Message 9/15/2020. As I drove to the ocean I called in the angels. The first image I saw was a bright green color filling my field of view. The impression I got was that this was the color of new beginnings and growth of the soul. The angels likened this to flowers emerging
2. from the soil in spring. Once they germinate through the soil, they grow at a very rapid rate. The next image I saw was a portrait of a native chief and all around him were black and white feathers falling from the heavens. He indicated to me it was time for the bird tribes to
3. return to earth. The last image I saw was of a sea and I heard the words Red Sea. The angels indicated they were there smoothing the surface of the water. They then told me they have made the Red Sea holy again by polarizing the water in the direction of divinity.
4. Sitting by the ocean I feel a cool breeze move over me and I can’t help but to think we are entering into a new chapter of humanity. Tuning into the energy I hear, “For so long humanity has marched to the beat of the same drum. The beat was initiated by a controller who wanted
5. to align the frequency of all humanity under its control. Some stepped off the beaten track so to speak and were lost to humanity as they worked underground, while others rebelled, listening to their own tune. Most of these rebellious humans were quickly suppressed. Now
6. the operator of this mass consciousness of control has been relinquished from his position. For you see his reign of terrorizing the hearts and minds of humanity was fleeting and only could remain in the consciousness of humanity while humanity was asleep at the wheel.
7. Now the giant has awakened, the power of the human spirit is enlivened and will be the force to down the darkness, you see? Awakening eliminates the projections, the manipulations and the untruths bringing you back into the space of consciousness that is you. We have
8. lovingly put forth much effort in order to build you up to the miraculous moment when your eyes open wide and you can see for the first time who you really are. This is so glorious, for your spirit is luminous. When the constrictions that were hiding your spirit from you are
9. removed you can then move into the glory of your authentic self, where you are resplendent, luminous and radiant. You literally glow with light and your thoughts are like musical symphonies. Your movements are fluid and your reality transitions into one of love.
10. Here the colors vibrate at a higher frequency & you see life everywhere, even in objects you were led to believe had no life force.There is life force in all of the Creator’s creations, you see? We are here with you daily, sending you frequencies to uplift your consciousness,
11. to the point where the truth of who you are can finally be revealed. We are here awaiting your spark of understanding that we are one, one human family connected to one cosmic family, children of the One, the divinity of all in one flowing stream of frequency.
12. We send you love and blessings, blessings, blessings which cascade upon you like the waters of Niagara Falls. That’s a lot of blessings! We love you and bid you well on this day.

• • •

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22 Sep
Message 9/22/2020: As I tuned into the energy of the angels on the way to the ocean, I saw a grey cloud in the sky open up in the middle and a gold lightning bolt flash from the cloud. Next I heard, “Word of God.” and “Song of Creation,” and saw many gold letters fall from ImageImage
2. the cloud to earth. I feel this was the alphabet of creation, each letter with its own frequency. This song of creation is being anchored into earth as an overlay on the earth’s energy grid & our energy fields, making them holy, holy, holy. Next I was shown an angel playing
3. a golden harp, singing the song of creation, thereby assisting in its anchoring. The last image I was shown was of a great flood occurring on earth. This time it was not water cleansing the darkness but a flood of high frequency vibrations that are too powerful for the
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21 Sep
Message 9/21/2020: As I drove to the ocean I tuned into the energy of the angels. Immediately I saw powerful white light pouring down from above where the angels were positioned in the sky. They were singing Hosanna in the Highest. The white light was that of the Holy Spirit Image
2.being sent to earth to make the earth holy. The second image I saw was of a Native American dancer. Watching, I saw him stomp out darkness with his feet as he danced. When he moved his arm to the sky he was releasing the darkness from the planet. The last image I was shown was
3. of the angels sending us millions of small heart shaped balloons filled with love energy & miracles. When the hearts arrived on earth they burst open with magnificent radiant rainbow light. Sitting by the ocean I feel that a huge change is on its way. It is beginning to show
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20 Sep
Message 9/20/2020: As I drove to the ocean I tuned into the energy of the angels and saw the angels had a black sheet of charcoal they were sending to earth. They told me they were using this charcoal along with hematite to detox the environment, indicating that this was a
2. necessary step for our spiritual development. Next I was shown a drop of water and was told it was a teardrop. This teardrop quickly got transformed as the angels filled it with beautiful diamond and golden yellow light. The teardrop then took the shape of a diamond and began
3. to spin slowly and transformed into a mirrored crystal. The angels indicated what I am being shown is a symbol of how they are working to transform the suffering of humanity, symbolized by tears, to the consciousness of joy so that we can live this way.
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19 Sep
Message 9/19/202: Driving to the ocean I tuned into the energy of the angels and immediately saw an image of what appeared to be the aperture of a camera. It was opened very wide and surrounded by a ring of radiating, rainbow colored light. The angels told me they are working on
2. opening and widening our spiritual vision in order for us to remember to live from our glorious souls, our authentic selves. The next image I was shown was the golden yellow rays of sunlight streaming down from the heavens. The frequencies from the sunlight are cleansing and
3. lifting away the debris from centuries old negative programming, opening our hearts & minds, our consciousness to the frequencies of divinity. We are beginning to live from these higher frequency states. Next I was shown several angels in a heavenly bowling alley standing in
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19 Sep
Message 9/18/2020: As I drove to the beach I called upon the angels. The first image I saw was of a large diamond shaped mirror. The angels told me that the hologram of higher aspects of ourselves are being mirrored into our physical bodies, anchoring this energy and making us
2. more expansive. The next image I was shown was of a lot of metal balls/beads falling on a clear ceiling above me. I realized they were not silver and heard the word tungsten. These beads are being sent through the many layers of earth deep beneath the surface to anchor in
3. impenetrable energy. I heard that this would help to beat the darkness at their own game. Lastly, I was shown a beautiful diamond, although it looked more like a diamond pearl combination. It was a luminescent golden white and it shone with brilliant multifaceted light.
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18 Sep
Message 9/17/2020: Driving to the beach I tuned in to the angels. I heard the words marble & white marble repeatedly. I saw in my mind’s eye two giant heavy marble columns. Then I heard them thump down and heard these are the pillars of God’s Kingdom being built on earth.
2. The next vision I had was of white marbles dropping to the floor from the sky. Many of these marbles rolled into a triangular wooden game board. The marbles then began to fill in all the spaces in the board. I heard this was a game played in ancient cultures which
3. indicated to the players the alignment of optimal conditions to move forward with grace and success. The next image I saw was what looked to be an ancient Egyptian female. Gold light was pouring down on her like paint, covering her and cleansing her. The cleansing of the gold
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