Arab-Israeli relations

Abraham Accord Sep 15, 2020…
On the Islamic Scimitar Sword is the Vaccine Needle, the same choice presented on Google's Jan 1 Doodle.
Abram met Melchisedec (Priest of Most High; King of Jerusalem; Gen 14:18) who changed his name to Abraham; Rabbis rejected Jesus as Melchisedec (Heb 7) & worship Saturn symbolized by Chaldean 6 pointed Star of Saturn seen also on the Coin with Dove, symbolizing the Holy Ghost.
Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbis control Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Boris Johnson & Jared Kushner - among other world leaders, as well.

they teach Creation of heaven & earth happened on 25 Elul (14 Sep 2020);

They believe the light of the 1st Day being Zeus “Dyeus Pater” created from the Primeval Sun “Saturn” aka Chaos on Day 1 (Sep 15th, 2020) & on Day 6, Adam was created on Rosh Hashanah.…
Not quite!
You may recall Trump eluded to Sep 20 some 45 days ago in regards to the TikTok sale to Microsoft; Tick Tock folks, Time's Up!…
Rabbis also teach the Walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt in 335 BC; review Dan 9:27 & get this straight in your mind; the “70th Week” is 7 days!
There is no 7 Year Tribulation, no new DispenSATAN for Israel (Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3; 6-7 KJV), no pre-Tribulation Rapture; Jesuits invented these lies just like Coronavirus.

In Scutum Fidel, (Shield of Faith) all roads lead to Zeus.

Jesuits control all the roads including the Temple Mount.

The Covenant God made with Abraham, stipulated his sons not marry Canaanite women (Canaan was “Cursed” from incest between Ham & his Cainite mother);
Ishmael & Esau disobeyed Covenant being renamed Ismail (Shia Islam, Nizari Assassins, Hagarenes or “Twelvers” awaiting “The Return” of al Mahdi; same Messiah Rabbi Jonathan Cahn waiting for) & Edom (Red;British=Covenant by Birth; Edom=Adam, 3rd Adam is Adam Kadmon aka Antichrist)
Rabbis believe Shem was Melchisedec; don’t fall for the BS, Jesus is Melchisedec; (Heb 5-9)
Mormon National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien even claims the Melchisedec Priesthood.…
Tishrei is Akkadian/Assyrian for “Beginning”; Rosh Hashanah aka Feast of Trumpets on 1 Tishrei, the Shofar will be blown for the 1st time in 1,950 years since the Temple was destroyed exactly as Jesus predicted.
The Shofar is blown in times of War. On Sep 15, 1935 Nazi Germany stripped real Jews of their Citizenship; refuse the Coronavirus Vaccine & we may suffer the same fate;
Jesuits planned 3 World Wars in advance in 1871 & managed the Holocaust;
DEW (Directed Energy (Microwave) Weapons) destroyed Paradise CA & now Phoenix, OR; the message?
America is the Phoenix of the New Age, published in 1620 by Jesuit Tobie Matthew (William Shakespeare) in New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished; today are in control of the Vatican, Temple Mount, Cenacle, King David’s Tomb, Satan’s Seat & Coronavirus.
You can follow these men to Hell or establish a one on one personal covenant with JESUS, but do so fast, time is running out!

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