Okay, real talk, is the pandemic just total hell for anyone else? Like it feels like no one writes about this anymore, but socially and personally, I have certainly not achieved any kind of equilibrium, it’s continually awful
I feel ridiculous saying this because I have kept my job, not gotten sick, my family is safe, etc., but the inability to have normal daily social interactions with people I know, or a structured daily schedule where I leave my house, is excruciating and enervating all at once
Okay, judging from the replies to this tweet, it turns out everyone is not doing great! Which, sorry to all of you, is kind of a relief

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25 Sep
One thing pundits should keep in mind about court expansion is that the judges Trump is appointing aren't just conservative in a jurisprudential sense. They're political partisans. There really is a difference. One is acceptable, the other is basically unworkable for Democrats.
Consider something like textualism. That's a "conservative" legal philosophy, in that it tends to cabin government power and prevent legal meanings from evolving. Still, there's no reason you couldn't write a climate law or a health law that wouldn't pass muster under textualism!
The up-and-coming Trump judges aren't textualists, though. They're Republicans. The primary criterion they use when evaluating a law is "Do Republicans like it, for whatever reason?" If Republicans do like it, it's legal. If they don't, they reason backwards to strike it down.
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25 Sep
Tarmac meeting: Republicans screaming day and night about corruption

Barr turning the DOJ into a personal legal service for Trump: Democrats change the subject to health care

It's really not that hard to see how it happened
Partisan leaders are major public figures who drive the public conversation about politics. If they are uninterested in something, or treat it as unimportant, the public will also treat it as unimportant. This is why Democratic strategic avoidance of corruption is a catastrophe
Democrats saw polls that said voters thought health care was their best issue (often on a list of, like, six generic issues - "Crime," "environment," etc.), and decided, ludicrously, that time spent talking about anything else was wasted

Like if only politics was so simple
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25 Sep
The thing to remember when political pundits talk about the Supreme Court is this: they have no real stake in it, and most barely understand what it does. To them, it's just a flag to be captured by Team A or Team B. They don't believe the court will or could affect them.
But if you care about:
-civil rights
-racial equality
-climate change
-environmental regulation
-fair elections
-functioning federal agencies
-corporate oversight
-accountability for the rich and powerful

it is completely unacceptable for there to be a far-right SCOTUS majority.
It's not just about abortion. Abortion would simply be the first casualty, but it wouldn't be the biggest. You'd see 50 years of civil rights law undone, virtually all environmental regulation overturned, elimination of campaign finance laws, national right-to-work
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24 Sep
you know, I used to wonder "how did so many presumably intelligent people talk themselves into appeasing or downplaying the fascists for so long, in some cases literally dooming themselves to being shot by the fascists"

anyway I no longer wonder this
look I'm sure Nate's smart and all but I'm still pretty confident that if there's a guy trying to be a dictator, you say "he's trying to be a dictator!!!" as loudly as possible, not carefully maneuver through a 17-point strategy developed with StAtIsTiCaL MoDeLiNg or whatever
"Ah, remember the famous lesson of European fascism: if only ordinary citizens had spoken up less loudly, and less often, and been more equivocal, Hitler could have been thwarted"
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24 Sep
What if, stay with me, this is not a good thing for the Speaker of the House to be saying in September 2020 elle.com/culture/a34130…
American government is collapsing because feckless, cossetted elites like Pelosi are STILL sure that if they just relegate Trump to the entertainment section, they can go on with normal life like he's not even there
Mind-boggling. "Let's not worry about Trump trying to overrule the election; there's an election coming up"
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24 Sep
“Stop paying so much attention to the president’s threats of a coup, he probably can’t pull it off” is a real take
Even if he can’t, the mere attempt would be an enormous, historic shift in the nature of US democracy. Also he has tens of millions of supporters and many are heavily armed, so, you know, that’s not great
Our elite writers’ brains have been reduced to unbelievable mush by their conviction that since Trump isn’t serious, the effects of what he does can’t be serious, and therefore anyone who does not live exactly as they would if Mitt Romney was president is a hysteric
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