@jdtabish @ciranews The Australian proposal isn't really a link tax. It is a "code of conduct" to govern the terms of trade--how news orgs material is pckgd, distributed, given prominence (or not), ctrl of audience data & distribution of $--under the realistic premise that the "vampire squids" 1/X
@jdtabish @ciranews dominant market power (ad$). It's also deeply flawed: the data used to make the case is selective, the AUS public service bcaster isn't included, it'll drive more audience data collection+give mediacos a bigger slice of vampire squids audience data vs minimize data collection 2/x
@jdtabish @ciranews The ACCC's rpt & recos strays off into all sorts of things that would fall under ACMA (coms+media regulator): "malinformation", bestowing a "trusted news source" on "real" news orgs, big hammer content reg ala film & bcast style. We've seen this story b4 w/ strong versions 3/x
@jdtabish @ciranews Lastly, the ACCC's rpt & its recos are a "bastard child" porn out of a rightwing Conservative govt beholden to a deal w/ Murdoch (NewsCorp, Fox, centre of network propaganda system) that gave big Aussie mediacos looser media ownership rules in rtn for govt public inquiry into 4/
@jdtabish @ciranews "digital dominance", aka the vampire squids. The rpt & recos ignore that ad$ in AUS, like Canada, have fallen over last decade, AUS mediacos' own self-induced problems, etc. I have a journal paper coming out next month that deals w/ these pts & bigger Q of platform regulation.
@jdtabish @ciranews So, to go back to the top. This is not about a link tax. I don't know what @s_guilbeault has in mind exactly but calling the AUS proposals a link tax doesn't capture what's going on. Think more about conditions of use associated with Google AMP or FB Instant Articles.6/
@jdtabish @ciranews @s_guilbeault All of the weaknesses of the rpt & its recos that follow for the proposed code of conduct, to my mind, taint the results. That said, that the AUS govt--like any govt--can & should regulate the structure & conduct of the platforms, I think, is beyond reproach. The Q is 7/
@jdtabish @ciranews @s_guilbeault how to do so effectively and democratically.
@jdtabish @ciranews ahem, "born" not "porn".
@jdtabish @ciranews @s_guilbeault err, and one more point: the elephant in the room is that Google owns its own digital ad exchange & the currency that the buying & selling of digital ads is based on (some of it around news content). FB doesn't have its own ad xchange like Google but it does ctrl 8/
@jdtabish @ciranews @s_guilbeault a great deal of the currency upon which the digital ad market works: audience data. The CoC is all about ownership & ctrl over these building blocks of the "digital economy" & right now a relatively small # of platform giants have dominant market power in many markets. 9/
@jdtabish @ciranews @s_guilbeault Thru this ctrl over the basic building blocks of digital adv$ & key tech elements (APIs, software dev kits, etc), some see the platformization of the Internet, i.e. remaking the Internet in the image of a few global internet giants. This is what's a stake, not just link tax 10/
@jdtabish @ciranews @s_guilbeault h/t on last tweet to @silvertje @gamespacenl. Last pt: a lot of this stuff gets dragged into moral panics & cultural industries protection racket, and that's what I think we see mostly in Canada. Need a better critique than "link tax" + "back off govt". fini!

• • •

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