Buffy is wearing a brown velvet neck scarf with a velvet spaghetti strapped tank top, plus a multi-ringed silver bracelet that I covet.
“I knew you’d like it. I found it in a quaint little shopgirl.”
“Oz has his cool hair today. I think I’m a groupie!”
Now Buffy is wearing a freaking adorable baby blue tank top with a yellow duckie and the words “hug me.” SLAYER OF TANK TOPS.
Ominous flower delivery a la The Real World: London.
“You know what’s a good day to break up with somebody? ANY day except Valentine’s Day. Were you running low on dramatic irony??”
It’s interesting that Xander is the first of the Scoobs to resort to the supernatural for revenge.
Buffy’s teeny-tiny leopard print mini versus Cordy’s preppie corporate conservative pinstripe look.
Aw, that high neck is because Cordy was secretly wearing Xander’s necklace.
Ooh Lordy the deeply uncomfortable moment when Buffy begins flirting with Xander. “Funny how you can see someone every day and not really see them...”
“I want you Xander. To be my first.”
“Baseball. Please tell me you’re talking baseball.”
This episode is such an interesting mix of darkness—first roofie magic—and hilarity. Such great shots of the Xander-besotted randos.
Jenny Calendar: “Have you been working out?”
“Oh no, I’m twice the fool needed to do something like this.”
The Pack and Bewitched Bothered make for a very interesting pairing for Buffy/Xander scholars.
“Be quiet. We have to catch the Buffy Rat.”
Giles is pretty frickin nervy getting so mad at Xander, given his history, but maybe that’s the point.
They work the escalation to Joyce beautifully. My kids are squeaking in horror. “And keep your mom-age mitts off my boyfriend. Former!”
Haha oy now Dru. “Your face is a poem. I can read it.” “It doesn’t say ‘spare me,’ by any chance?”
Genuinely romantic earned Xander/Cordy moments in this ep.
The Lunch Lady is one of the Xander-obsessed. Earshot foreshadowing.
“I remember coming on to you. I remember undressing. And then a sudden need for cheese.”
“I’ll date whoever I want to date! No matter how lame he is.”
BEWITCHED, BOTHERED & BEWILDERED: Another perfect episode! Uses *every* cast member, puts them all through the wringer, hilariously yet meaningfully, Rat Foreshadowing, plus Angel gets kicked in the balls.
I tweeted so much during that episode and I still missed so many good lines. It’s a real corker.

• • •

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11 Sep
“This cheerleading trophy. It’s like it’s eyes follow you wherever they go. I like it!”
“What’s his number? Oh yeah, 1-800-I’MDATINGASKANKYHO.”
My favorite special effect: the werewolf costume, aka Aunt Ida’s motheaten raccoon coat.
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5 Jul
I keep thinking about how both Hamilton & Mrs. America offer a uniquely effective artistic model for political art. Take a lesser-known figure who is the linchpin of a revolutionary structural dispute—
Could be a villain, like Phyllis, or a flawed hero, like Hamilton... then exploit that odd premise to pivot out to a broader, richer ensemble portrait of real-life figures debating their way through the crisis. If you do it well, you skirt the cheesy glowing-biopic cliches...
But also, avoid the pedantry of a preachy manifesto, while still dramatizing the grandest ideals & conflict of the period, and if you do it well, it illuminates the structural moment that made change hard to achieve, instead of just A Person.
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20 Mar
You can hear how much Trump is dying to make exaggerated claims for this drug but was told not to. Fauci breaks in to clarify there was never a clinical trial for malaria.
Reporter: "Is it possible that your desire to put a positive spin on things is giving Americans a false sense of hope." T: "(Sarcastically) What a lovely question... It's just a feeling, just a feeling, [I'm a] smart guy." This is such a horrible situation.
"What do you say to Americans who are scared." "That you're a very nasty reporter!" He goes into a rant, how media is negative, how they should get back to reporting instead of sensationalism. "I've been right a lot. Let's see what happens. You should be ashamed of yourself."
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30 May 19
Calling Friends "homophobic" is short-sighted, silly & simplistic. It was a show co-created by a gay man, scoring laughs off a mid-90s cultural phenomenon: straight men freaking out about seeming gay—as a result of the increased visibility of out, comfortable gay men.
EVERY 90s white-boy sitcom had a plot like this. It was a cliché. It was a period full of weird, nervous jokes about masculinity—aimed at, & centered around, straight men. Gay men themselves were portrayed on the show as ordinary people, amused by these weird freakouts.
Meanwhile, showing Ross' ex & her wife getting married was viewed, legitimately, as a pro-gay breakthrough. The show's comic aim could veer off course (the Chandler's dad stuff always felt screwy) & some of it now feels hokey or sour, but it wasn't hostile to gay people: it was
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4 Feb 19
I called Ian Parker's excellent profile "delectable" earlier, but I also found it upsetting. I find stories about grifters both magnetic and nauseating. Lies make me dizzy, which is (a small but real) part of why the Trump era is so difficult.
This is such a big era for public shaming, a big era for brazen hoaxes, too. It's part of why I loved Can You Ever Forgive Me? so much: I love any art that helps me understand a liar without letting them off the hook.
The story also reminded me of JT Leroy, of course. I edited Stephen Beachy's expose on that for NYMag & it drives me crazy when people glamourize what Laura Albert did as some subversive prank. It's easy to fool people who trust you—that's not some brave act, it's cruel and easy.
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2 Oct 18
Watching Rebecca Traister talk at the NYPL about the women’s march—the largest one-day protest in US history—& how it was erased & laughed at in media afterward.
She’s talking about how excruciating the experience of MeToo was last fall—& how painful rage can be as well as liberating.

Then doing a hilarious riff about how interviewees wd say “I was angry, but now I’ve turned that into action!” and then 10 minutes later they’d be raging.
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