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15 Sep, 18 tweets, 16 min read
I VERY much look forward to the IRS terminating @CatholicVote tax exempt status for ALL of @CatholicRelief @CCharitiesUSA @cnalive @USCCB
Right @Pontifex?
As a Catholic I’m sick of Leonard Leo & JCN perverting my religion
How much PPPLoans did you Pedophilia apologist get?
Bring it - I’m Catholic and what @CatholicVote is doing coupled with the “new App” very pro-Trump
Want me to show you how dirty & shady this organization is? co-founder Joshua Mercer on winning over Catholic voters in 2016…
You @CatholicVote can block me any time you want
nearly 99% of what I tweet is public info
And as a Catholic you represent nothing of my values
CHARLATANs & Super dirty👇🏻
Senate approves Michigan's Cella to be Fiji ambassador… via @detroitnews
I will gladly put all your disgusting & dirty laundry out in the public
Step 1 identify the EIN
Step 2 type the EIN👇🏻
Step 3 -
@CatholicVote dba/ Fidelis Center For Law And Justice
EIN: 20-2787890 who’s fronting you the $9.7M?…
I’ll ask again @CatholicVote how does it feel to crawl into bed with a thrice divorced serial & credibly accused sexual predator?
Who is “fronting” you the $9.7M?
I hope it was worth it because now I’m pissed
Here’s your 2018 IRS-990 that’s a deficit…
Oh hey how’s the money laundering going?
How’s the PPPLoan largesse going?
Oh and how are those HHS ORR contracts?
Should we talk about @RonJohnsonWI too
You @CatholicVote have no idea the level of my research skills. I’ll be back after I feed my family
Oh and here’s the thing @CatholicVote we haven’t been formally introduced
My name is “your worst nightmare”
Should any of my followers want to review their IRS filings
Sharing is Caring & I “care” a lot especially about public info…
- @CatholicVote
Not only should the IRS revoke your Tax Exempt Status You do know soliciting foreign donations is bad?
Your politicking activity is prohibited
you better have a decent FEC compliance attorney
Who’s fronting the $9.7M?
cc @ellenlweintraub
Zoinks @CatholicVote you are onboarding geofencing from parishioners?
You used the purloined Cambridge Analytica data
Oh DEAR ME... thots & pears Brian
How Political Campaigns Are Using 'Geofencing' Technology To Target Catholics At Mass…
Hey @BrianBurchCV quick question when you onboarded the geofencing data - where did you put that data?
Also how close are you to @RonJohnsonWI because the while Greenbay Archdioceses thingy might be sort of uncomfortable-ish
Thou shall not lie Brian
Wait a minute @BrianBurchCV in 2017 you were in Chicago?
Oh my - this is gonna get super good - not for you because WellSpring - whoozahhh

Brian Burch, President. Catholic Vote via @YouTube
Dear Brian
My followers know I’m an ahole, occasionally it can be rewarding
Remember Chicago?
$—> FIDELIS Media Fund & FIDELIS & Vervemail LLC
Here’s how I found this new string of data
it’s super eyes only (not) I read the 2016 IRS-990👇🏻…
Are you still there?
Fidelis EIN: 20-260341
Cha-Ching baby…
but...but...Baby I’m not even done
I do as always believe in the sharing is caring doctrine
Because after all I am a former Catholic Boarding School grad. Nuns are my heroes
Tax Exempt Organization Search

Fidelis EIN: 20-260341…
Hey Bri-Bri does VERVEMAIL mean anything to you?
I have 68 FEC receipts & 4+IRS filings that show it should…
JFC Brian did you use Judicial Crisis Network as the model on how to subjugate various 501(c) (3) or (4)
How many EINs does @CatholicVote have?
This is the third 👇🏻
EIN: 20-2603413……
I need to give my littles a bath, book & bed
@CatholicVote has at least 4 EINs
The CEO Brian has a side company VerveMail LLC
see FEC disbursements
This is the kind of impermissible conduct that should cost CatholicVote all of their Tax Exempt status…
LOLs with permission from the dingleberry (who forgot our anniversary) <— he’s genuinely worried about the consequences <insert maniacal laugh>
Has allowed me this one time hall pass @CatholicVote its too late to apologize
Say hi to Ann & Lenard for me

• • •

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22 Sep
Want me to tell you what I think her plan is?
Impeachment of Trump or Barr would in fact take the Senate SCOTUS confirmation tango (delayed) down
wanna know why?
easy peasy “privileged” everything else takes 2nd seat to impeachment
-but that’s my educated guess - whadda I know😂
Hers reread this thread - I sourced the shittlstix out of it.
When you’re done reading that thread - congrats you’ve now graduated to this thread
I sourced the __ out of it too
I’m not saying 100% that’s @SpeakerPelosi play
do NOT under estimate her.
short the Speaker of the House has 1 VERY unique power
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21 Sep
full disclosure I’m a fan of really dogged reporting & reporters like @isaacstanbecker & his team
Luxury cars, MAGA flags and Facebook invites: How an unknown Idaho family organized the Portland rally that turned deadly
cc @ushadrons @SlickRockWeb…
... the article puts a lot of much needed details to my amateur & preliminary research.
I am one that knows the limits of my skills and occasionally hope people infinitely smarter than moi take the baton & finish the race

...wut dis?
cc @ushadrons @SlickRockWeb this is me grinning...… Image
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21 Sep
NYPD Officer Spied on Tibetan New Yorkers for Chinese Government: Feds
Baimadajie Angwang

cc @lauferlaw @burgessct @911CORLEBRA777 - I see we’ve reached the NYPD portion of ...… via @thedailybeast
Oh GOD - give me 20 seconds to upload or you can pay the $2.60
“officer Baimadajie Angwang, a community affairs officer in the 111 precinct in Queens and a US Army Reservist at Fort Dix, has been arrested for allegedly acting as an agent of China..”…

“ANGWANG assists in planning, training, advising and executing civil-military programs. In connection with his role in the USAR, ANGWANG holds a “SECRET” level security clearance..”
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21 Sep
This is how you eviscerate PUBLIC TRUST
you can’t have a solid public heath reputation if @CDCgov @US_FDA keep buckling under improper political influence
seriously we have >200,000 dead Americans
no NATIONAL PLAN to get COVID-19 under control
I am done showing respect to people who haven’t earned it, the message is simple
I don’t want to see anymore Americans die @realDonaldTrump is a sociopath
200,000+ counts of
gross criminal NEGLIGENCE resulting in mass DEATH
@realDonaldTrump important thing to remember- our @CDCgov built their reputation on science & data & facts
They were (note past tense) the GLOBAL “gold standard”
under @realDonaldTrump & his enabler @CDCDirector and this will result in MORE deaths
people need to go to jail
that is where I am
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19 Sep
Listen to @neal_katyal he’s scary smart
1801 Congress set the SCOTUS seats to 5
1807 Congress increase to 7
1837 Congress increase to 9
1863 Congress increase to 10
1866 Judicial Circuits Act reduced 10 to 7
1869 “the Judiciary Act” officially set the SCOTUS # to 9
Data source because I’m adamant about showing my homework colloquially known as “file has receipts”
Circuit Judges Act… Image
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19 Sep
apparently I’m forced to repeat my previous research.
full disclosure I’m Catholic
I HATE Leonard Leo & the Judicial Crisis Network
Catholic Judges in Capital Cases
Amy Coney Barrett
Notre Dame Law School
cc @ImmaculateLoo @TheRickWilson…
Coney- Barrett is created in the imagine of Leonard Leo. Her beliefs are not ground in law but in theocracy

“moral impossibility of enforcing capital punishment in the first two or three cases (sentencing, enforcing jury recommendations, affirming) is a sufficient reason for”
Coney-Barrett inability to aver proper jurisprudence but to unnecessarily inject a hefty dose of theocracy into jurisprudence isn’t an abstract argument.
This is who & what she believed in 1998
Nothing & I mean nothing in to record suggest she’s evolved…
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