@KarinJanzen @hivibz @CNNnewsroom Sounds like you have the same BS fake news in Canada that we do here.
If you want to talk about the numbers and the science, Trump SAVED over 1 MILLION lives with what he did.
The majority of the deaths were in the states with the worst lockdowns (NY, NJ, PA, MI, etc)
@KarinJanzen @hivibz @CNNnewsroom Here’s the democrat leaders of New York, New Jersey, California, etc, talking about how the virus should be handled.

This was at the EXACT SAME TIME that Trump was already closing travel and putting protective measures in place!
@KarinJanzen @hivibz @CNNnewsroom Democrats downplayed it and called Trump a racist for closing travel, while said it was deadlier than the flu!
@KarinJanzen @hivibz @CNNnewsroom All of the COVID hot spots were in the same areas that voted for Hillary in 2016!

Red/Blue map: 2016 election results
Yellow/Green Map: COVID hot spots

“Follow the science!”
@KarinJanzen @hivibz @CNNnewsroom Democrats downplayed it and called Trump a racist for closing travel, while said it was deadlier than the flu!
@KarinJanzen @hivibz @CNNnewsroom And of course....the media attacked
Trump for taking early action and said he was causing panic for doing things like closing travel from hot-spot countries!
@KarinJanzen @hivibz @CNNnewsroom @threadreaderapp Of course she blocked me once
she couldn’t refute the facts!

• • •

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20 Sep
HOW is this the same person?!? Image
For the love of God, reopen the salons!
For the people saying it can’t be the same person, this is what drugs can do to someone in under 2.5 years!
Health issues and stress also have drastic impacts on people’s appearances. Image
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27 Aug
@1barbiekline @TuckerCarlson Yes ma’am, he’s old enough to have a rifle or shotgun in Wisconsin

The three men who were shot were pedophiles & rapists with violent rap sheets.

Please look at these still shots, and you will see that the pedophiles were clearly armed and were pointing guns at his head.

@1barbiekline @TuckerCarlson This pedophile tried to act like he was harmless, then circled around him, pulled out his pistol and pointed it directly at his head (execution style).

Kyle had been providing 1st aide to BLM supporters. The 3 men shot were filmed earlier screaming the n-word at black protesters
@1barbiekline @TuckerCarlson He lives in the suburbs of #Kenosha, it just happens to be across the state line.

He didn’t travel from far away like the Antifa rioters who came all the way from Portland.

That’s why he was there all day cleaning up graffiti and helping, it was HIS community.

Just informing!
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15 Aug
@ElPatro84999395 @anuthal @Dovetail1221 @redaspie @VincentCrypt46 @PhaethonSR @John_F_Kennnedy He had a magazine called GEORGE, which holds a lot of clues, or super crazy and highly improbable coincidences. ImageImageImageImage
@ElPatro84999395 @anuthal @Dovetail1221 @redaspie @VincentCrypt46 @PhaethonSR @John_F_Kennnedy 1&2) his wife, who also allegedly died in the plane crash and a “random woman” who’s behind 45 at a large % of rallies

2) JFK Sr’s gravesite is a Q, as in Qanon.

3) if you’re going to avenge your father, wouldn’t faking your death be the safest way to work behind the scenes?
🤔 ImageImageImageImage
@ElPatro84999395 @anuthal @Dovetail1221 @redaspie @VincentCrypt46 @PhaethonSR @John_F_Kennnedy 1) recovering “the bodies” and plane, but who’s that walking down the side?

2) cover of the magazine referenced above. EVERY ONE of those things are relevant today, even had full moon at July 3rd event!

3) Sr killed by same deep state 45’s taking down

4) All anti-cabalists!
🧐 ImageImageImageImage
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8 Aug
Retweet this so everybody sees it!


🔴 Watch LIVE: -President Trump Holds a News Conference From Bedminster, ...

-Expanded VA benefits for Veterans
-Enhanced accountability for VA staff
-Addressed Voter Fraud in Democrat platform
-Addressed frivolous additions to the Democrat COVID Relief proposal


-Payroll Tax Holiday for Americans making under $100k
(Starting Aug 1-Dec 31)
-Tax Forgiveness and Permanent Payroll Tax cuts/termination!
(IF elected Nov 3)
-Directing HUD/CDC to protect Americans from evictions for homeowners and renters.
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5 Aug
As of today, there are 182,771 sealed, 21,381 unsealed, and 409,152 non-sealed indictments for child pedophilia and trafficking offenses. This is only the beginning.

A few unsealed child porn, molestation and child sex slave trafficking indictments unsealed:

Democratic Illinois State Representative, Keith Farnham, has resigned and was charged with possession of child pornography and has been accused of bragging at an online site about sexually molesting a 6-year-old girl.
Democratic spokesperson for the Arkansas Democratic Party, Harold Moody, Jr, was charged with distribution and possession of child pornography.
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4 Aug
@michaeldickson @MrBOTUS_520 Trump just said it “looks like a terrible attack” at the beginning of his press conference!
@michaeldickson @MrBOTUS_520 When pressed by reporters, he confirmed that several generals all agreed that it appeared to be “an attack, a bomb”
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