Stop getting carried away with tall tales of reptilians, clones, adrenochrome, and child slaves in subterranean tunnels. JUST OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK AROUND AT THINGS ON THE SURFACE. Look at the hideous public art. Look at our entertainment. (continued)
Look at our education. Look at the mind controlled zombies rioting in our streets. Look at our food. Look at the obscene costs of a basic medical check up. The obviously wrong and horrible stuff is all around you. You don't need to believe the fantasies to be horrified.
Look at our homeless epidemic, so vast that it could ONLY be accomplished by deliberate work. Look at our media disinformation. War has been waged on this society, out in the open, on the surface. IT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.
Look at the opioid epidemic. Look at the hollowed our midwestern towns. Look at the number of veterans who commit suicide. Look at it all and realize that all the "problems" you see aren't due to the powerful not seeing them or not knowing what to do about them.

• • •

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21 Sep
Ultimately, it's really not going to be our skill at arms that will save us. It's our capacity for love. Both of which we possess in abundance over our opposition.
The reason I say this is because there are clearly a lot of troubled souls out there that have been taken over by something more menacing than mere Marxist propaganda. There's something going on beyond what most of us can understand.
And we simply cannot lock all of these people up. many of these people are going to need healing and some kind of reintegration in to society. Those guilty of serious crimes must pay, of course. But there's clearly a lot of deeply wounded fellow travelers and hangers on.
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18 Sep
"I believe science!" Those of us familiar with the intellectual history of the West can't help but be simultaneously amused and alarmed that this is actually a talking point. It's not about science. It's about pressuring people to surrender their judgment (continued) the edicts of a new priestly class. The internet is like Gutenberg's press, and the powerful disdain the masses being able to access information and interpret it on their own. So for a few decades now we've had the deification of Science. But when you (continued)
...look closely you'll see it's not about SCIENCE but blindly following the edicts of APPROVED spokespeople with scientific credentials. It's about creating a class of "experts" with any questioning of them to be dismissed as dangerous, irrational, and anti-scientific.
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18 Sep
Just think of how many people with sound mental faculties had to have their career destroyed so this loon could work up the ladder and get paid obscene amounts of money for her "analysis" and commentary.
Jennifer Rubin, Washington post columinist, on Trump supporters. "What we should be doing is shunning these people. Shunning, shaming these people is a statement of moral indignation that these people are not fit for polite society." (continued)
“I think it’s absolutely abhorrent that any institution of higher learning, any news organization, or any entertainment organization that has a news outlet would hire these people," said Rubin. (continued)
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16 Sep
When you take a look at the African American activists who are most involved with BLM, be it on the street level or the organizational level, I'm quite sure that all of them will be people who really are not in touch with the rich cultural heritage of Black Americans. (continued)
You won't find people with a deep knowledge of African American literature or music or history. What you'll find it pop culture and spectator sports junkies. Thwarted lives. The "intellectual" ones will be Marxist. And you'll realize something...
African Americans have been systematically denied their rightful cultural heritage for at least two generations now. Instead, they've been fed the worst pop culture drivel. They have no historical orientation, except vague feelings of outrage. Gangsta rap. Grievance culture.
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16 Sep
So University of Edinburgh removed the name David Hume,arguably Scotland's most important philosopher, from a tower because, he was known to be racist. Here is where we see the real strategic importance for the left in "fighting racism" (continued)
Just about everyone in the past, and actually the vast majority of people around the world, are "racist" by contemporary definition. Almost all of the great artists, philosophers, scientists. Because racism has sadly been the norm. (Continued)
Therefore this is going to be used to throw all of our history in the incinerator. It will be used to further eliminate our heritage and isolate us from our culture. So we will all become completely malleable wage slaves devoid of any culture other than (continued)
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11 Sep
One of the ways cultural war has been waged against Americans is constant pressure for mass migrations combined with continuous brainwashing of children to "escape" their hometown. The results of this have been catastrophic. (Continued)
It has resulted in a nation full of perennially dislocated and disconnected people. Socially atomized and emotionally isolated from the known, the trusted, the safe. Relocated to suburbs filled with equally dislocated people. (Continued)
Humans are meant to be with their tribe. They are meant to be around people that grew up with. They're meant to be around people that they know and trust. When these bonds are systematically dissolved the result is communities (continued)
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