For a friend; I hope this thread helps.

I know you hurt. I would, too. I hope you can find the strength to use what you're going through as a teachable moment. Let's walk through history together for a moment. I think you'll understand where I'm going. 1/
The reports of hysterectomies being performed at the camps on or near the southern border? Immediately brought to my mind the Tuskegee Experiments. They ended in the year 1972. The fact that we have camps? Japanese-Americans know all about camps. WWII, after Pearl Harbor. /2
Killing by police for no reason? Pick a name: George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Philando Castile, and so many more. I can keep going on and on and on; I can keep going back further, but the point is that this nation has not stood up to the ideals the flag embodies. /3
"We support our troops", they say. How were troops returning from Vietnam treated? How are they treated even now by our own VA administration and the government? How are veterans from the Iraq war or Afghanistan treated? How are women treated? /4
The 19th amendment was only ratified in 1920.

One hundred years ago. Yet women still do not have the right to completely have control over their bodies.

The Civil Rights Act and the events leading to it. Brown v. Board of Education. So many reasons, so many things. /5
How about the South Africa's history of apartheid juxtaposed with America looking down at that country? What moral ground did we have if we STILL are fighting the demons of our past and have NEVER addressed racism here, honestly or properly? /6
The point is that we ALL have a long way to go to get to where we, as a country claim to be. Could you blame any black man or woman if they hated the country? Or any woman? Or any of the Indigenous Peoples? Yet, we have the Code Talkers, Tuskegee Airmen, and so many women /7
to thank for their efforts. Efforts that would not have happened if they hated the flag. The Civil Rights movement doesn't happen if they hated the flag. Veterans wouldn't serve if they hated the flag. Women are the mothers of our country. All of this is in our past. /8
It's in our past. It's our present. And because so many protesters love the flag and what it represents, the protests are our future until we have our reckoning. Contrast that with Trump's history, his record as POTUS, and the language he uses to divide the nation. /9
Who would you rather hear speak, someone who would tell you the truth no matter how uncomfortable it is, or someone who would lie to you even when you can see how bad things are?

Give me the truth. Because without it, we can never heal or move forward. /10
It's going to be an uncomfortable conversation. It will probably take more than one. This is a teachable moment, in so many ways, and I wish you the strength and grace to allow yourself to use it to the best of your abilities.

If needed, there's a village. You got this. /Fin

• • •

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