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16 Sep, 21 tweets, 10 min read
This man is trying to pressure @TheBMA to remove NHS single sex spaces and services by redefining women to include males. Points iv and v are sinister and significant.
The motion has passed. @TheBMA will now lobby for the removal of women's single sex wards & services to placate male feelings and demands.
It is based on sexist 'science' Benjamin hypothesised sex-role stereotypes are caused by hormones in the womb from the womb women want to dress to sexually entice males, wear crippling high heels, do unpaid care work Money claimed assertive play in girls was proof of wrong body
then used rat coitus as a back up for his theory. uncommongroundmedia.com/sexist-science…
Then comes Stoller who used dream studies of three effeminate boys and claimed that if a mother wore a pant suit it mentally disturbed her child. That bisexual mothers mentally disturbed children. uncommongroundmedia.com/robert-stoller…
Male Doctors, Authority, Medical Scandals thread:
The passing of the motion by @TheBMA highlights how changing immutable sex to gender permits the removal of women's rights. It is like locking the door but giving everyone the key. Then can claim to support single sex wards but have redefined female sex to include males.
So, what can be done? The BMA is a trade union for medical doctors in the UK. Contact newspapers. Cause a Twitter stink. Contact @TheBMA CC each email address:
As is increasingly common with organisations which support the idea that women's oppression (gender) is natural and innate, they knew sex was real whn they wanted to sexually harass. @TheBMA had its own #MeToo scandal.

From 2019: pulsetoday.co.uk/views/uncatego…
'Focusing on the current allegations at the BMA, it is clear that, as in many other spheres, there is a major problem with sexual harassment'.

Here is one of the people who removes women's rights:
Look at how an agenda is being pushed. This ninny spelt it out, publicly. @TheBMA members that refuse to submit are to be bullied out. It has been alleged, according to whistleblowers, that the BMA already has a sexist, bullying culture. (H/T @BurdenCampbell)
The person who is launching a bullying campaign within @TheBMA union is a Gender GP and works as a trans mentor and for Gendered Intelligence (of some women like blowjobs fame) who the @fawcettsociety support.
From March 2019: 'Health officials are reviewing NHS policies which allow transgender patients to be cared for on women's wards even if they have not undergone medical transition, Matt Hancock has said'. telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/03/0…
From October 2019, investigative journalism by @joaniwalshi: telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/10/0….
Talking about the most vulnerable women being used as fetish fodder for men, this trans identified male is head nurse of a woman’s ward dealing with mental health and sexual trauma.
'What are the NHS 's and the Care Quality Commission's policies for protecting patient consent, dignity and privacy when a healthcare professional wants to be treated as the opposite sex?

There aren't any. And this is a problem' - @MForstater

My writing on the importance of female only intimate care: uncommongroundmedia.com/why-disabled-w…
We know women are being raped and sexually assaulted by male care-givers: damemagazine.com/2019/01/31/rap…
From January 2019 'Despite official guidance intended to eliminate mixed sex wards, none of the NHS trusts in England require a patient to have begun transition for them to be treated as their preferred sex'
Even more dangerous and shocking is that the NHS will allow children to self-ID onto opposite sex wards, even against the parents wishes. What could go wrong? @joaniwalshi has been excellent investigating this & raising the alarm. telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/01/1…

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25 Sep
1. Continuing the widespread theme of 'are you sure you didn't say gender identity can be diagnosed based on toy preference, clothing and behaviour', lets have a look at the NHS.
2. Currently, they have had a bit of a clean up but as the notion that non-conformity to sex-role stereotypes is a medical condition is sexist, you can't make it non-sexist. NHS GIDS front page still locates trans diagnosis in clothes & toys: Image
3. The gender service for children is still citing behaviour as a diagnosis for trans, is this whether boys prefer dolls to trucks/dance to rugby? Image
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25 Sep
Because we live in a culture which objectifies & dehumanises women & girls the potential rapes and murders are thought a reasonable price to pay for a man's right to liberty. If women were considered fully human this wouldn't be happening.
There's that connection again, its almost as if when women are dehumanised to such an extent that they can be worn as a costume, chopped up into bits and parts which please men, objects to sexually arouse, those men are not going to be safe around women...
We have found consistently in the background of rapists & murderers pornography use, we find consistently in the background of men who think women are just bodies and bits with no inner life who can thus be 'identified as' pornography use. It is a common connection because it
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24 Sep
It appears Bonerwall is cross.
This is the statement by the Department For Education that Bonerwall are spitting feathers about (h/t @Transgendertrd). Boo hoo Bonerwall. ImageImage
OMG, Mermaids have gone GC!! They have finally listened to feminists? (h/t @StoatlyL). I think they've been reading my work on the sly.... Image
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23 Sep
In her magnus opus of flim flam, Judith Butler defended incest & what she termed 'intergenerational sex' aka child sexual abuse. #JudithButler
Judith Butler did not introduce the concept of gender as performance, Mary Wollstonecraft had been talking about gender as performance since 1792 in A Vindication of the Rights of Woman. There is very little in Gender Trouble which is original. newstatesman.com/international/…
Judith Butler reframed men's sexual rights as feminist. 'Butler’s thoughts on sexual consent should be read with her defence of incest in mind. Butler proposed in general terms that consent was problematic because sometimes ‘they have consented, but do not like that they have...
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22 Sep
Here is the winner of the Object! Essay Prize 2020: Lauren Hamstead, 'How do ‘altruistic’ and commercial surrogacy affect the rights of women and children?'
Here is @bindelj's 'Outsourcing pregnancy: a visit to India's surrogacy clinics'. India outlawed, as with many other countries such as Thailand, Mexico, Nepal, commercial Surrogacy in 2015. That, thing Britain wants to introduce.
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21 Sep
Due to a fault on my phone I can't use it and this means I can't leave the house on my own because of my disability, @ThreeUK want to charge me £134 to end this contract or £143 for a phone that works. I'm meant to just wait until 24th May.
Customer service has rudely mansplained to me. @ThreeUK are terrible. I'm disabled, not stupid!
They were aware of the common faults on the phone, but expected that I would just put up with it for a 24 month contract @ThreeUK . This means, possibly, that they were in breach of the Consumer Rights Act 2015, section 9, para 3 point e) (durability), no @ThreeUKSupport
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