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16 Sep, 26 tweets, 8 min read
I expect this Trump ABC town hall to be bonkers because he’s completely incapable of discussing policy but he rarely talks in forums where people are able to press him
STEPHANOPOULOS: You said we're doing better in mortality than other countries. We're not. Here's a chart

TRUMP: The excess mortality rate is among the best [this isn't true]

S: The US has 4% of the population and more than 20% of the deaths

T: Well, we do much more testing
Here's Trump claiming he didn't publicly downplay the coronavirus when he's literally on tape downplaying the coronavirus
"They said at the Democrat Convention they're gonna do a national [mask] mandate. They never did it." -- someone might want to inform Trump who the president is

He then tries to both-sides mask wearing, saying "a lot of people think that masks are not good."
Q: Why did you downplay coronavirus?

TRUMP: I didn't downplay it. I up-played it

Q: Did you not admit to it yourself?

TRUMP: With China, I put a ban on
Reminded that nearly 200,000 people have died from coronavirus, Trump claims he has no regrets about his response
"It's going to disappear" -- Trump is still absurdly insisting that the coronavirus will disappear on its own
TRUMP: It is going away

STEPHANOPOULOS: Without a vaccine?

TRUMP: Sure. Over a period of time

S: And many deaths

TRUMP: It's gonna be herd developed
"You'll have people choke" -- Trump on police violence
Presenting with a statistics indicating that Black people are far more likely than Whites to be victims of police violence, Trump quickly changes the topic to polling indicating Black people support having more cops in their communities (He refuses to acknowledge systemic racism)
Asked by a Black man to explain when America has every been great for Black people, Trump immediately changes the topic to his polling
"I hope there's not a race problem" -- Trump on systemic racism
Trump is out here totally making stuff up. He had just been impeached before Covid. Democrats were not calling him and saying "hey, it's starting to work, let's get together."
TRUMP: If you look under Obama and Biden, the income inequality was phenomenal

STEPHANOPOULOS:: It's getting worse now

TRUMP: Well, we're talking about a plague coming in
This ABC town hall is a disaster for Trump because he's unable to discuss policy, his record is objectively bad, and he's not on Fox & Friends. I'm surprised he'd agree to do this.
Trump tries to explain why he only views himself as president of red states and not all the states and it does not go well
Trump's health care platform is bullshitting about how he's already implemented a new health care plan when he's done nothing but actively work to take health care away from tens of millions of people
Trump is tweeting Fox News clips during his ABC town hall, if that gives you an indication of how it thinks it went
"George, stocks are owned by everybody" -- pressed on the fact that only half the jobs lost during the pandemic have come back, Trump quickly pivots to hyping the Dow
file this one under "things that never happened"
After Trump claims lawlessness is "a Democrat problem," Stephanopoulos reminds him that he promised to restore law and order during his 2016 campaign

"And I have. Except in Democrat-run cities," Trump replies
Here's Trump comparing American cities under his leadership to Berlin in 1945 during the fall of the Nazi regime
Trump says he's going to unveil a new immigration plan "in a very short time." Look for it in about two weeks!
Trump closes out the town hall by revealing he still hasn't figured out that the 1918 flu pandemic didn't happen in 1917. Stephanopoulos asks him if he could've done more to stop Covid.

"I don't think so," Trump replies, before taking one last shot at Democratic governors.
Trump's disastrous ABC town hall showed why he rarely strays from Fox News vox.com/2020/9/16/2143…

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23 Sep
This is certainly one way to describe it
"that means people are thinking good thoughts"
Q: Will you commit to a peaceful transfer of power after the election?

TRUMP: "We're gonna have to see what happens."
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23 Sep
Rand Paul suggests that countries like South Korea and Japan have done a better job with coronavirus not because of public health measures, but because people there are more resilient to coronaviruses.
"You misconstrued that, Senator. And you've done that repetitively in the past." -- Fauci is out of patience with Rand Paul
Sen. Kaine grills CDC Director Redfield on changes made to the CDC's website that scrubbed accurate information about how coronavirus is spread
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22 Sep
Imagine trying to contract trace in the likely event people at this event test positive for coronavirus Image
The Trump Superspreader Tour 2020 has come tonight to Moon Township, Pennsylvania. Follow for a video thread. Image
Trump begins by congratulating Pittsburgh on having an NFL team and saying nice things about Ben Roethlisberger
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22 Sep
Trump motions for a reporter to take her mask off before she asks him a question
Q: Why haven't you said anything about the US hitting 200,000 coronavirus deaths?

TRUMP: "Go ahead. Uhhhhh. Anybody else?"
Trump's message about the US hitting 200,000 coronavirus deaths is to try and pass blame to China
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22 Sep
.@Acosta: What do you say to Americans who blame this administration for 200,000 Covid deaths?

McENANY: The fact that we have come nowhere near 2 million deaths is a testament to this president taking immediate action
McEnany twists herself into a knot trying to defend Trump's lie that coronavirus "affects virtually nobody"
Q: Will the president recognize that 200,000 Americans have now died of Covid? Would he like to express remorse over it?

McENANY: The president throughout this pandemic has done just that
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22 Sep
Trump is using his UN speech to rail against China
"Blood in the sand" -- drink!
"Our weapons are at an advanced level like we've never had before. Like frankly we've never even thought of having before. And I only pray to God that we never have to use them." -- Aaron
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