1.) Our school system had the entire summer (and then some) to “work out all of the kinks” within their online schooling system.
I was told “through the grapevine” from a school employee that their online system changed “multiple” times... 🤔
It’s been a disaster!
2.) It’s been the most unorganized process that I’ve ever had to witness.

It’s like the online students are treated like “the red headed stepchildren of the “traditional” school body... 🤷🏻‍♀️
3.) I’m almost starting to wonder if their unorganization is deliberately out of spite for doubling their workload or for interfering with their normal teaching methods? 🤷🏻‍♀️
4.) Because they’ve had since last spring to organize an effective & efficient online schooling program for their students. 🤷🏻‍♀️
It’s almost as if they “want” to make it so difficult, frustrating, & time consuming that we just give up & send our kids back to traditional learning.
5.) I feel like we’re being punished & discriminated against for standing by the constitutional rights of our children.
7.) Due to the lack of funding for the public school systems... because our #Alabama state leaders are an incompetent joke... they failed to employ additional & adequate help to ensure “the system” ran effectively & efficiently.
6.) My son and I have spent ALL day figuring things out and teaching ourselves.
The online students are practically put “on the back burner” until the end of the “traditional” school day if they have any questions, concerns, or issues.
7.) One of my emails to my son’s teacher.
Part 1
8.) Part 2
10.) It’s been a nightmare and a complete 💩show for parents of online students...

I feel as though the online students are being thrown to the wayside and we parents need to be put on the payroll or at least have our tax burdens reduced.
12.) I failed to mention… Their online schooling program is on MORE that ONE online learning system too. 😡
13.) You can’t just go to ONE online learning system to obtain class assignments, tests, announcements, messaging, grades, files, & other classroom related information...
OH NO.... they want to make it as DIFFICULT & FRUSTRATING as possible for BOTH parent and student!
14.) Which alerts me into thinking that possibly “somebody” within their IT is making some 💰!
15.) Which explains why they’ve probably been issuing all of these “chromebooks” here lately.
You know how Big T & democ🐀’s love to manipulate the school system...
22.) Seeing how our educators needs and their DESPERATE pleas for funding have been IGNORED by the state... it makes since that they would probably accept whatever “Marxist value terms” necessary in order to get help. 🤷🏻‍♀️
24.) Heyyyy...
Where is all of our tax money going if it’s not going to our schools? 🤔
25.) Sounds like our state boards and state leadership may
need to be possibly investigated...🤔🤷🏻‍♀️
26.) Ever notice how our state leaders focus on funding for dumbA$$ laws that really don’t matter nor benefit the public?
27.) “Generally speaking, laws are a good thing. They keep us safe. They give order to society. But it seems like these days legislators are getting carried away and trying to control people’s lives a little too much.”

29.) Corrupt Democ🐀 leadership along with the manipulation of the CIA have controlled our educational systems for decades.

39.) It seems like all of the “good” educators across this nation are outnumbered...
40.) Notice how state leaders dangle funding over the heads of the educational system... as they give them “just enough rope” to be able to do their jobs... but still keeping them from doing it “effectively” in educating and disciplining “today’s” kids... 😜
41.) But, whenever the 💩 hits the fan they hold them responsible...
42.) Well, at least after the “bought off” state boards & state leaders completely destroy our educational systems, most of us probably won’t have to pay for our kids college educations!🤷🏻‍♀️
Either that or they’ll have to lower the college admission standards! 🤣

• • •

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56.) There needs to be a HUGE investigation into these public school systems folks!
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1.) My child will NOT be wearing a mask to suppress his immunity which UNDOUBTABLY leads to sickness! The school systems are FORCING our children to not only become immunocompromised, but suffer physical injuries & health problems associated with wearing masks for long periods. ImageImage
2.) As stated on the Madison County School website, they have built “a plan” using guidance & recommendations from local & state health officials as well as the Alabama Department of Education. Image
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