Here's some truth for you, and I don't care who feelings get hurt by this. I speak on the black community because I'm black and I want us to do better. There is a deeep rooted hate problem within the black community that prevents progression more than any white person, any cop,
any other entity can ever do. I am a prime example, and everyone sees it on a daily basis, but it doesn't stop at me. I don't hate anyone black, but you see other black people spew hate at me, why? Because of my profession? But it doesn't stop there, we hate each other for
reasons that make absolutely no sense. Look deeper into this hate and you'll understand why we lead the nation in homicides year in and year out. Those 10 homicides a year by police could never touch the 7000 plus we take out yearly. But how dare police or the white man do
something to us, save that damage for us! See when you've seen as much senseless black death as I have, and I guarantee you no civilian has, you see exactly how little we care about each other. While I weap over the wife killed for trying to leave a domestic situation. Or the
countless kids killed because they weren't liked by a rival gang family. While I watch a young black man bleed out after being shot by another black man wearing a black lives matter shirt, you get to be upset at the tv for who they want you to upset for. While I try to comfort
families, other blacks speak on perceived victims that put money in the pockets of the likes of Al Sharpton and Ben Crump.

But back to us, we hate each other for having more popular shoes, more popular clothes, better cars, better house, tv, materialistic shit that can't
leave this earth. We even hate each other for having family (think about that, black kids are insulted, called privileged when they have both parents), hated for mates (I want that person), and for check this...speaking properly! Jealousy, for the most absolute obtuse things. And
this jealousy, this hate leads to none other than senseless violence, to death. Because instead of attaining the very thing I hate you for on my own, I value it more than you, so I take your life for it. I will continue to say, the biggest threat to the black man is the black man
and if you want to ignore it, that's on you. Everyone else sees it though. Instead of attacking me for being a cop and making the difference in my black community I want to see, how about doing the same. But that's too much to ask, as the girl earlier did, she wished death on me
because somehow my blackness in her eyes dissipates with my uniform. A house built without a foundation will crumble eventually. So racism can end, police killings can end, and guess what we still have? Those 7000+ homicides. Our biggest problem. We fix us first, and I say "we"
because I don't care what any idiot police hater says, I'm still a black man...we fix us and everything else will fall into place. But that's too much to ask us to love each other. Like really love each other, right? If you black and you look at this tweet and get mad,
feel angry, I'm sorry, but you're the problem. Fix that...

• • •

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More from @kingron_b

19 Sep
My city is on track to eclipse 300 homicides this year, the record was 228. Not a one of these homicides this year were by police, & very few by a white person. In my city alone, we've had more innocent kids killed in shootings than "perceived" innocent criminals in the entire
country, by far! Hell probably totaling the past for years of officer involved shootings nationwide. I personally see a lot of this damage which is why I don't get "fake mad" at what the media directs me to be mad at. Because that same media doesn't get mad about the victims
we see on the daily. The kid outside playing, the mom escaping an abusive relationship, the man shot because his car was too nice to not take. We have to fix us first, have to. It's insanity to want change without changing us. Fix the self hate! #silencetheviolence
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13 Sep
Somebody needs to say it, so I guess I will. I've been black 32 years on this earth! 32 and not once have I felt targeted by police, not once! Because I have NEVER done anything to be targeted! I was cognizant of my decisions & that kept me out of trouble! This narrative that...
...everyone black is so afraid of police is a fallacy! Most of the people screaming it have never even had a real encounter with police! Never! But for those who put on the uniform daily, we don't have the benefit most times of knowing who hates us. I mean hey, citizens are just
that until they become more. You see us in marked cars, marked uniforms so guess who's the easier target. Not the citizen. The media driving this fear narrative, the Democrats driving this narrative, the celebrities are all irresponsible as hell and need to be held accountable.
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7 Sep
Love my guys, so much #blackexcellence in one picture! 3 cops, 2 firefighters, 5 USAF Members, 1 Computer Programmer, 1 Ins Agent. 9 men that never made excuses about the hood we started in, just worked to be better, and this is exactly why I surround myself with them! #novictims
Too many people make excuses about bs for where they are. They blame any and everybody they can for their struggles. But if you knew what some us made it from in one of the worse cities in this country, you'd know why we don't care for these bullshit excuses.
There's no time for it, either put up or shut up. Miss me with the victim mindset because those closest to me never had it. We believe in this thing called accountability, but it starts at home. Oftentimes that's where the ball is dropped. It's up to you to Pick it up and run
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27 Aug
One of my biggest pet peeves on the job is when I'm walking past a kid and their parents says to them, "you see that cop there, imma make him arrest you"

I always try to make it a point to tell the child that is not what I'm here for. Your parent will get you as they should....
I'm here to protect you and take away truly bad people.

Why do I hate this? So many parents do it, and it instills fear in their children. A fear that should not be present. And I've seen some of these kids grow up with that fear and immediately feel they have to run, or even
fight when they see police even when they do nothing. Why am I talking about this? Because one of the most influential people in the black community is doing EXACTLY what these parents do. But on a larger scale. Imagine your kids idol telling them over and over that devoid of any
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