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STEPHEN KALONG NINGKAN - The First Chief Minister of Sarawak and His Premature Termination

1. So, as I promised few weeks ago, on this Malaysia Day, I'm going to write about the late Kalong Ningkan and how Malaya subsequently assert it's influence
2. Stephen Kalong Ningkan (SKN) was among the founders of SNAP (Sarawak National Party) which initially an Iban-based party headquartered in Sri Aman/Betong areas.

Its "rival", Parti PESAKA (PBB) was founded by the Penghulus of Batang Rajang Iban.
3. Dulu2, Iban Saribas and Iban Batang Rajang were not in good relationship due to its ancient enmity (tribal wars). So, permusuhan lama dibawa sampai ke politik, tsk tsk tsk 😒😒.

It was said that PBB was mooted by Thomas Kana, SKN's old rival while they were working in Shell
4. So what had caused his termination? Now, I would summarise and present TWO most important points here;

a) SKN's Borneonisation Policy
- SKN was known with his "anti-Malaya" stance especially regarding state's autonomy rights in language and govt jobs that preferred Sarawakian
- At that time, Kuala Lumpur was very assertive and this heavy tendency for federal intervention into Sarawak politics to create a Malay nationalist polity through Malaysia (read: UMNO). In 1965, Abdul Rahman Ya'akub (3rd Sarawak CM) was even appointed as UMNO executive member🤭
b) Native Land Reform

- SKN proposed to Reform Native Lands, giving the Dayaks and Malays right to acquire full title to “Native Customary Land”, including the right to sell their land to whomever they wished, including to Chinese.

Until today, our NCR has yet to be recognised
- And these proposed reforms would give huge advantages to the Dayaks who would gain a large tracts of potentially valuable jungle lands.

Of course some people wouldn't like this idea, kan? 🤭

Who wants to see the Dayaks becoming rich.🤪🤪
- The land reforms were heavily opposed especially by BARJASA (under Abdul Rahman Ya'akub and Taib Mahmud 😏).

SKN even expelled BARJASA from Sarawak Alliance, however, after few rounds of negotiations, they were re-admitted into the Alliance.
5. SKN even sacked Taib Mahmud from his post as Minister of Communication and Works and accused him of trying to topple the government Next day, PESAKA and BARJASA ministers resigned voluntarily from the state cabinet.
6. On 16 June 1966, 21 out of 42 members of Council Negri sent a petition to the governor and declared a vote of confidence against SKN.

Hence, with the full support of Malaya and Tun Abang Haji Openg (governor), at TAR's demand, had requested SKN to resign but SKN refused...
...resign because the petition has not been supported by formal motion of no confidence in Council Negri and he was confident he still had the support of other members (21) of Council Negri.

BARJASA and Pesaka boycotted the assembly sessions and wanted the federal intervention.
7. So in the midst of all this chaos, the governor hastily appointed Penghulu Tawi Sli as the new CM and declared that SKN has ceased the CM office.

Following this, SKN filed a case in Kuching High Court and named the Governor as 1st defendant and Tawi Sli as 2nd defendant.
8. I don't want to delve into details on the Court case, but SKN did win on the first round and he was re-instate as CM for second time after Chief Justice of Borneo, gave verdict that only Council Negri has the power to appoint and dismiss a Chief minister.
9. So, after his reinstatement, SKN tried to dissolve the Council Negri and held an election so that he could get a fresh mandate from voters.

However, with the intervention of Malaya, TAR declared the state of emergency citing "chaos in the state". LMAO, Langkah TAR🤣🤣.
10. Hence, with "state of emergency", you couldn't held an election.

The governor commenced the Council Negri Meeting and vote of no-confidence was passed on Sept 23, 1966 and this has resulted in the removal of Ningkan from the chief minister office forever. 😏😏
11. With his second removal, of course SKN again, tried to return to his CM office and he even consulted legal advices from British government as he viewed that Sarawak constitutional amendment was illegal because there was no "chaos" or riots in the state at that time.
12. But then, the federal court argued that the word "emergency" has broad meaning and hence, constitutional crisis could be considered as one as well.

Well, I dunno about legal thingy, so...🤷🤷. Hence, SKN's appeal was dismissed.
13. And that's how tragic the life of the man named Kalong Ningkan. He was too ahead of his time, which many people viewed as "threat".

This is how ONE single family dynasty started to rule Sarawak for over 40 years after the ouster of SKN. 🤪🤪🤪
14. So, remember kids, remember this name and face. He was your FIRST Chief Minister of Sarawak, chosen by his people, who won a landslide victory in an election prior to 1963's Malaysia formation. But was ousted because his idea and progressive values threaten some people.
15. And Happy Malaysia Day!

Dum spiro spero!


• • •

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22 Sep
I dunno why Sarawakians especially millennials are uncomfortable talking about systemic problems in Sarawak.

Maybe because most of them are already "comfortable" with the idea that the state govt selling to them that we are a "harmonious state" with no racial issue.

No, we DO.
What kind of systemic problems we are facing?

1. How about discussing issues of imbalance racial intake in state govt jobs? Which race dominated our govt job?

Uncomfortable? Yes, very. But we NEED to address this issue. That's how you progress.
2. Why inland Dayaks are still being sidelined in terms of development and most developments are focusing on coastal areas?

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This is why my family especially my late grandpa is very against it if we are married into Muslim family, especially malay family.

Sbb benda mcm ni selalu jadi. My relative nak lawat parents dia meninggal pun tak kasi balik rumah panjang sebab takut bini termakan non-halal foods
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To those who say "duduk kuarters kerajaan selama 15tahun" is illogical, let me tell you, that's you who speak from a PRIVILEGED a-hole's point of view.

As someone whose family members many are LOW-LEVEL civil servants (with single-digit pangkat), kuarters kerajaan is a BLESSING.
These low-level civil servants are mostly earning between 800-1200 per month and these are the people that make up majority of kuarters kerajaan residents.

I can tell you, at least in Sarawak, most of them are saving money to build longhouses for their future retirement plan
I know personally some of them who are very happy not paying for rental because they have to save some money for their permanent house in kampung and at the same time, the main breadwinner of the family.

Living in a big city with expensive rentals, 1200/month is INSUFFICIENT.
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How Taib Mahmud distributed Sarawak lands to his family while the Dayaks are still WITHOUT any land title on their NCR lands and still fighting for it today.

(Source: YouTube Global Witness, during one of their undercover interviews). Watch the full video on their YT channel.
Nah...here is the link;
Look at these madafaka had the guts saying MY PEOPLE squatters on the lands 😡😠😡😡😡
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This is truly sad. Dulu bukan ke ada politisyen2 yang pergi Taiwan nak belajar pasal "pertanian"? LOL.

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*industri pertanian mereka (I hate autocorrect😤)
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