Hey all, if I may have your attention for a minute.

I know things are hard. In fact, I know "things are hard" is an understatement. The pandemic is pretty fucking horrible as it is, on top of that, all of us on the West Coast are having to deal with fire and smoke.
But while everyone has been suffering and persevering through this since 2016, I understand that the next couple of months are going to be extra hard (and perhaps harder afterwards). The election is coming up and it's a pretty do-or-die election for many of us.
I just want to tell you a few things, my lovely friend.

1. Things really are as bad as you think they are.

You're not hallucinating. You are not overreacting. Anyone who thinks you are overreacting is ignorant. And things could be WORSE soon. Your feelings of dread are valid.
2. The fear of approaching/intensifying/worsening calamities on multiple fronts is shared by millions.

Do not feel alone. You are not the only one who feels this way. You are not the only one who is suffering through and will suffer more and know it. We're in it together.
3. Things - and this is the hardest thing to write - will NOT be okay.

Not in the short term. And likely, not in the medium-to-long run. Things might improve from what they are like now. Shit might get bearable. But there is a long and arduous journey ahead to "normalcy".
4. Anyone who tells you "things will be ok shortly" is again, uninformed or ignorant.

The good news is that most of us already know that. Because most of us have already lived lives that have been journeys worth writing tragic memoirs about. "Normalcy" has never been a "thing".
5. The silver lining isn't elections. Or vaccines. Or the putting out of fires.

These catastrophes will become more and more normal than their absence. And with climate change, we really don't know how horrible things might get.
6. The hope we have to survive through these times and make it to better ones is you. And me. And us.

I can't promise you when things will get better. You can't promise me that the dread I feel will go away entirely. But we can do is remember that we'll be here for each other.
7. The biggest bunker we have to survive all of this is ourselves.

I'm a bunker for my partner and our dog. I'm also trying to be a bunker for family. And digging those extra rooms for friends. Our greatest defense against all this is banding together as tightly as we can.
8. We can't promise what tomorrow will bring but we can promise to be there for one another no matter what shows up.

We've gone through locked doors, haunted paths and monstrous adversaries before. We are HERE because we have. And we did it together then.
9. We wouldn't be here if togetherness hadn't worked!

As PoC, as refugee, as queer, as non-binary, as an ASCSA, I'm only here because other PoC, refugees, queers and allies have walked with me as I have with them. We have survived and we will survive. We know how.
10. We can't promise things will be okay. But we can promise each other we will be here for one another.

Say it to yourself. To your partner. To your cat. Dog. Birbs. Neighbors. Friends. People you admire on Twitter. Mutuals on IG.
11. And no matter what's in our future, I'm bravely walking into it, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, voice to voice, passion to passion, dream to dream with YOU.

And we'll make it our own.

• • •

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Yeah, don't think Cons are gonna get to replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Let me game theory this for you if I may.

Let's start with setting up the players here. The players are:

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America continues as a bastion of capitalist exploitation so long as there is a glimmer of hope for the population that they can control the government intermittently. There is a fragile peace that keeps people from taking direct action or skewing the process in favor of one side
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Gonna talk Bernie Sanders.

Dude has some supporters I respect and look up to. Some supporters that are my friends & colleagues. Some supporters I would literally die for.

And long after Bernie has disappeared from our lives, my relationships with them will continue, but
...there's also a second group of Bernie supporters, who are extremely detestable to say the least. People who've intertwined their own egos with Bernie's standings and positions. People who have and continue to hurt marginalized voices online and off.
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@GavinNewsom .@GavinNewsome Last night, was invited to a graduation party at a nice'ish establishment in Sacramento. I felt uncomfortable for reasons (including being underdressed) and spent most of the night outside in the parking lot talking to a friend. That's when a pick up approached me.
@GavinNewsom @gavinnewsome .@GavinNewsome The man in the pick up truck asked me if he could talk to me for a second. I told my friend to hold. He asked me a very unusual question: "Do you know if the security in this parking lot is tight?"

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One of the things that really hurts today that despite being a sexual and gender minority myself, I aill be relatively insulated from any decision against the LGBTQIA+ community by SCOTUS. There's potential for some of us being affected much more adversely than others.
A negative decision could first of all mean that anyone who wants to transition - even if they want to hide being trans or non binary later - will in the immediate run have to quit their job. You will lose income at the moat critical time in your life and have no $ support.
If you are trans and or non-binary and non-passing in the eyes of the Cis Empire, then you won't even be able to try and follow any future don't ask don't tell arrangement. This is also true for anyone who might be passing, but whose workplace already knows they are trans or NB.
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