Kirishima moves to America after UA. Bakugou isn't surprised when they lose touch.

However he surprised, and horrified, when he finds Kirishima a year later chained to a wall covered in tally marks and cum during a sex trafficking bust. Black roots showing and barely coherent.
The noise Bakugou makes when he realizes his best friend never left Japan and no one ever tried looking for him because they thought he was in another country becoming a hero 😔

Deku and Shoto have to hold him back to keep him from leveling the whole block
((Trying not to expand and start yet another thread that'll be unfinished forever but y'all tempt me so much lmao))
Aaa but Kirishima moving back in with his parents to recuperate, Bakugou being so paranoid about something happening to Kirishima and secretly blaming himself for what happened the first time. His anxiety getting so bad that he literally checks on Kirishima every 15min
His paranoia is fucking with Kirishima's healing process, especially when Bakugou shows up at his house at like 2am because Kirishima didn't text him back.

Bakugou's hero work gets affected, he's always on edge, constantly looking for people involved in Kirishima's case.
Bakugou is getting worse, can't sleep, his "check ins" progress from texts, to calls, to face times... Kirishima present live close but that doesn't stop Bakugou from taking the 5hr train ride to see him once a week.
Kirishima's parents get concerned, threaten to file a restraining order, but Kirishima is so dependent on Bakugou's constant attention, the overbearing security, that he actually moves in with Bakugou instead.
Moving back to the city where he was imprisoned and abused completely fucks them both up. It doesn't matter that they're so close to each other, the city itself is the danger.

Bakugou starts skipping shifts to stay home, or even /bringing/ Kirishima with him to work.
It's a million times more dangerous than staying home. Kirishima was conditioned not to use his quirk anymore, it takes a lot of mental energy to use it, but they're pretty much attached at the hip now.
Endeavor yells at Bakugou, Deku and Todoroki confront him. He is NOT an experienced hero, he's barely 20 years old. Mistakes can and will happen and Kirishima is too vulnerable.

He's given a choice, leave Kirishima home or be put on paid leave.
Bakugou takes it a step further and quits.
That's when Kirishima finally realizes somethings not right, but he doesn't know how to address it. He can see how stressed Bakugou is, worried about him, too scared to sleep half the time and constantly waking up and +
crawling into bed with him (an act that makes Kirishima's stomach turn). He doesn't think Bakugou would do anything to him, it's just a reflex now.

They're with each other 24/7, always have eyes on each other. It's unsustainable.
Bakugou is a man with needs, but he wouldn't dare go out for sex or invite anyone over. So he waits for Kirishima to fall asleep to go jerk off. He just sits outside the door, too paranoid to go any further away. It was inevitable that Kirishima would catch him.
A hundred different emotions flashed on Kirishima's face, so fast the redhead probably couldn't even process it. Bakugou hurried to tuck his erection away but Kirishima stopped him, sitting across from him in the hallway.

"K-keep going it's fine... But don't look at me"
Bakugou turned his face to look down the hallway and tried to keep going, but he was starting to get soft again and anytime he accidentally glanced at Kirishima, the redhead would look sick. It was uncomfortable.

"I can't..." Bakugou whispered, taking his hand off himself.
Kirishima looked... Hurt? Upset maybe...

"Why do you want me to...?"

"You should get to finish, I didn't mean to interrupt you."

"I-its fine"

"Maybe if I- would that help?"

Bakugou looked back and watch Kirishima pulling his hands down. He looked pale, and nervous.
"No, it's fine"

"You don't want me to?"

"Kirishima I don't want to force you-"

"You're not-"

"But you're uncomfortable"

"I just... I don't want you to touch me, but this is fine"
Bakugou wasn't certain, but he put his hand back in himself anyway, watching for Kirishima's reaction. The redhead was focused on his hands, looming as if he was ready to run if Bakugou so much as moved towards him.
"Would it be better if I couldn't touch you...?" Bakugou asked without thinking.

And that's how he found himself on Kirishima's bed, hands covered and secured behind his back, legs bent and tied together and eyes blindfolded, trying his best to not freak out.
Bakugou did not like being restrained. He didn't know why he even suggested it, but he kept counting the seconds with each breath he took because, for the first time since Kirishima was rescued, the redhead seemed... Secure and comfortable.
Right before Bakugou's eyes were covered he saw all the stress lines on Kirishima's face soften a tiny bit.

So he had to push through, he couldn't tap out now, even when Kirishima's hands on his thigh made him flinch jerk away so hard he nearly bit through his lip.
Bakugou could feel himself spiraling, the small explosions going off in his closed fists were useless and painful. There was nothing on his throat or mouth but he felt like he couldn't breath. There was too much and not enough all at once.

"Bakugou? Are you ok?"
"Im fine" Bakugou didn't recognize his own voice, it was shaky and too high pitched, cracking on the "i" in fine.


The blindfold was removed, and Bakugou squinted against the bright lights, vision blurred from unshed tears. The stress lines were back.
"I'm fine"

"You don't look fine"

"I agreed to do this. Keep going"

"If you're not comfortable-"

"Let me fucking do this for you!"
Kirishima flinched before gritting his teeth and began removing the restraints.

"What are you doing?! Stop it! It's fine!"

"It's not /fine/"

"You like it though! Keep going"
"I don't /like/ this!" Kirishima screamed, big fat tears rolling down his cheeks "I can't do it, not like this"

He buried his face in his hands, sobbing. Bakugou wriggled out of the rest of the ropes holding him and grabbed onto Kirishima's shoulders to try to comfort him.
The redhead jumped back as if he had been burned, falling off the edge of the bed.

"Don't touch me!"

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Bakugou gasped, reaching to help before catching himself and pulling his hand back.
"Damn it..." Kirishima hiccuped "I hate this. I hate feeling scared and broken"


"I hate feeling like I'm falling into this fucking pit and I'm dragging you down with me!"
"You're not-"

"Don't fucking lie! You worked for the number one hero and you QUIT! All we do is sit in the apartment, we don't even go out for groceries. What am I to you? Are we friends?"


"Am I your boyfriend? Am I like a child to you? I don't do anything for myself"

"We can't keep this up, Katsuki, I'm going insane!"
"I'm trying to protect you! I need to keep you safe! I fucked that up once, I won't let it happen again! How can I go back to being a hero when I can't even keep one fucking person safe?! No one heard from you for a YEAR, and I didn't even /check/" tears started to spill over
"I didn't fucking call. I assumed everything was ok. I was mad that you left right after we graduated, so I didn't even say goodbye to you. The last thing I said to you was 'fuck off shitty hair'" Bakugou put his head between his knees "I should've known some thing was wrong +
This is all my fault. I want to help make you better but I don't know what to do. I don't know what I'm doing"
Kirishima stared with wide eyes.

"Tell me what to do..." Bakugou whispered.

The redhead took a moment to process what Bakugou had said, listening to the soft hum of the air conditioner and occasional sniffle before standing up and walking back to the bed.
Kirishima leaning over and pulled Bakugou into a stiff hug.

"We need help" he mumbled, holding the blond tight "we really need help"
Kirishima accompanied Bakugou to the Endeavour hero agency so they could ask for his job back and if they could both use the company therapist. Bakugou got scolded for waiting so long to come back, but Endeavour handed him a check with 6 months if back pay.
"I never accepted your resignation" he snapped "you're still on paid leave. See the therapist on your way out, stop wasting my time"
The therapist asked to see them one at a time, but Bakugou was frozen right outside the door holding onto Kirishima's bicep so tightly his nails left marks on his skin.

"It'll only be 30 minutes" the redhead said softly.

"30 minutes is a long time"

"A lot could happen" he insisted.

"There's a view screen on the receptionist's computer" the therapist said with a kind smile "You won't be allow to see Kirishima's face or hear the audio, for his privacy, but you'll be able to see if anything happens"
Bakugou eyed the small, grey haired woman who looked like a slightly younger recovery girl, before letting go of Kirishima's arm and sitting next to the nervous receptionist.
It was the longest 30 minutes of Bakugou's life, he kept his arms crossed, leg bouncing as he focused on the grainy image of the back of Kirishima's head.

When the redhead came out of the room he had a forced smile and red rimmed eyes, but he was still there. And he was ok.
"Bakugou, it's your turn" the therapist said softly "Kirishima will wait out here for you"

When the blond tensed she put a hand on his arm "he's in the Endeavour hero agency, Bakugou. He was fine those last thirty minutes, what's thirty more?"
Reluctantly Bakugou nodded, glancing back at the redhead before he followed her through the door.
Healing is slow and nonlinear.
It takes about a month for Bakugou to be able to let Kirishima go for the full 2 hour session that the therapist wanted, and then after an incident where Bakugou lost sight of him at the grocery store, it took another month to work back up to 1 hour sessions.
But the therapy helps. Kirishima can easily use his quirk again after a few weeks, gets back into working out a little while after. Endeavor allows him to use the agency's gym where Bakugou can be sure he's safe.

After 6 months of sessions Bakugou is able to return to hero work.
Kirishima stays at the agency during Bakugou's shifts. Slowly but surely he starts to spend more time on his own, visiting his other friends or going out shopping.

Things gradually got better.

"Ah, Katsuki! Welcome home!" Kirishima smiled when Bakugou walked into their shared apartment, sweaty and worn out from a long day at work.

Bakugou smiled and set down the overflowing grocery bags he was carrying. Kirishima had spiked up his hair, roots freshly dyed red.
His muscles were back to where they were after high school, in full display under his loose, thin muscle tank top.

Kirishima didn't squirm under people's gaze anymore, but Bakugou was still careful not to stare.
"What did Fatgum say?" Bakugou asked while putting the groceries away.

"He said I can start Monday"

"So soon?"

"Are you ok with that?" Kirishima asked, pressibg his chest to Bakugou's back and wrapping his arms around his waist "I'll be 2 hours away"
"Yeah..." Bakugou responded, feeling his boyfriend smile against the side of neck "I know you'll be ok. We'll be ok"

-the end-

• • •

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17 Aug
Alpha commands are extremely addictive to omega and even to other alphas so it's illegal to use them excessively.

Alpha Bakugou uses them when he gets off, he's by himself so it's ok it won't hurt anyone. Except he doesn't realize Kirishima can hear him through the wall.
Bakugou masturbates regularly enough so Kirishima doesn't even realize some thing is off. He knows it's wrong to listen to his best bro through the wall, but it's not like he's trying to. The blond is just so loud and his voice sends shivers down Kirishima's spine.
It's when Kirishima is in the hospital after his fight with Rappa that he starts to feel sick, but he assumes it's a side effect of the medication he's on.
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