At least Dukakis in the tank wasn’t a racial microaggression
It really is astounding—you’ve got Trump barnstorming around the country, killing God knows how many ppl creating COVID clusters right and left, and this guy pandering like a lost jackass w no substance—when he sadly could have been storming the country through IDEAS PPL WANT
Of course I believe Bernie could have mopped the map with Trump, but you don’t have to have been in his camp to believe that Sanders screaming for Medicare For All during a pandemic (DUH) would have been a helluva lot better than whatever TF this is
I mean, is it possible to interpret the Democrats' pro-police, pro-war, pro-Wall Street, anti-universal healthcare, anti-rent relief stance towards Black & Latinx voters—while pandering like THIS—as anything other than utter contempt?
The sad sound of so few claps as Biden came in reminds me of Jeb "please clap" Bush. Incumbents usually win the WH. They've only lost twice in my lifetime (Carter in '80, Bush I in '92).

Just looking at their optics, how could listless Biden beat the hurricane that is Trump?
I mean, I appreciate Biden not creating COVID clusters. But that's why the IDEAS—of which he has no good ones—were so important. Coulda beat Trump w a different vision for a better world in the pandemic. Instead, the Dems have cynically blown it for empty centrism. Shame!
In my next life, immagonna write a poli sci dissertation called "Kinte Cloth and Despacito: How the Democrats Used Empty and Insulting Pandering During an Era of Unprecedented Support for Racial and Economic Justice in Order to Lose the Presidential Election of 2020"
Goodnight, Irene!
What country do people think this is where one candidate is screaming and frothing at the mouth and the other is talking quietly about nothing and the electorate is gonna go with the quiet one saying nothing? Does it sound like America to you, that it would go with the quiet one?
One of the things I’ve found most disappointing (in terms of tactics and substance) is that if Warren or Sanders were running, they’d be out here yelling—to nearly empty halls bc Covid—but yelling louder than Trump abt healthcare & economics which would excite ppl.
Biden and Harris be out here with the quiet centrist whimpering of pandering, with nothing to say to get anyone excited, and so they mumble their mealy message quietly and shamefully—as if they don’t know what they’re up against.

• • •

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22 Sep
I don’t understand why Democrats keep citing things that aren’t the rules. The GOP play by the rules & win—ruthlessly and viciously, but they win. The Democrats keep imagining they win in a game w different rules. They also fail to use the rules they could use to win.
There is no popular vote rule!

There is hypocrisy rule!

There is no Senators w more constituents should have more say rule!

The Dems COULD “go low” (govt shutdown, impeachment, whatever) to buy time.

They won’t use these rules & will settle for being losers & whine.
There is *no* hypocrisy rule!
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22 Sep
Watching the original STAR TREK pilot. Other than Spock, who the hell are all these people?!
OMG it's so wonderfully cheap (except the music, which is lush)
Jeffrey Hunter as Capt Pike...I just...I just...oh myyyyyyy
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22 Sep
COVID confession: I have fantasized about a return to lockdown. To end the ambiguity & the FOMO. To experience the shared sense of urgency, which felt more important than this listless slouching into ongoing death with no end. To engage the fantasy of an end to this virus!
Some of this is sadness. Some is nostalgia. Some is all the writing I’ve been doing for the book on this year, and feeling the scary but charged & special times (lockdown, BLM) protests slipping away, only to be relaxed by mundane things accepted death & confusion.
In a way, we are headed for another lockdown, at least those of us in the north. Winter. Especially as a single person I am mindful of how warm weather outdoor socializing is slipping away & it’ll be a lockdown of another kind, but one w/o the shared sense of urgency.
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18 Sep
It has happened to me.

I have become that person who is excited to teach close reading, Foucault, cultural studies and critical theory to journalism students.
Thinking about Monday's lecture on literal parasites, metaphorical parasites, and the film PARASITE (which is done and ready to go Monday already!), I'm stoke to share about the ways close reading can make for lively writing—especially in these times.
With so much interviewing happening over the phone & reporting on the sick or dying—and with so many experiences of life journos used to cover in person now being mediated—the ability to READ (social) media is so important.
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18 Sep
🍑 "The peach in Bong Joon-ho's PARASITE and Luca Guadagnino's CALL ME BY YOUR NAME is used to conjure distinct yet related symbols of infectious disease and menacing sexuality. In this essay I will..." ImageImage
Teaching PARASITE next week for the first time and it's a joy to use this movie to talk about so many things bc Image
I find the brief moments when it breaks into English so jarring—thinking about why they are dispatched when and how they are
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17 Sep
Thrilled to finally see @NicoleFleetwoo2’s long-awaited curated show #MARKINGTIME: ART IN THE AGE OF MASS INCARCERATION on the reopening day of MomA PS1. Image
Haunting pencil sketches by Mark Loughney (b. 1977), a “portrait series depicting mass incarceration from the site of captivity.” Hundreds of drawings on any paper he can get, making a “performance marking penal time.” Image
More by Loughney Image
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