Ok. Live tweeting the experience... get ready...

On opening my dog ran to me. Does this mean there is a meaty scent only she can detect!? To me it seems sickeningly sweet like normal.
The line up:
Green beans
Toasted turkey
Cranberry sauce
Ginger glazed carrot
Seeet potato pie

The issue... how to be sure which is which? 2 are obvious... the others though!??
Also on first inspection: there are very very very few cranberry sauce ones in the bag. This was consistent across all the bags at the store (you could tell looking into them). Why is this!? Why withhold one of the ones that might actually taste good!?
Also realized I had a duplicate in my first photo and not one of them. Oops. Here is the real line up.
Ok. Going for the clearly cranberry one first. Because more limited it must be good and special.
Review: mildly berry flavored super sweet. Not offensive overtly. Wouldn’t like eat a bag full - regular candy corn is better.
Ok time for green bean. There seems to be a lot of green bean in the bag. Maybe that means they aren’t horrible? Also a veggie can’t be too offensive right?
I cannot tell are all it’s supposed to be a vegetable. Or which vegetable. It maybe has a little bit of an earthy aftertaste? Fairly unimpressive overall though.
This is where is gets complicated. What is what!?! I the the one on the left is probably carrots because it’s all orange? Let’s try it.
Ok I was correct!!! The carrots are supposed to be ginger glazed and that for sure tasted like fake weird ginger! No carrot taste. Hard to overcome fake ginger.
I think the one with orange on top and white on the bottom has to be sweet potato pie right? Because it kinda looks like a pie? With the sweet potato center and the white crust? Maybe? Ok. Will try that one.
By far this one is my favorite. Great warm seasonings. Wouldn’t have been able to tell you it was sweet potato and not pumpkin pie, but isn’t that often a real life problem too?
Ok this is getting intense. I’m gonna guess the one on the left - yellow and brown - is turkey. It just seems more turkey to me. Which means the one on the right is stuffing. It has no reason to be stuffing other than by deduction. I’m scared of turkey so I’ll try that next.
This one tastes pretty similar to the last one.. but worse? It’s like the ginger carrot and the pie had a baby candy corn maybe? I can’t say for sure this was stuffing, but I don’t think it’s turkey?
Ok. Here it is. The last one. Which I think is turkey. Omg.
Wow. Yikes. This is the only one that I think is flat out just gross. It has a “roasted” flavor or some kind. It’s not good. At all. Must have some pie ones as a cleanser.
I poured some out - see how messed up the ratio is!? Why do I only get like 3 cranberry in the whole bag!?
In summary:
I’m pretty sure I was correct guessing the flavors. Which I guess says something about both the colors they used to communicate and how they tasted? But aside from the pie I don’t think I would have identified any of them as the flavor they were stated to be...
... I mean I would say the red one was vaguely berry-y and the carrot one some strange ginger badness. But the pie I think I would be like, these flavors are seasonal, and pie is something you sometimes make into candy flavors, so pumpkin/sweet potato pie would be a decent guess.
One was forgettable and not specific at all - green bean. One tasted a little weird - stuffing. Which brings us to...
Turkey. Why the hell did you do this to us @BrachsCandy? It wasn’t yummy. It wasn’t even kinda fun? That one was just not ok. Why did you think turkey flavor would make a good candy anyway!?
Thanks for following along friends. Looking forward to your reviews!

• • •

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