Understand carefully. Ben Rhodes is not a fringe Leftist, but a Mainstream #Democrat. He played a key role in Obama's foreign policy and championed US intervention in Libya and Syria.

He is aggressively promoting the Hinduphobia of Rana Ayyub as an authentic account of India.
If #JoeBiden wins the #2020Election Ben Rhodes is virtually guaranteed to serve in his administration, pushing an interventionist foreign policy.

On whose side will he intervene? He is eating propaganda out of Rana Ayyub's hand just as Donald Rumsfeld ate out of Ahmed Chalabi's.
The very title of Ben Rhodes' podcast is "Missing America": alleging that under Trump, the world is Missing American intervention on the basis of "human rights", "freedom" & "democracy" that marked the road from Vietnam to Iraq to Libya. His other podcast is "Pod Save The World".
The Democratic Party, from Center to Left, has become overrun with lsIamists and lsIamist-sympathizers. If this clarion call to doesn't ring existential alarm bells for Hindu Americans, I don't know what will.
You may think I'm being ridiculous. After all, what US govt (so soon after Iraq and the 2008 financial crisis, still reeling from COVID19 and dealing with Afghanistan) would send cruise missiles, airstrikes, and ground troops against India?

But I'm not talking about that at all.
Here's what I'm referring to: bbc.com/future/article…
This is a type of 4th generation warfare pioneered by US strategist Gene Sharp. It has been employed in Egypt, Libya, Ukraine, the Former Yugoslavia, Georgia, Syria, Kyrgyzstan, Venezuela and Myanmar to name a few. Always with devastating consequences.

Look again at the summary of the Ben Rhodes- Rana Ayyub podcast. "...How Progressives Need To Movement Build".

Even with Trump in charge we saw Bhima Koregaon, AMU, JNU, Shaheen Bagh, Delhi Riots, & highly organized overground support for Kashmiri separatism & PFI/SDPI terrorism
Hindu Americans who are thinking of voting for #JoeBiden, understand the kind of vicious, regimented, lsIamist-driven assault that India WILL be subjected to under a Biden-Harris regime-- with Ben Rhodes & Ro Khanna calling the shots and Rana Ayyub as their key informant.
India: not just the Republic of India, but the 5500-year-old civilization to which you are the last surviving heirs, is at an extremely vulnerable juncture right now. Besieged by lsIamists within, China at the border, the ravages of COVID and the vast economic aftershocks to come
If you vote for #BidenHarris2020 , know that you may be part of what deals the crippling blow atop all this. Ordinarily, Modi's government would have stood up to any 2, 3, or even 4 threats at once. But a White House with the likes of Ben Rhodes in it may be too much right now.
So turn off your CNN for a minute. Exit your NY Times App, your Economist & Washington Post browser pages. Stop worrying what your nice suburban NPR-quoting white friends would think of your voting choices. It's none of their business, and in truth there is MUCH more at stake.
Spare a thought for your loved ones at home. For the one place in the world where you will always, no questions asked, be welcomed as if to your own home. For the kids you're raising here, who may someday need an ancestral homeland to feel justifiably proud of as Hindus.
This is one time in your lives you cannot afford to forget who you are. Who the world sees every time they look at you, regardless of what they tell you or want you to believe.

Yes, this IS the most important election of our lifetime. Do the right thing on November 3rd.

• • •

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15 Sep

For Hindu Americans, I expect Election 2020 to end up being the worst of both worlds.
I expect a 5-10% swing of Hindu votes to the Republicans but with the overwhelming majority of Indian Americans (at higher rates than other Asian American groups) continuing to support Biden.
This means: there will be a negative swing of Hindu votes that's NOT enough to actually impact the Democrats' electoral chances, but it WILL be enough to annoy them-- prompting them to flag Hindu assertiveness as a "problem to be addressed".
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@moorjani_priya @ArcimBoldique Garbage in, garbage out. The methodology used for characterizing South Asian genomes in Narasimhan's pamphlet was so warped (using Onge as a proxy for "AASI") it led to such distortions as this. A modern "Onge" of 2 admixed components almost identical to Neolithic GD Iranians!
@moorjani_priya @ArcimBoldique Dr Moorjani, you used to do good science once upon a time such as in the LD study where you published the original ANI-ASI hap analysis.
@moorjani_priya @ArcimBoldique In your haste to postdate ANI-ASI admixture to 3.5 kya horizon though, you appear to have evolved nothing more than an elaborate and expensive means to justify the confirmation bias of orientalists & Indologists.
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25 Aug
During #RNC2020 Trump highlighted Bryan Nerren, a Christian Pastor arrested in India for violating FEMA & smuggling in $40000 in cash. #Hindus for #Trump should remember that Republicans are as much in bed with Evangelical soul-vultures as Democrats with lsIamists. Link follows:
Nobody should imagine that the network of Christian Pastors or the money they bring in is any less dangerous to India than Jihadis. Southern Baptists fund terrorism in the Northeast, and collaborate with Naxal terrorists to murder Hindus in the Orissa-Chhattisgarh-Jharkhand belt.
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21 Aug
Every Indian-American must remember House Resolution 745.

Introduced by Pramila Jayapal to advance Pakistani interests in Kashmir & undermine India's territorial integrity.

68 Sponsors. 63 were #Democrats. Go here to see their names. And never forget.

Look at the list of sponsors. One of the representatives listed may be yours. ImageImageImageImage
Continued... ImageImageImage
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14 Aug
So it appears Trump (and, surprise, Jared Kushner!) have pulled quite the rabbit out of the Middle East hat. My thoughts on what this means for India: timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/middle-e…
The battle lines that have been vaguely etching themselves across West Asia for the last decade are solidifying. In one camp are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel, Egypt, and the US. In the other: China, Iran, Qatar, and Turkey. Russia plays balancer. Pakistan plays prostitute.
The contested zones are Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and of course Afghanistan.
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10 Apr
@SuhagAShukla @DrAmbardar @aseemrshukla @shambhav15 On Sham's podcast, Suhag & Aseem mentioned that lsIamist Bernie supporters were trying to compel Biden to echo Bernie's anti-India, Hinduphobic stance. Part of this effort is the mainstreaming of Hinduphobic narrative. /1
@theatlantic, like the @newyorker, reveals itself to be a key node in this mainstreaming. Hinduphobic articles of an increasingly rabid pitch, confined earlier to Fringe left publications like Jacobin, The Intercept & Current Affairs now appear regularly in its august pages /2
Cases in point:
1. Shrill denunciation of Modi & the CAA by Mira Kamdar during Delhi riots. So vile and over-the-top in its #Hinduphobia that even @TheAtlantic felt compelled to yank & replace it with an apparently balanced (though still poisonous) hit piece by Yasmeen Serhan /3
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