People are talking about the St. Paul Principles in reference to that problematic Portland person. Fine. Deal with that.

But while on the topic, I just want to point out that number 2 was a major reason the J20 mass arrest happened. Thread.
It was an incredibly bad idea to have a 2000 person black bloc march separately & disconnected from all other protest actions that day. It painted a huge target on our backs & the MPD et al knew exactly which group of protestors to focus on that day.
The bloc should've merged with the Festival of Resistance & the family friendly stuff. Response would be "what? don't put the children in danger!" No, just let people have agency & do their thing. Keep them away from broken glass & just hang in the parks. Be jubilant
And later that day the family friendly events got tear gassed too. The kids got attacked regardless. Which brings me to my 2nd point: The social escalations in the past 5 years have drastically nullified this point. Liberal protests in Times Square are getting attacked.
Hit & Runs, chud assaults, mass arrests, snatchings, wanton police brutality. These are the norm at protests now whether they be "peaceful" or not. The distinction between such events is no longer meaningful. There's no safe protests anymore in the US. That requires an update
In NYC for example, actions have been successful when the street youth engage en masse. There's no black bloc but rather hoodie bloc, a type of casual wear that still obscures identity but doesn't make you stick out like a ninja strutting down 5th ave.
COVID got folks wearing masks already. It wasn't that much of leap to have a spontaneous bloc of just everyday people form in such a way. Arrests & post-action repression have been less at these actions compared to the distinct black bloc actions & the large liberal gatherings
so yeah, that's my critique. Its been 12 years, that shit was written for the antiglobe era. Things have developed differently that requires a reassessment of the principles or even a establishing of new ones. Some food for thought.

• • •

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13 Sep
The return of identity v. class discourse circa 2018 tipped us off, cuz as old heads, we'd already had those convos years before. Part of what muddied the discourse was that the term "identity politics" means something completely different in the street activist scene.
Usually, its associated with liberal peace police, counter-insurgent pacification & NGO leaders steering pple twrd elections. This structure's maintained by false dichotomies btwn good protester & bad protestor, deference to a nebulous "black leadership class", & tokenism as
recuperation. Basically, it was a wing of Dem-aligned forces that historically overlapped with the streets that operated a specific pacification model. Their role was to jump into uprisings, hijack complex analyses around struggles & distort them toward reactionary ends under a
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28 Jul
The Abby Martin Ukraine Incident will forever be looked at as a turning point in which RT began to draw scrutiny from the US left
To summarize: Abby Martin hosted a popular program on RT in the early 2010s called Breaking the Set. March 2014, she denounces Russia's invasion of Ukraine on air. It causes an uproar in the media, many defending her, others demonstrating it showed RT doesnt censor, but the real
weird shit was RT's response which was to say Abby Martin had free speech on their network but would also be getting sent to Crimea to learn "the truth firsthand." Martin denied this & pushed back against the weird mafia-esque "let's take a walk" shit.
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13 Jul
If you've ever been curious as to why Grayzone writers are so hostile to Greenwald, its billionaire wars. GZ is allied with eXile crew which means Mark Ames which means Pando which is a Peter Theil outfit. Theil hates Omidyar. So GZ hates the Intercept & thus GG as an extension.
Thing is The Intercept staff butts heads constantly with GG, who is actually closer ideologically to the red-brown shit Grayzone pushes. GZ doesnt wanna bring down GG per se but rather the whole Intercept staff cuz they dont like the anti-Theil shit that was published there
Oh yeah if you didnt know Theil was a few degrees of separation from Grayzone, well here ya go. And NRx thinker Curtis Yarvin also has roots with Theil as well. Yarvin has been particularly influential on the klass first crowd from Nagle to AT. Oh boy this is juicy, ain't it?
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