Every. Single. Word. Of. This. @AGBecerra, @GavinNewsom, @LorenaAD80 @UCBLabor and union-funded "researchers" like @veenadubal "seem hellbent on destroying the gig economy, which provided about 1 million app-based rideshare and food delivery jobs in 2018."
mercurynews.com/2020/09/12/edi… Image
"With the likes of Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and Instacart, the gig economy has revolutionized transportation and how we shop.

"During the pandemic, we’ve witnessed the importance of its flexibility, as the companies have been able to ramp up to meet grocery delivery demand while..2/
"..providing jobs that allow workers to choose their hours. Without these companies, our stores would be packed, exacerbating the spread of coronavirus, and fewer people would have jobs.

"But state lawmakers and their labor union supporters seem hellbent on destroying the..3/
"...gig economy, which provided about 1 million app-based rideshare and food delivery jobs in 2018. Rather than embracing its flexibility, legislators and labor leaders have bemoaned that it doesn’t fit into the old-style business paradigm — and they have imposed restrictions..4/
"..designed to kill it." A leading Bay Area newspaper endorses #Prop22.

The biggest growing sector in the economy is tech. The sector of the economy where the unions haven't made major inroads is tech. The plot's easy to figure out.

#YesOnProp22 #NoOnePaidMeToTweetThis

• • •

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13 Jan
Look to San Diego for that horrible CA Dem talking point, @yashar.
I just finished listening and I'm more convinced than ever. Nathan Fletcher went OFF on Kevin Faulconer, and it's well-known that he and Lorena detest Faulconer. They used all of Lorena's standard talking points against opponents: they're racist, anti-vaxxer, Trump supporters...
... and they got their new lackey, Todd Gloria, to step right up and be one of the pitch men. Yep, this has all of the same foresight that a piece of @lorenasgonzalez legislation has - NONE....
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7 Jan
I've been a Trump supporter (even tho I didn't support him in '16) b/c I believe that in practice he was one of the most conservative presidents in history. BUT, he's done his most loyal supporters a disservice. He said he was going to the Capitol with them, and did not. 🧵
He allowed attorneys who were terrible messengers and whose personal baggage overshadowed the message to be in front of the cameras. He intimated some big plan and all kinds of theories that loyalists seized on and held onto, believing Trump would pull it off.
Since Election Day there has been zero message discipline from his team. Trump's been inconsistently visible, and was publicly saying things he should have kept quiet and not saying the things that needed to be said.
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6 Jan
If you're in Southern California, tune in to @FOXLA right now. @LAPDChiefMoore is about to address the city's surge in murders - for which LAPD is in no way to blame. We're in terrifying times with @GeorgeGascon in charge of "punishment" for cold-blooded killers. @recallgascon
LA's murder rate is up 36%!! This is insane. They are talking to family members of murdered kids right now. Heartbreaking.
OMG. @LAPDChiefMoore says 47 people were shot in the city in the last week. A 15-year-old was killed.
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6 Nov 20
*DISCLAIMER* I'm not making conclusions.

Dominion is the vendor in Antrim Co, MI where an unexplained voting machine error gave the historically red county to Biden. After recount, Trump ahead by 2500. Dominion is used in most MI counties, incl Wayne.🧵

Dominion has the contract for the ENTIRE STATE of GA, where the vendor “uploaded something [Mon] night, which is not normal, and it caused a glitch,” in two counties on Election Day.

In a now-unavailable story at AJC (thanks wayback machine) there were major issues during the testing of Dominion systems in GA back in Nov 2019.

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11 Sep 20
Finally, @lapublichealth's Barbara Ferrer really stepped in it, in a way that brought lots of nationwide attention. At @RedState we've been writing about her for months. ICYMI, all about Ferrer, who came to LA straight from a Soros-connected "nonprofit" redstate.com/jenvanlaar/202…
She's not a Medical Doctor, but these websites claim she is... redstate.com/jenvanlaar/202…
About Barbara Ferrer's political agenda (sounds a lot like it's inspired by Critical Race Theory!): redstate.com/jenvanlaar/202…
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10 Sep 20
Fairly certain that today I'll be attacked by trolls as being a "political consultant posing as a journalist" since LG already transmitted the talking point. Dave Craige is likely assembling info to tweet. Here's a warning: All of the pieces saying that were coordinated by Katie
Hill's now ex-boyfriend, @AlexThomas, who was sleeping with her at the time he shopped them around, knew they were false, and coordinated with @KatieHill4CA's local supporters who had already promised there would be consequences if I wrote about her. Like this guy. ImageImage
I have consulted with legal counsel about these stories and the authors/publications who posted them have been put on notice of potential litigation. So, before you attempt to smear me using libelous stories as your source, be aware. Especially if you're an elected official.
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