Well Louisville be prepared to pay out from now on since you caved on this.

Perhaps Breonna Taylor was a victim of circumstances but her live in boyfriend shot at cops.

LMPD got a no knock warrant but the officers nonetheless knocked/identified before attempting entry
Gunfire was exchanged between Taylor's boyfriend Kenneth Walker and the officers through the door. Walker said that he believed that the officers were intruders. The LMPD officers fired over twenty shots.
Breonna Taylor was caught in a crossfire her boyfriend initiated.

The primary targets of the LMPD investigation were Jamarcus Glover and Adrian Walker, Kenneth Walker’s brother. Kenneth had a gun legally.
Taylor was shot eight times and LMPD Sergeant Jonathan Mattingly was injured by gunfire also.

Kenneth Walker was licensed to carry a firearm, fired first, injuring Mattingly, when police returned fire into the apartment.
Jamarcus Glover and Adrian Walker were suspected of selling controlled substances from a drug house 10 miles away.

A neighbor witnessed everything and corroborated the LMPD claim that they hollered Police and someone inside the house shot through the front door.
According to a Taylor family attorney, Jamarcus Glover had dated Breonna Taylor two years before and continued to have a "passive friendship".

LMPD has observed both suspects come and go from that residence multiple times.
The search warrant included Taylor's residence because it was suspected that Glover received packages containing drugs at Taylor's apartment and because a car registered to Taylor had been seen parked on several occasions in front of Glover's drug house.
No drugs were found in the apartment. Sounds like a legal execution of a warrant that went south quickly.

Fact is if you shoot at cops they generally shoot back.
Louisville decided to pay the $12 million and that was their choice.

But going after these cops for returning fire with an officer 998 criminally is bullshit.
An internal affairs investigation confirmed from interviews with Kenneth Walker and with Taylor's neighbors that the police had knocked loudly before attempting to breaking in, so the no knock claim is BS.
The suspected drug dealer Glover had been seen walking into Taylor's apartment that afternoon and left with a USPS package before leaving and driving to a known his drug house.
The warrant said a US Postal Inspector confirmed that the man had been receiving packages at the apartment.

Taylor was an EMT and Walker was unemployed.
Walker said in his police interrogation that Taylor yelled multiple times, "Who is it?" after hearing a loud banging at the door, but didn’t hear an answer, and that he then armed himself. Walker, a licensed firearm carrier, shot first, striking officer Mattingly in the leg.
LMPD returned fire. Three officers fired a total of 20 rounds.

Taylor was shot five times in the body and pronounced dead at the scene according to the autopsy.

Walker surrendered then and was Taken into custody.
Louisville U.S. Attorney's Office is reviewing the findings.The FBI is also conducting its own independent investigation. Those two investigations are still ongoing.
Walker initially faced criminal charges of first-degree assault and attempted murder of a police officer. The LMPD officers said they announced themselves before entering the home and were immediately met with gunfire from Walker.
According to their statement, Walker discharged his firearm first, injuring Mattingly.

Walker's lawyer said Walker thought that someone was entering the residence illegally and that Walker acted only in self-defense.

Walker was released from jail due to COVID-19 concerns

• • •

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19 Sep
Remember 2016, there’s been some slow development in the Weiner Laptop ordeal. Former FBI agent John Robertson told the IG about massive delays out of the NYFO coming from the seventh floor of JEH.
Robertson said for weeks after being alerted, top FBI leaders including Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Bill Priestap took little to no action to investigate. Only after threats to go public by the NYPD who had the laptop did they finally act.
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Your turn in the barrel dipshits
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Defeat Disinfo (defeatdisinfo.org) is the heart of the RINO resistance, & part of the coup crew. Curtis Hougland, Stanley McChrystal, & David Eichenbaum, are the leadership of Defeat Disinfo. These people need to be exposed and their ashes pissed on.
Hougland, currently works on multiple large scale initiatives to censor & block conservative content & users on social media.
One of Hougland’s companies, Graphika, (graphika.com) is also used by social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, & Google to detect & mass delete “deepfake” and “fake news” content, problem is they only delete the conservative accounts.
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Claudia Apolinar, who is being guarded by fellow members of the sheriff’s department while she and her partner – a 24-year-old deputy – continue to recover, worked as an aide in a Los Angeles Country library starting in 2011. In 2017, she applied to be a sheriff’s deputy
Shot through her lower jaw,
Apolinar, who is a 31-year-old mother to a 6-year-old boy, and her partner were ambushed Saturday night while sitting in their car at the MLK PLX in Compton. She managed to get out a 998 call and apply a tourniquet to her partner.
They were rushed to St Francis hospital in serious condition. Both are expected to recover fully.

If you’ve seen the video, after the shooting, the passenger door opens and Apolinar stumbles out, hand on her face, The driver-side door opens soon after.
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