Did you notice the Pen hand offs today during the Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony? Information exchange! Go see! Outlined in next tweet
You can see POTUS put the pen in his hand…. (FOLLOW THE PEN) and look up, I'll call this one, "ARE YOU FOLLOWING"? Watch the Pen the entire time. Watch UAE FA's Pen the Entire Time! Watch UAE Crown Pen the entire time! Also notice Who's pen ISN'T moving.
At 40:13 Potus puts the Pen down on the Table facing 12-6 O-clock. Look at BEBE Notice! (QCLOCK?)
Notice BEBE CONSTANTLY look at the pen sitting there on the table.
41:05 Potus picks up his pen and Gives it to UAE FA
UAE FA Puts HIS Original Pen on his Right side within Arms Reach of POTUS at 41:12 and his pen on his left.
41:24 Potus Notices and catalogs location of pen
6. 41:24 Potus Notices and catalogs location of pen

7. at 41:26 Potus Gestures with a finger pointed at the ground… for a his pen location

8 At 41:29 She comes over and points to his new location of his handedOff Pen. Notice UAE FA Smile and Demanor go from calm to a giggle
9. At 41:30 Potus Picks up his"new" pen and signs the next document.

10. at 41:38 UAE FA gives strange Blinking motions with his eyes in agreement and anchoring with his hands and points! with Thumbs up!
11: At 42:10 UAE FA Fully Anchors his pen in his hands with a HUGE smile.

This pen is extremely important to him.
12 42:38 UAE FA Stands up and holds pen up says something, Potus Gives him folder Massive Giggles from UAE FA
13. at 42:54 Potus Gives the Pen to UAE Crown
14. As the attempted handoff was commencing Green dress stated "ONE MORE!" at 42:55 Notice BB's Face
15. UAE Receives Pen by POTUS at 42:55 and looks down at it
16. Notice how Close BEBE Keeps his pens, they aren't sitting on the table, he puts them in his pocket 42:18
17. 42:25 Notice Nothing in BEBE's hands
42:55 White house Press Feed Cuts to a Corner Shot to protect something situational.
19. 42:57 Bebe puts something small in his left pocket as the shot corners, Focuses on Trump who notices, UAE FA notices as well while Crown is focusing on Pen given
20 UAE Crown Looks down at pen or whatever he was just given
21. UAE seems to look down and to the right at his lower right hip with no pocket seen, Was something taken out at 42:59 Also Notice BEBE looking intently at the UAE.
22. Notice from before the Camera change to After UAE Crown on the left pen stays in the same location on the table
23. Shot goes back to the front facing as risk is averted. It seems also a small amount of time has passed from before the shot changed to after
24. at 43:01 Potus requests a new pen from Green Dress
25. Notice at 43:09 UAE FA Unability to control his joy.
26. at 43:20 BeBe Pen Deployment from his jacket pocket
27 at 44:03 BeBe's hyper focus on own pen
28. at 44:34 Bebe puts his pen away
Potus Pen on table at 44:41 and at 44:50 Potus picks up his pen
30. at 44:56 Potus again hands his pen to UAE FA
31. at 44:58 UAE FA Receives Pen from Potus
32 UAE at 45:00 UAE FA picks up his pen from the table, switches the one that was given to him with the one from the table and gives it back to potus.
33: at 45:05 Potus receives pen from UAE FA and puts it in his pocket
34: at 45:06 UAE FA Pockets his new pen!
So What happened here?

Information exchange?
A little NSA fun?
Who knows but it sure was fun to watch!
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Words Spoken:
Ambassador x3
Friend x3
Secretary x2
National x2
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Native American x3
Indian x4
Tremendous progress x2
Terrible Situation x2
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Game changer
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Potus at the start of his speech at around 12:57 says

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Recognized Q Drops from direct use of words.

Happen Happen Happen

keys (Keys given during ceremony later)

^ this kind of looks dire to me. Praying Q Team, Orange county?
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Let's do the first one. 20 Communications to go through.
We notate and grab those he repeats or REALLY emphasizes and look for meaning in the words/phrases given. Let's see how this works and then unroll!
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