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16 Sep, 19 tweets, 14 min read
LOLs - Walt you mean it wasn’t about his dog walkers or dry cleaning
Chairman having none of @SecPompeo bullpucky
infrastructure week is here👇🏻

“...detailing the Department’s efforts to hide information from Congress and the pubic in the OIG report on the 2019 emergency declaration used to push through more than $8 billion in arms sales..”
OMG explains why @SecPompeo rage
“illustrates attempts by Assistant Sec of State for Political-Military Affairs R. Clarke Cooper & Deputy Legal Adviser Joshua Dorosin press OIG to improperly redact broad swaths of the report based on vague potential executive privilege concerns”
The way @SecPompeo rage re @StateOIG now makes a hella sense
this is unbelievable
“..does not properly invoke a claim of privilege that would justifying the withholding of information that is otherwise appropriately release to the Congress and/or the public.”
@AlexandriaboyVA 👆🏻
3 months ago - proving Pompeo life to all of us
Cooper & Pompeo need to be taken to serious task
Cooper recommends that the OIG should “consider removing” the entire section on civilian casualties “from the unclassified report in order to allow that Report to be finalized, briefed to Congress, and released to the public.”
Say what you want about @RepEliotEngel but on this he did everything by the book and @StateDept and @SecPompeo should be ashamed of themselves
As a tax payer I’m disgusted by this conduct
Firing the @StateOIG is retaliation and impermissible…
These animals @realDonaldTrump and @SecPompeo deserve each other
They are both sociopaths
They are both professional charlatans
They both adore murderous dictators like KJU, Duarte Erdogan Putin & Assad
FTR there’s some really foul shit with the mercenaries too
Why I said “hydroxyclorique” this is the second half of the May 18, 2020 of @realDonaldTrump playing “I dunno you have to ask Mike about it...I just heard about it...I don’t know...”
Tell me he doesn’t appear drugged out of his ever loving mind
I’m D-O-N-E being nice @SecPompeo wife needs to be deposed
Pompeo is a traitor to our country
Pompeo needs to be tried in the ICC you gross war criminal
You certified to Congress but you let MbS-bone-saw drop our bombs on children
Resign traitor
You @SecPompeo are an abusive pos
You are also a disgusting war criminal
You belong in jail
You lied to Congress and let MbSBone Saw kill children

“August 9, 2018, the Saudi left, Saudi-led coalition blew up a school bus, killing more than 25 children and injuring scores more.”
You filthy corrupt & complicit lying piece of shit
Pompeo needs to be charged in the ICC for war crimes
Pompeo’s 2nd Bulatao should be indicted for lying & obstructing
Susan should be charged for stealing from the Govt
I’m done being polite
the @StateDept is complicit AF
You do understand I rarely use the word “traitor” because I don’t want it to be cheapened by casual use.
I am 100% okay with the @IntlCrimCourt charging @SecPompeo with WAR CRIMES
I am seething
I want perp walks
I want to see this traitor in handcuffs…
You @SecPompeo are Trump’s mitch & a carve out for Putin
Stop being abusive to your female staff - they are physical scared of you, at least 2 thought you were going to slap them. Screaming “fuck you & bitch” to your staff you get that’s gonna come out?…
You @SecPompeo fired Mr Linick because he was investigating you & your wife
“According to Mr. Linick’s testimony, his team began reaching out to the Office of the Secretary requesting documents in late 2019. Mr. Linick stated that, about the same time, he spoke to Mr. Bulatao”
a full accounting of your ego stroking “Madison Dinners”
How much $ did you waste?

“Committee has learned that there have been a large number of complaints to the OIG hotline about the way the @SecPompeo & Mrs. Pompeo misusing @StateDept resources for nonofficial matters”
LOLs special K Fund
“dinners are reportedly paid-for out of the State Dept’s so-called “K Fund,”..used for quote “confidential requirements in the conduct of foreign affairs as well as other authorized activities...”

Brian Bulatao should hire an attorney
I can not emphasize this enough @realDonaldTrump by way of @SecPompeo sold a man who used a bone saw to dismember a Wash Post Reporter (RIP Mr Khashoggi) thousands of “smart bombs” those were used to kill dozens of children = war crimes
“I saved MbS ass”…
I will acknowledge my comments are provocative- the point is several people on twitter told me I was wrong about Pompeo.
I’m American we do NOT bomb children, schools or hospitals. Nor do we let our “allies” do it with our weapons. This is not okay…

• • •

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17 Sep
Oh. My. Fig Newtons - is dis bad?
Duh of course it is
Federal officials stockpiled munitions, sought ‘heat ray’ device before clearing Lafayette Square, whistleblower says…
What’s NEW here is DeMarco’s whistleblower complaint was released
Want it?
Want it?
Say the magic word...
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15 Sep
I VERY much look forward to the IRS terminating @CatholicVote tax exempt status for ALL of @CatholicRelief @CCharitiesUSA @cnalive @USCCB
Right @Pontifex?
As a Catholic I’m sick of Leonard Leo & JCN perverting my religion
How much PPPLoans did you Pedophilia apologist get?
Bring it - I’m Catholic and what @CatholicVote is doing coupled with the “new App” very pro-Trump
Want me to show you how dirty & shady this organization is? co-founder Joshua Mercer on winning over Catholic voters in 2016…
You @CatholicVote can block me any time you want
nearly 99% of what I tweet is public info
And as a Catholic you represent nothing of my values
CHARLATANs & Super dirty👇🏻
Senate approves Michigan's Cella to be Fiji ambassador… via @detroitnews
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9 Sep
Let me get this straight - nope I can’t because I’m not looking to get suspended.
JFC at what point will the @HouseGOP @SenateGOP say enough?
I thought >191,125 dead Americans would be the tipping point - but now this👇🏻
Five occurrences
“A thorough investigation will establish that the actions taken or threatened to be taken against Mr. Murphy were done in reprisal for his protected disclosures. Therefore, we respectfully request that DHS OIG promptly institute the required investigation..”
The complaint states;
disclosures principally concerned actions taken by three RMOs:
-former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen
@DHS_Wolf & @HomelandKen both “unlawfully appointed”

March 1 2020 re @HomelandKen 1 of 3
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9 Sep
You piece of shit

“wanted to always play it down," Trump told Woodward on March 19, even as he had declared a national emergency over the virus days earlier. "I still like playing it down, because I don't want to create a panic."
And not a chance @realDonaldTrump can say “fake news” mitch you are on fucking tape.
I have never hated a president of the United States until @realDonaldTrump
He is a fucking sociopath and he & @jaredkushner should he charged with murder…
To those still defending @realDonaldTrump what the actual fuck is wrong with you?
To those enabling @realDonaldTrump what the fuck is wrong with you?
I have never genuinely hated someone this much & that includes my insane SWF stalker…
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7 Sep
In cities across America;

the right to peacefully protest is enshrined in our constitution to “ petition government for redress of grievance..”

This can be traced as far back in (common law) Bill of Rights 1689, the Petition of Right, and Magna Carta…
You might ask why go deep in to history:

the Petition of Right 1628👇🏻…

Magna Carta 1215👇🏻…
Simple - in America our Judicial System is largely based on Common Law and I thought you might benefit from a deeper understanding
If you understand the construct & legal framework, it can actually help you understand various lawsuits.
I do NOT know why this suit has received minimal national attention- it should
It IS just as important as Portland
What is happening in Detroit Is bad…
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6 Sep
Observe @moto_forlife coming to my TL with disinformation
-purportedly a #/Walkaway “survivor”
-purportedly married to a woman & “2 wonderful daughters”
-its online behavior
-fact suggest it’s a misogynistic douchenozzle
It mad an extraordinary mistake Image
The whole account archive
The account’s media archive
What you can observe is @moto_forlife “Steve” primarily only attacks women and it does so in the pettiest of ways - insulting a woman’s looks
There’s genuinely nothing onerous about it’s Hoaxy report beyond its network is surprisingly small
Hoaxy: How claims spread online… Image
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