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16 Sep, 8 tweets, 3 min read
@ChunandRice YMMV (and even when it applies, it can come with its own unhealthy habits), but one experience that helped me feel vindicated after a long period offline was an "unhoard" video project where I edited together previously recorded runs and premiered them on Twitch. 1/
@ChunandRice As background info: I was already in the habit of recording everything for score/speed games in case I got any new personal bests. My schedule was also kind of wack at the time; I didn't want to stream at 1am, 2am, etc., but I could still record some runs to wind down. 2/
@ChunandRice (This is where the applicability probably varies; this made me feel better about offline play of score/speed games, but I don't know how well it would work for narrative games and other interactive experiences.) 3/
@ChunandRice I had an offline run that was set aside to be part of a video project someone else was organizing but unfortunately stalled out. When I got the go-ahead to release it separately, I decided to try to get some more interesting content to make it a solo project. 4/
@ChunandRice (This is the part where it got kind of unhealthy; I didn't know where exactly to call it a stopping point, so I sat on a lot of the content for a _long_ time after it was initially recorded. Having a better plan or deadline going in might help this strategy succeed.) 5/
@ChunandRice All trade-offs and considerations aside, my experience was that it worked well in this case; I felt I was able to play offline without feeling "off" about it, and then share it in some form on Twitch. 6/
@ChunandRice I recognize that its applicability may vary, and it's definitely a trade or a different kind of content production to go for the debut / watch-party route. Even in writing down this experience, I have to grapple with _my own_ lingering sense that it wasn't "the same" as live. 7/
@ChunandRice Maybe it could work as a supplement? It also still has similar "strings attached" that "games = content = work," but, still, sometimes having more strategies to reshape the mindset can be helpful (or at least an improvement in how one feels about these things).
8/8, i think

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1 Sep
@PuyoOfficial @SEGA In Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, please fix the Tetris preview layout in 3P/4P to read left-to-right! Puyo Puyo Tetris 1 has a backwards layout.
Left-to-right was the precedent established by Tetris Advance, Tetris DS, Tetris New Century, and Tetris: The Grand Master 3.
4 player Versus has some interesting potential such as Puyo+Tetris vs. Puyo+Tetris team battles, but this is hindered by the confusing non-standard layout. I've heard quite a few anecdotes of players avoiding 4P modes due to this issue.
I have found that the only way I can play 4P modes comfortably is to physically cover the extra previews with a piece of paper. Having the previews in reverse order is more of a disadvantage than not having them at all.
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22 Jan
@Popetherev28 Hi. Are you implying that Konami has exclusive rights to Bloody Roar? If so, are you going to show a primary source that runs counter to any of the above?
@Popetherev28 Can't reply to the correct tweet in the thread as it looks like I've been blocked. The citation on Wikipedia only indicates that Konami acquired Hudson, and does not mention Bloody Roar. If anyone has a source that establishes that Hudson had full rights to Bloody Roar, lmk.
@Popetherev28… references…, which only mentions Hudson, not the game.… differs, claiming Raizing developed the arcade game and Hudson handled the home release, which lines up with what I know but doesn't have citations here.
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22 Dec 19
@DHSayer The code disassembly and annotations are correct, but some of the takeaways are not quite on point. The table in… is more accurate conceptually, but I think last time I talked to colour_thief about it we found some slightly inaccuracy/miscalculation.
@DHSayer Certain pieces are more likely to appear after another due to a variety of factors. Ex: The re-roll step always being one LFSR shift after the first means that only certain bit patterns can be projected from it (previous value shifted down once, and either a 0/1 in the MSB).
@DHSayer So, it's possible to compute how likely it is to be in any previous state (LFSR states should be roughly equally likely, piece index counts are equally likely, next state can be projected forward directly from the set of all hypothetical previous states) and find the equilibrium.
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19 Sep 19
Man, not even Sega knows what Tetris they included on the Genesis Mini. The scoring table in the manual is for Mega Drive Tetris instead of the arcade version!
I can understand anachronistic use of branded language such as Tetrimino (with i), Matrix, Block Out, etc., and I'm not surprised to see the 1984 revisionist history claim in the intro paragraph, but you'd hope they would at least print the correct details about the game itself.… -- Here's the Japanese manual. The level of detail on text/diagrams from the original manual scan versus what they've rewritten/replaced here is pretty evident. The old scoring table was just mistakenly left alone.
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3 Jul 19
@six_forty_five I'll try to rundown the considerations for each game:

TGM1 has an operators menu setting for Versus or Dual play. Use Dual if you want races with separate seeds.

Use Versus if you want battles. Both P1+P2 Start must be held at the start of the match if you want to set No Item.
@six_forty_five 2+ and 3 are a bit tricky to run main mode races on one cab because of menus (other player gets Please Wait while one is selecting mode) — can't start at the exact same time which is awkward. They have shared seed race modes in Versus play, with some caveats.
@six_forty_five 2+ has something called "Cement Mode" which disables both Items and Attacks: both players hold B+C+Start before match iirc. (No Item Versus code is same as TGM1.)

3 has a more straightforward mode selection menu — Clear Rule is the race mode. (TGM3 doesn't have No Item Versus.)
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3 Jul 19
@six_forty_five Pier21 Kodaira (soon to be Retropia 22) ran a monthly tournament called The Masters. It's a handicap race, so in essence everyone is aiming to have the best delta relative to their PB. 1/
@six_forty_five A few side tournaments have been held at CTWC -- some Versus No Item (seeded by Master time attack), some time attack (no handicap, pools of 4, 2~3 heats with Grand Prix points system), etc.. 2/
@six_forty_five Some tournaments have been held at community meetups. I think the most complex format we've run was a two-phase event akin to some pinball tournaments: qualifiers are unlimited buy-in, play five main modes, times in each earn Grand Prix style points on separate leaderboards. 3/
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