from its worse impulses.

I hope you join me in this historical journey and I hope we can enjoy our days all the way to and through Nov 4th. End.

• • •

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22 Aug
Here is what @icecube is promoting in this below speech. Looks like Mr. Cube is advocating voting for Democrats up/down ticket. Let's take a look. We will also include how what he is proposing can be accomplished:
1. Bill to Guarantee Black Opportunity and Representation. This is mostly geared toward gerrymandering.

How to address: Voting for democrats.
2. Bank Lending Reform.
This is mostly focused on ensuring Black folk receive the same interest rates as white folk.

How to address: Voting for democrats.
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My next door neighbor of 13 years knocked on my door the other day. She's a retired flight attendant and lives alone. Very kind lady. It was around 7p & she rarely comes by. She asked... "Myron, I think someone is inside my home, in one of my upstairs room. Can you check for me?
She's an elderly white lady, very kind, & a cool neighbor. She's never really asked any favors. I immediately said "Yeah, sure" and we started to walk to her home. But then I stopped and asked: "Have you called the police?" Because I thought if she had & reported "someone in her
house & they showed up.. "I" become that someone. And I am not abt to put myself in that situation. She says, "No, I have not." Then I see the recognition on her face & she says "Oh my god I never thought about it. The cops will totally kill you, won't they?" Well, now that we
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26 May
Ever wonder whyBlack Americans become angry at false accusations from whites women? We’re familiar with a few historical stories, with Emmet Till being most known these days. Carolyn Bryant, 21 & married, accused 14 year old of “flirting or whistling” at her and touching her.
Her husband & family murdered Emmet & mutilated his body before dumping him in river. The family was acquitted & the judge ruled that Carolyn’s testimony was invalid so the jury didn’t even hear her testimony. His funeral was open casket
at request of his family. In 2008 Carolyn- who’s still alive- admitted she lied. His memorial has been replaced multiple times because white people continue to shoot it up. It has bulletproof glass as of late last year & it was fired upon w/in days & white people w/confederate
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25 May
We hear a lot abt the 94 crime bill w/critics from all quarters due to the outcomes that placed far too many Black women/men in jail. Hillary was blamed, Biden now, older Black politicians & older Black folk. Like most political outcomes & laws we tend to forgot /ignore how we
Got to the law. Our communities were being torn apart by gun violence, armed robbery, mugging, drug trafficking, & worse. My city-Oakland was pound for pound the most violent city in the world at one point so much we were called little Beirut (sorry Beirut). Drug kingpins ruled
& their effects were in our streets, schools, homes, churches, businesses. Black voters screamed loudly for years for gov help as we lost sons, daughters, fathers (mine among them) to crack, coke, freebasing, all of it & enforced by crime. Our churches & activists marched -
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9 May
Mother’s Day thread. Last week I tweeted asking how y’all were planning to spend Mother’s Day. I asked because as I’ve mentioned before I lost my mom when she was only 39 (37 in this pic) to colon cancer. Floy Dean Andrews who teenlet is named after Leah Dean = Deardean 🥰
She was from a tiny Marion, Louisiana & brought into this world by midwives, w/no men needed or wanted. She grew up the second of 5 children. All daughters have passed & only my two uncles left to boss me around as uncles are bred to do. She was a serious kid w/strong 4-head 🥰
She aged into her outward beauty & slayed that late 60’s early 70’s “IT” girl. Look at her serving it.
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2 May
The Mainstream Media (msm) is so liberal it'll attack a liberal candidate based on whispers and lies, host panels to break down said candidate's response, uphold spurious claims, and try to torpedo a candidacy..while upwards of 70k folk are dead, armed white men are storming
capitols, 36m are out of work, earthquake hit PR - our place that hasn't received a penny in individual stimulus money, Flynn is scrubbing his guilty plea, Jared can't pass security clearance, the the president has ~25 assault & rape accusations including one active in court..
..right now, covid-testing is months behind, food distribution is on shaky ground, and multiple meat plants are staffed w/ 40-50% covid infected folk. A racist & *alleged drug dependent president is in their grasp but they'd rather chase the faux salacious in their attempt to
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