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2) into further details about the 6 Battleground States poll that will be released by @EpochTimes Iowa and Ohio are done according to Richard. He thinks Ohio will have a bigger margin than Iowa. He thinks that all House Congressional seats in Iowa will belong to the Republicans.
3) The 250K Iron Range working males that didn’t vote in 2016 will be voting in this Election and the majority will be voting for PDJT. St. Louis county in MN that went to HRC by a margin of 14 will be flipped this year. Meaning 3 out of the 4 counties in the Northeast area of MN
4) will be flipped to Republican. Biden has to run up massive numbers in the Twin Cities. He has to hold PDJT to the mid to lower 20% there. If PDJT gets 30%+, you can kiss MN goodbye. The problem for Biden is that PDJT has made gains in Urban areas.

PA data has surprised
5) Richard. Especially given the fact that Republicans have gained so many more registered voters than Democrats since 2016. Yet the crossover margin is identical to 2016 for PDJT (12%-14%). Biden at this point is only getting 5% of Republicans. Richard thinks it might be 6%-7%
6) by the time he finishes polling the State. PDJT is getting 20% of the Black vote in PA. PDJT could flip Bucks County that went to HRC by 2%. Erie County and Luzernne May have higher margins for PDJT this year compared to 2016. PDJT is winning Independents by 5% but they are a
7) small % of the electorate.

Richard was surprised by the State of Michigan. He thought Biden would have a bigger lead. PDJT is winning Macombs County by a bigger margin than 2016. Biden needs to run up big numbers in Wayne County. Again PDJT’s has to be in the low 20% range.
8) PDJT is struggling in Wisconsin especially with the 30% of Independents. In 2016 it wasn’t until the last week before the election that late deciders broke for PDJT. That could happen again.

Richard has never seen a presidential candidate with such low enthusiasm like Biden.
9) Using his model where voters that are likely to vote are from 30% to 100%, Biden is up 1 in all 6 states. At 50%, PDJT is up 6 points. The problem for Biden is that his enthusiasm is so low that the 30%-49% likely voter won’t vote. That is why mail in ballots are so critical.
10) People are more likely to mail a ballot than to show up in person to vote.

My Point: Problem for Biden and the Democrats is that applications for mail in ballots went out to every voter. The voter has to request it. Unlike NV, CA,VT and the 5 states that have been voting by
11) mail, all ballots are sent out regardless if you didn’t request it.

Richard thinks Florida and NC will go to PDJT by bigger margins than 2016.

If PDJT wins PA and losses AZ, MN, MI, NH and WI, he will have 275 electoral votes. If he wins PA, MN and NH and loses AZ, MI & WI
12) he will have 289 electoral votes. Pennsylvania is everything for Biden. He needs a straight flush to win not PDJT!
13) ADDENDUM More problems for Biden in PA. These people aren’t voting for him!

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22 Sep
2) today. They discussed the SCOTUS candidates. Robert Barnes did a fantastic job explaining the difference between Amy Corey Barrett and Lagoa. He thinks Barbara Lagoa would be easily confirmed given the fact that 32 Democrats recently voted for her to be confirmed in the 11th
3) Circuit. He described a lot of baggage that ACB carries from her upbringing in the Deep South to some of her most recent rulings.

Democrats would love ACB to be chosen because of her religious beliefs. It would put Roe v. Wade at the forefront possibly alienating Karens that
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9 Sep
2) followed by Healthcare at 37% and Law and Order at 36%.

Of those that put Law and Order as their most important issue, our President had 74% of the vote to Biden’s 16% with 10% undecided.

He also was winning the Philadelphia suburbs with 52% of the vote. He said that if
3) that is the outcome, PDJT will win the State of Pennsylvania.

Republicans also narrowed the Democrat vote advantage of 14% in 2016 to 9% as of September (includes August registration data). He also was surprised that even with the registration shift to Republicans, PDJT is
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7 Sep
2) The Democrats and MSM unleashed a Monster they no longer can control. That Monster is only going to intensify as we get closer to the election.

SleepyCreepy Joe plans on making sure that Monster gets an opportunity to live in the suburbs.

PDJT has killed Obama’s plan and
3) has warned voters of what they can expect if Biden wins. Gun sales have been through the roof. Nearly 5 million first time buyers out of approximately 13.5 million guns sold since January 1st.

Karens are beginning to be concerned not only about their safety but also their
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5 Sep
2) poll in Florida. He said what he liked most about the poll was the fact that it had more candidates than a head to head matchup which really misrepresents reality. He said the President has made tremendous gains with Cubans, Mexicans, Venezuelans as well as Puerto Ricans in
3) the I-4 corridor. He thinks @realDonaldTrump will win Penalos which bodes well for @realannapaulina

He said that he absolutely sees 2 out of the 4 counties in the upper corner of Minnesota going red. Robert Barnes believes 3 out of the 4 counties will be red. Richard is
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4 Sep
1) @LarrySchweikart @CottoGottfried @Peoples_Pundit @unseen1_unseen @Barnes_Law @davidchapman141 @naturalrights23 @SHEPMJS @UlyssesSHoffman @LauraBaris @kn_texas @jaz2cox The unemployment rate being 8.4% is a disaster for the Democrats and MSM. The fact that we will get one more
2) Jobs Report before the election is a nightmare for them. More Blue states are being sued by restaurant owners as well as other businesses. NYC will have to open their restaurants within a few days because they don’t want to have to go to discovery in a lawsuit where their
3) internal emails will have to be shared. These Blue states also realize that there will not be any type of bailout coming. The state taxes from sales will be even more critical to raise funds to offset historic budget shortfalls.

The Coronavirus is killing their narrative as
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4 Sep
1) @davidchapman141 @unseen1_unseen @UlyssesSHoffman @naturalrights23 @CottoGottfried @SHEPMJS @LarrySchweikart @Barnes_Law @jaz2cox @Peoples_Pundit @LauraBaris Richard and Laura had a great show yesterday. The Big Data Poll that has SleepyCreepy Joe up 4 points nationally had
2) PDJT getting 12% of the Black vote and 32% of the Hispanic vote. The enthusiasm gap was big between them. He said that the poll showed about 11% are still undecided. He thinks the real number is about 8%. Biden got 6% of Republicans with another 6% undecided.

If the race
3) comes down to the economy and Law and Order our President will win. If it is about the Coronavirus Biden will win. He thinks the Coronavirus being a voters number 1 concern is going to drop with each passing day. If a vaccine is announced at the end of September, early
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