@EWoodhouse7 1/n How can it be that more people are not absolutely outraged that publicly funded universities such as IU and U of I, among many others, arrogantly display a complete unwillingness to publicly engage
@EWoodhouse7 2/n and defend dangerous totalitarian COVID policies that run directly counter to well established published scientific guidelines?
@EWoodhouse7 3/n They disdainfully ignore any and all questioning of their unilateral imposition of policies involving far-reaching and damaging associated health consequences, serious curtailments of constitutional rights and liberties,
@EWoodhouse7 4/n and questions of privacy rights violations, without full and transparent debate or justification.
@EWoodhouse7 5/n It is absolutely outrageous - in the same vein as myriad politicians unilaterally imposing unjustified restrictions on millions without recourse, while ignoring sound science and civil liberties, and even the rules themselves
@EWoodhouse7 6/n - rules that are to be followed without question or dissent, but only seem to apply to the governed, not to the imperious governing rulers who are sworn supposedly to serve those that elected them and/or pay their salaries.
@EWoodhouse7 7/n It is the absolute height of dangerous arrogance and hypocrisy. They are public servants not dictators, must be held accountable.

• • •

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21 Sep
@stacey_rudin @princesseffel @ColleenHuberNMD 1/n There has been wonderful scientific analysis done and ample real world experience studied, much of it impressively discussed on this forum, making clear that the science of proper response to COVID is not lockdowns, quarantines, isolation, repression and fear mongering.
@stacey_rudin @princesseffel @ColleenHuberNMD 2/n The problem is not the science. The problem is what lies in people’s hearts. Some may not like the example, but the problem with Himmler, Stalin and others like them wasn’t that they didn’t understand the science behind their chosen methods of repression, torture and killing.
@stacey_rudin @princesseffel @ColleenHuberNMD 3/n No amount of scientific explanation of the devastating effects of their methods would have changed their minds. They had an agenda pushed forward using those as tools, not a scientific dilemma they were struggling to resolve.
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17 Sep
@DonaldJTrumpJr 1/n Newsflash: Nashville isn’t the only place this is happening. Sounds just like the formula used by @IUBloomington @illinois_alma and hundreds of other schools and cities.
@DonaldJTrumpJr @IUBloomington @Illinois_Alma 2/nManipulate data to suppress real health statistics - hospitalizations, deaths, etc.- mix in large numbers of non illness, non contagious and false positives using contrived testing with arbitrary Ct levels, label them “cases”, and viola, a perpetual, manufactured health crisis
@DonaldJTrumpJr @IUBloomington @Illinois_Alma 3/n Maliciously applies to unjustly suppress and devastate people, fuel the tyrannical instincts of inept leaders, and generate huge profits for participants in a massive new corrupt, unnecessary and illegitimate industry. Litigation and class action lawsuits to follow.
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15 Sep
@brithume 1/n This seemingly never ending monstrous Covid disaster becomes possible in large part when so much of the population gets all their information virtually rather than experientially.
@brithume @SWAtlasHoover @EthicalSkeptic @boriquagato @AlexBerenson @TuckerCarlson 2/n It’s as though people are all locked in their rooms with virtual reality googles on, trapped in a bad version of The Andromeda Strain.
@brithume @SWAtlasHoover @EthicalSkeptic @boriquagato @AlexBerenson @TuckerCarlson @benshapiro @EWoodhouse7 @FatEmperor @kerpen @andrewbostom @RebelACole @MLevitt_NP2013 @daniellevitt22 3/n They cower inside like drug addicts, goggles affixed firmly to their faces, paralyzed by what they see and unable to turn away - terrified to leave despite starvation; illness from lack of sunshine, fresh air, proper self care and regular medical treatment;
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6 Sep
@EthicalSkeptic How is it not also a human rights crime for colleges to imprison students against their wills:
- without providing overwhelming, or indeed any evidence whatsoever, of the health danger the “cases” and the virus itself pose to the community; and
@EWoodhouse7 @MorningAnswer
@EthicalSkeptic @EWoodhouse7 @MorningAnswer - based upon mandatory asymptomatic testing against CDC guidelines and for which no validation info is provided on infectiousness of those with positive tests?
@SWAtlasHoover @princesseffel @boriquagato @AlexBerenson @brithume
@EthicalSkeptic @EWoodhouse7 @MorningAnswer Under the standards colleges are using now to imprison students and destroy their mental health and educational experiences, they could just as well terrorize students for suspicion of athletes foot.
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23 Aug
@officialmcafee 1/ I’ve said this before and I will say it again, Did no one ever bother to ask the question, “What if we’re wrong?”

@SWAtlasHoover @FatEmperor @RichardGrenell @brithume @daniellevitt22 @MaryAnnAhernNBC @mtaibbi @kerpen @andrewbostom @EthicalSkeptic @PressSec @AlexBerenson
@officialmcafee @SWAtlasHoover @FatEmperor @RichardGrenell @brithume @daniellevitt22 @MaryAnnAhernNBC @mtaibbi @kerpen @andrewbostom @EthicalSkeptic @PressSec @AlexBerenson 2/ What if the entire response to CV is a huge overreaction to something that should be dealt with the same way we deal with influenza or pneumonia or other diseases? @princesseffel @kerpen @tvbrad @EWoodhouse7 @ColleenHuberNMD @drdavidsamadi
@officialmcafee @SWAtlasHoover @FatEmperor @RichardGrenell @brithume @daniellevitt22 @MaryAnnAhernNBC @mtaibbi @kerpen @andrewbostom @EthicalSkeptic @PressSec @AlexBerenson @princesseffel @tvbrad @EWoodhouse7 @ColleenHuberNMD @drdavidsamadi 3/ Rather than continuing to impose stifling restrictions on every aspect of our lives, don’t we deserve an honest answer to that question? Look at everything we have given up, destroyed and sacrificed to address a virus that a sober analysis suggests is not meaningfully
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18 Aug
@brithume 1/ The solution to our COVID fiasco is giving people a proper way to understand the virus and it’s risks so they are not panicked and we can go back to living our lives.
@swatlashoover @MLevitt_NP2013 @FatEmperor @richardgrinnel7 @PressSec @boriquagato @AlistairHaimes
@brithume @SWAtlasHoover @MLevitt_NP2013 @FatEmperor @richardgrinnel7 @PressSec @boriquagato @AlistairHaimes 2/ The problem is not the science, which has been well studied and is pretty well settled by anyone not colored by alternative agendas, but the narrative has been mangled.
@princesseffel @kerpen @saracarter @ethicalskeptic @alexberenson.
@brithume @SWAtlasHoover @MLevitt_NP2013 @FatEmperor @richardgrinnel7 @PressSec @boriquagato @AlistairHaimes @princesseffel @kerpen @saracarter @EthicalSkeptic @AlexBerenson 3- Panic pushers have frightened people Into thinking they are likely to die if they become infected. That is just not so, but it scares people. No one wants to die. But the fact is we all will die. Rightly or wrongly, most of us generally just don’t expect it to happen soon,
Read 17 tweets

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