1) Gregorian Calendar Update 9-15-2020
Correcting a previous thread in which I surmised the Calendar was off by six months. My current feel is that we are in the Mayan Calendar's End-Of-Age scenario ending in 2020 with the Harmonic Convergence beginning 12-21-2020. PERFECT VISION
2) I read some research that says the Gregorian Calendar is off by six months. I wouldn't normally look into something like this but I felt the HIGH VIBRATION attached to the info right off.
I've also researched a past story about a Federal Family Day at Cheyenne Mountain.
3) This day was on June 21, 2012, the Summer Sostice. On this day the COG (Continuity Of Government) Protocols were enacted.
Guess what else happened that day? Three Solar Flares with HIGH X VALUES were headed straight to Earth at the very time the gov officials were inside
4) having their "family day."
Look at these two screen shots.
Here's more details of the Continuity Of Government.
Notice the dates these were enacted.
5) Here's an excerpt from the COG info on the Whitehouse site.
Shadow Government? THE HELL YOU SAY!!!
You see it? You feel it?
6) On June 21, 2012 three Solar Flares were headed straight from the Sun and were CERTAINLY going to impact Earth. These flares were POWERFUL and would have ENDED our technology...INSTANTLY! Within six months (12-21-2012) over 90% of humans would have been DEAD! Mayan Calendar?
7) Newer info has been reported that the Mayan Calendar is off by six months (UPDATE OFF 8 YEARS). Knowing about the 3 Solar Flares from June 2012 while the cabal was holing up for Armageddon pushes this closer to truth.
[They] knew it was coming! And who did [they] tell? NOBODY!
8) However, something strange happened that day while the Parasites were attempting to hide away?
The Solar Flares were KNOCKED off course and redirected between the Earth and Moon where they passed without hardly ANYBODY knowing. And on through the Cosmos they went!
9) That begs the question: HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN?
It wasn't the cabal that deflected the flares as [they] thought [they] were protected by going to [their] underground cities.
So...how do you suppose those flares were "redirected?"
10) More importantly, in now time, if the Mayan Calendar was off by 8 years, what does that mean? The EVENT of the Solar Flash would be coming around Winter Solstice of 2020!
I'm not claiming this as all fact.
But it's DEFINITELY worth considering.
12) It is My Truth that the Harmonic Convergence will unite the frequencies of the densities around us. As these densities harmonize we will be able to move between them as our own consciousness allows.
Remember, you are at least a 6th Density Soul. Your vessel freq is rising!!!
13) Harmonic Convergence is a supernatural phenomenon that occurs once every few thousand years. When the planets align, spiritual energy is greatly amplified, causing the spirit portals at the North and South Poles to merge, while an aura of spirit energy envelops the Earth!!!
15) YOU are a Powerful Being beyond the ability of the 3D Mindset to fully comprehend. Align with Source, feel the Love, and ride the Wave of Love into the Age of Aquarius!
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and shine your Light!

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23 Sep
1) This is a crosscut of an Ancient Giant Tree limb when life had Silicone DNA. THAT is how precious stones were made. PIECES OF ANCIENT LIFE LEFTOVER FROM A PREVIOUS AGE!
All that pressure, carbon, heat, blah blah yada yada is UTTER (Love puns!ha) BOVINE FECES! ImageImage
2) What I'd like you to reconcile on this set of pics is this: ALL THESE ARE LIMBS FROM ANCIENT GIANT TREES! Not the trees themselves but limbs. So, who the F*** drug all this stuff up and "staged" it all as Natural? Keep that question in your mind as we go through this. READY? ImageImageImageImage
3) When this thread is complete, you'll have NO CHOICE but to innerstand the truths separated from all the lies!
Here are some more of the limbs.
Now I ask you: if this was legit? Where are the tree stumps of the trees that produced these limbs?
Ahhhh...we'll get there fam! ImageImageImageImage
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23 Sep
1) NUMEROLOGISTS! Please assist if you can as I AM a novice at this.
So my stab at this will be simple, as most things are! HA!
8 = pic2 also INFINITI, which you are!
9 is easy peazie as that is Creator.
Date 9/22/2020 (drop 0's) =
9+2+2+2+2=17 (◀️Coincidence?HA) Q!!! ImageImage
2) Also repeating 2's are an Angel Number!
They could have many meanings that are specific to YOU! Only you can figure it out. Or somebody who knows you and innerstands numerology can assist you. ImageImageImageImage
3) Somebody with knowledge of this please jump in if desired and set me straight. I feel like there's more there! It is just a HAIR out of my reach!!!
🥰⚡️👊🪶💥🚀 ImageImage
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22 Sep
1) Dear Starseeds, This is it. WWG1WGA. I can't wait for everything to be transparent in front of our eyes and unawakened people to be shocked. Not many will believe what's happening behind the scenes as that is their own choosing.
2) We awakened ones continue to Ascend as the Truth unveils. So much is happening behind the scenes. Let's forgive, the only way for PEACE of mind. Yes, we may never forget what these Dark Souls (humans who went to Dark Forces) and Malevolent Dark Forces did to us
3) but we are unaffected by their negative AIs and Fear mongering psychological warfare. We are unscathed and strong. Forgiveness is the best thing because it is unconditional LOVE. Embrace. We are in transition to create the greatest thing for our second wavers co-Starseeds
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21 Sep
1) Response to another Patriot I want to share with YOU!!!
Hi Billy,
Do you know if we will see our loved ones that has already passed once the 5D takes place and we ascend? Thank you for your awesome knowledge. Have a blessed day Billy. Thanks Murray
(Frequency Emitters⬇️) ImageImageImageImage
2) ABSOLUTELY! We will have a long period of time with all of our Soul Families and all our past loved ones will be there as well. It's called THE GATHERING!!! I LOVE THIS PLAGAMO!!! ImageImageImageImage
3) You can communicate with Soul Group Members who have passed on from this reality. Well, unless they've incarnated AGAIN for this final ACT IN THIS PLAGAMO!!! Find SILENCE in Mediation and CALL UP the Spirits of your Ancestors. ImageImageImageImage
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