The following thread is pure speculation, treading beyond the realm of accepted reality & standard viewpoints; fictional fantasy to consider for the broadened mind.

Disclaimer: for entertainment purposes only.
Research into the NCBI database for nucleotide sequences has lead to a stunning discovery.

One of the WHO primer sequences in the PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 is found in all human DNA!
The sequence “CTCCCTTTGTTGTGTTGT” is an 18-character primer sequence found in the WHO coronavirus PCR testing protocol document.

Document can be found here:…
The primer sequences are what get amplified by the PCR process in order to be detected and designated a “positive” test result. Homo sapiens chromosome 8, GRCh38.p12 Primary Assembly Seque
It just so happens this exact same 18-character sequence, verbatim, is also found on Homo sapiens chromosome 8.
This means that the WHO test kits should find a positive result in all humans.

The significance of this finding can not be overstated.

At minimum, it should have a notable impact on test results.
Proof (beyond my screenshots) that human chromosome 8 has this exact same 18-character sequence.

Please try the link below. The sequence is shown at the bottom of the page.…
The PCR test process is inherently error-prone, as we have found in countless instances throughout 2020.

Further, the tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.
Can’t identify viruses?

Then how do we know all these people have the same disease, let alone the same novel disease?
This means that with all these people who have supposedly been PCR tested for COVID, there is still no conclusive diagnostic evidence that they have any coronaviruses at all. Let alone the same virus. According to the inventor of the primary diagnostic test.
The man - who INVENTED the PCR test being used to diagnose CV - describes the function of the test is to detect “proteins”.

Chromosome 8 is a protein.
The test produces false positives, false negatives, & sometimes even fails to measure anything at all.

If it is a match, then that is precisely what the PCR test is intended for – to detect and amplify chromosome 8 (under the guise of a “novel” coronavirus).
No one is more critical of the test’s reliability than the inventor himself - Dr. Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel prize for inventing PCR to detect HIV.
Is it a coincidence that Dr. Kary Mullis was written out of the script before his nucleic chain reaction test came under corona scrutiny?

He allegedly died from PNEUMONIA during the summer of 2019, conveniently before CV19 debuted on the world stage.
Do what you will with that little tidbit of info.

Given Dr. Mullis' background, one could easily suspect his involvement with this current fakery at the highest levels.
The WHO designed a test where they would be able to find a positive anywhere they wanted to find one.
"I think you hit the nail on the head. I had been searching for this throughout the NCBI site & Genban. I had a hunch that the Human Genome Project was involved with this. I also suspected the data from 23&me and the Ancestry DNA database was being covertly utilized as well."
Follow this link:… reference to the comment in the screenshot below.
CV19 is a catalyst for:

1] World domination by the forces of darkness; or
2] Man to open his/her mind and heart, speak the truth, use mask exemptions, protect the children, take back personal power and freedom from politicians controlled by a new world dystopian order.
Those who began to notice the peculiarity of the tests for the virus, and how they might be used to (1) collect human DNA, and (2) possibly covertly insert things into people's nasal cavity, may have had a point, and then some.
Given the vast amount of "positive" tests, are we really witnessing "false positives" that are, in fact, genuine in the sense that the patient is being shown to be human?

And is this why there is such an emphasis on testing everyone?
The idea that the sudden rise of DNA testing corporations that will, through genetics, "show your ancestral history" might be a covert way of searching for people that look fully homo sapiens sapiens, but aren't.
The only way to determine whether or not such a population exists among us ala the old late 1960's science-fiction TV show, The Invaders, would be to test for genetics.
So why put a primer for a virus into a virus test that, essentially, is common to all humans, and then insist that everyone get tested?
It might be exactly what one might do in order to search for such a population. This isn't to say that the virus is not real, and that positive tests are ipso facto suspicious.
It is to suggest that maybe, under the guise of the scamdemic, they're really looking for something, or rather, someone else.
And it might be that this is an underlying reason why the numbers "cases" as a percentage of the population appears to be so high, while actual deaths as a percentage of population appears to be so low.
There's an even worse implication, and this is where is gets completely crazy, because it might mean "testing negative" could be interpreted by the wilder and crazier sort, as testing not negative for the virus, but negative for humanity.
In this regard, my mention of the old The Invaders TV series was not accidental, but to a purpose.
The series, for those who do not know, starred actor Roy Thinnes, who accidentally discovers the "aliens among us", who looks, walk, talk, and in all but very minor respects resemble humans, as they slowly take over the world through a process of INFILTRATION.
Thinnes' character - "architect David Vincent", an apt name for a small human trying to triumph over the covert "alien Goliath" - then spends the series trying to collect evidence and names of other witnesses to persuade the government to take action.
In any case, in the original Invaders series, Thinnes' character shows up at the trial of a friend being accused of murdering a man, who it turns out, was one of those aliens-in-disguise...
...leading to the premise of "the alien defense" as the defense team, at Thinnes' encouragement, argues that the murder was not murder because a human being had not been killed...
...neatly sidestepping the moral issue of how it is not murder when a thinking, rational intelligence being like us in all respects except DNA is dead at someone else's hand.
I am thinking to one of the theories I came across quite many years ago.

Human population is a sort of herd or crop for a much more advanced civilization (ore more than one of so called hyper-civilization).
Main thing behind that is that they harvest souls (or energy/astral bodies) from humans, to mold them and put them in new material bodies for their own use etc.
They don’t use anymore natural birth and grow up cycles, but just collect/harvest souls and put them in whatever genetically engineered bodies to bring them alive and use them for whatever purposes in their civilization.
The physical and soul bodies are interconnected and might influence each other and they make sure the “crop” is held in their desired parameters and are compatible with the cosmic “processing factories systems” they use.
The system of harvesting and previous molding of human races and typologies by each “owner” or “harvester” have its own longer description.
Such tests of DNA are intended to show to the “herd” owners how the “crops” are still in the desired characteristics.
If they are not anymore, or simply the “owners” of humanity climb up to a newer, better standard, and need a better raw material, some sort of Apocalypse follow, which erase the corrupted “crop” or “herd” and the hypercivilizations seed a new “crop” with better characteristics.
You can see this story in pretty much all the major mythologies and even religions, like in the Summerian Ghilgamesh myth, Hebrew Noah myth, ancient Greek mythology and so on.
We are Eternal Beings to begin with & only occupying this “meatsuit” for a short period of growth.
If human-alien hybrids lack this nucleotide sequence which is apparently found in all humans, the test could also be used to identify those hybrids or even human- looking aliens. In the event someone wanted to prune those branches.
I would put it all the way back to the forbidden “A” word. (Atlantis, whatever it truly was.) One version of the fall of Atlantis is that they were infiltrated and brought down from within.
(Of course, there are two species of infiltration: physical and psychic. We are talking about the physical type, here.) There is even the possibility that the Tower of Babel (and its Moment) is a dim remembrance of Atlantis. So, infiltrators – even at that early date…
Whomever the Anunnaki had cross-bred-with were ‘disbursed’ throughout the Earth.
During the period where the Watchers (lower-level, all-male Anannuki reinforcements, sent-down later) have taken human wives, had children, and the children grow up to be monstrous and renegade.
Further, the Watchers have told humans ‘secrets’ which the “Most High” (Anu, the non-physical chief Anunnaki) goes ballistic over. Anu orders the Watchers imprisoned for life, and the children and ‘contaminated’ humans (i.e., possessors of disallowed secrets) to be killed off.
“Only the much later Babylonian records carry accounts of Tiamat and her ‘monstrous brood’, and the difficulties that the Anannage faced in disposing of them.
By that time, the accounts were garbled and confused, and much distorted by the religious overtones that were imposed by the deification of the Anannage principals.”
Tiamat was a human female probably in possession of empowering Anunnaki ‘secrets’. She did not go down easily…
“Noah’s Flood” occurred just after this time and was ‘damage control’. The Anunnaki had not succeeded in eliminating all humans who had ‘secrets’ from the Watcher rebellion.
Anu ordered a general flood to wipe out all humans in the Lowlands (mentioned above), except for the Noah family who had none of the ‘secrets’.
This may have been the origination of the “Mystery Schools” from ‘secret-contaminated’ humans who escaped this purge.
So, are the current ‘tests’ being used to find the ‘secret-contaminated’ humans who escaped this ancient purge?
The Annunaki might have been from an alternative Earth and timeline. They possibly learned how to travel through the Veil between worlds and potentials. Possibly discovered us during a pole flip when the Veil may be weakest.
Strong magnetic fields are not a barrier to who or whatever the UFO’s may belong to if they are not ours. Probably a few alternative worlds on nearby planes of existence may be aware of us.
Perhaps nuclear explosions were noticed on their planes and new ones learned about us and are watching us closely. As far as being non-physical, I suspect they are very physical but their tech or knowledge allows them become sort of immaterial.
Like finding the right frequency to vibrate the atoms of a wall so that you can pass through it and become physical on the other side.
In battle you could do this so your enemy can’t touch you.

Same tech also allows you to travel to new planes of reality.
So much vacuum in atoms, one wonders if reality is nothing more than a particular electric field of a particular frequency that co-exists with countless other fields of differing frequencies at the same time.
Our consciousness interprets reality as we experience it through our censors but in reality it is just a bunch of micro and macro fields of a certain bandwidth.
Many religions and cultures share enough of a similar theme about the Annunaki and others interacting with them from some unknown realm just out of sight that some visitors may have influenced multiple world cultures and events while they were visiting.
I already know we are multidimensional and that multiple histories lead to who and what we are now, so there may be multiple truths about our origins and destiny.
There are two types of people.

Ones who can think for themselves and have an original thought that was not introduced or taught to them; and ones who just ape what they read, were taught, watched others do and say.
One group only thinks their group is capable of an original thought who’s inspiration is thought to come from their God. The rest of us just ape what they do, write or share so they think.
Thus, they are the light unto the nations and the only real scientists and spiritual thinkers born into the world.

Other elitist don’t share this belief but many do think there are in deed these two types of people on Earth.
They think those capable of an original thought and true inspiration are extremely rare and possibly a different species. That’s why you may sometimes here certain elitest claim we are no more than just apes while they are the only true humans.
They may have found genes that are predominately found in the worlds greatest thinkers and are looking to see who have these genes and who doesn’t.
Who are they looking for?

Their once and future ideological opponents?
Could it be that we are born with predispositions to certain political opinions? According to the findings, the answer is yes.

People who share the same sets of attitudes also appear to share the same genes” -Thomas Haarklau Kleppestø, Ph.D. - Dept. of Psychology, Univ. of Oslo.
This doozy discusses

"Some groups of people must be kept in their place," and "Some groups of people are inferior to other groups."…
NOTE: It is the WHO test that the writers are referring to – not all tests. And, remember that Trump said "no-thank you, we'll make our own tests."
The U.S. did not use COVID-19 diagnostic tests produced by the World Health Organization (WHO) in favor of producing its own.

Ultimately, the United States designed and produced its own diagnostic tests in lieu of those made elsewhere.
I’ve been picking up articles recently of mandates from state governors to test all farm workers for CV19. All agricultural workers are having positive results. Consequently, farms are being shut down all over the US. This is Harvest time. Crops are been left to rot.
Add to this the crazy weather that destroyed much of the corn & twin hurricanes at the rice're left with the ideal mix for starvation. If this article is anything to go by then all farm workers will all test positive.

(see this video…9 min)

• • •

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Particle size of Covid=0.12 microns
Particle size of wildfire smoke=2.5 microns
To be clear, smoke particles, which are larger than Covid particles, will flow unhindered between face mask weave fibers without being stopped, and Covid particles, which are much smaller than smoke particles, will be stopped by your effective face mask that keeps you "safe".
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