my bff was telling me what if proto!bkdk and bkdk meet bc one of them is sent to the other dimension by a quirk. AND i cant stop thnking about it now
another dimension Katsuki appears in UA but nobody notices because he just woke up & left his room where he was left to rest after the quirk incident. Katsuki wanders in the empty hallway& his face lights up when he sees familiar freckles.
"Oh, I guess you could help me, right?"
"...Kacchan?" The green haired blinks, looks at the hand over his shoulder and his soft smile, he immediately understands something is wrong with Kacchan.
"Hi." Katsuki waves with his free hand.

Izuku grabs his arm and leads him to report it to Aizawa ASAP
When they arrive to the teachers lounge side to side, Aizawa doesn't look impressed at all.
"Something is wrong with Kacchan!" Izuku announces loudly and makes the other teachers look at their direction. He blushes at the attention but recovers in a bit, clearing his throat.
"This is not Kacchan. I think it's the cause of a quirk!"
Aizawa looks at the blond, marvelling everywhere at the room with a goofy smile as he whispers to Izuku. "Wow, where are we? And that guy looks so tired-"
"I see." Aizawa stands up, sighs. "Let's go to see Recovery Girl."
The woman looks as perplexed too,& as she checks his state, the questions keep coming.
"What's your name? Year?"
"Hm? Gogo Katsuki. I'm a 2nd year at Aldera High."
"Your quirk?"
Katsuki raises his hand, Izuku's eyes widen from the corner he's sitting along Aizawa. Small sparkles.
"I can make explosions. Not too much though. So don't worry, ma'am "
Recovery girl nods -not really aknownledgin how weird that sounded- and takes her stethoscope. "Do you remember what happened to you before you fell asleep this morning?"
"Uhh... I was on my way to school
and a villain was causing ruckus in the middle of the city. I tried to follow my friend but I think i was knocked out? I don't remember much after that. Sorry."
"Alright. Do you know where you are right now? Day, year?"
"Uhh.. september, 2020. And..." he scratches his head. "Not
very sure where I am. But this is a school right?"
"Exactly. This is UA." The boy's eyes widen in a comical way.
"So I see he's all very healthy and alright," the woman continues, this time looking at Aizawa. "but there should be more tests conducted about his brain
. This could very well be an amnesia result, or there's a very narrow chance there's uh. Some kind of multiverse quirk involved."
At everything, Izuku was paling. Mutiverse? Amnesia? So this isn't Kacchan after all, he was right! But what does this imply? Is ... Kacchan gone?
Izuku doesn't speak the way back, after Recovery Girl instructed Katsuki to just accompany her for more tests and then he will be free until the results are in.
The last thing he heard was Recovery Girl telling Kacchan he won't be assisting to classes if he doesn't want and
the boy quietly replying "Really? Sweet."
Izuku frowns. This guy is *so* not kacchan.
What Izuku wasn't expecting is the way everybody surrounds him when he's back to the common room.
"Hey Midoriya! What happened to Bakugo-? Is he alright?"
"I saw you go."
"U looked gloomy"
He clears his throat so the rest of his classmates stop their talking over each other.
"Yes Kacchan is alright but uh, it's probably he's ... not himself?"
To this, the room goes silent. Then explodes again, "What!?"
Explaining its quite a mess, but even If Izuku got such few data, everybody quickly starts making theories.
"What if its another universe Bakugo-chan?" Tsuyu wonders as Mina tilts her head.
"Pft, how different can he be?"
"A-And how will Bakugo-kun be back?" Iida & Ochako blink
at each other, the bad feeling sinking finally as Izuku has felt it half hour ago. Could this be a temporal quirk, and in that case, Is Kacchan really alright wherever he is?
In the end, after 30 minutes of discussions back and forth, Izuku goes to sit at the couch alone,
wanting just a little break from their classmates. He plays with the phone in his hand, thinking if he should send a text or not, but before he can ponder anymore, there's a ruckus near the elevator.
Izuku looks at everybody surrounds Aizawa and... Kacchan. A very startled one.
He's trying to look at everybody as they talk but they're too fast and frantic. Aizawa raises his hand and activates his quirk. Everybody freezes up. "So I'm not going to say to not meddle, because I know you children aren't that way, but at least be considerate and speak to him
once at a time. Got it?"
Everybody nods. "YES!"
When Aizawa sighs and is ready to go back to the elevator, Kirishima, Ashido, Sero and Kaminari hover Katsuki.
"Dude, you good?" To the blond's confused expression, Kiri smiles. When Katsuki smiles back, they all fall silent.
"So... Do I know you,?"
"Oh no!" Ashido cries. "He's totally forgot us now!!"
"We are your friends." Sero interjects, amused. "In this universe at least."
Katsuki laughs. He laughs loud & sharp. "Oh man, I knew this wasn't my world."
"It isn't?" Kaminari says. "IM so confused"
"Then I guess, it's fair to re-introduce ourselves to Bakugo!" Kiri punches his own hand with a fist, and Katsuki blinks.
"Who's Bakugo, again?"
"So you do have another name? This is going to be confusing."
"My name is Gogo Katsuki. I guess it's fair I introduce myself too."
Izuku is onthe couch looking at the group but he isn't close enough to hear what theyre talking about. Not that he minds much, he's way too focused in Katsuki's smiles and expressions. He looks so upbeat, it kinda reminds him when they were children.

"So you're always with me?,
uh, I mean, with the Katsuki of this world?"
"Yes!" Kaminari nods. "We are super best friends dude."
"The best." Sero adds with a grin, & looks at Mina jump at the excitment of the whole thing.
Izuku looks at Mina talk with Katsuki, the blond nods & she starts petting his head
Izuku can't resist the laugh. They're really having the time of their life with Katsuki being so cheerful, if Kacchan knows this, they're goin to be so dead but now...

Suddenly, Katsuki is looking straight at him, probably because his laugh betrayed him.
Izuku would cower just because how not-intimidating that stare looks. And then, Katsuki is smiling and , wait, is he walking towards him now?
His friends don't seem to mind, waving back at him and starting to laugh between each other as Kacchan leaves.
He sits nonchalantly,
way too close to Izuku, legs spread and arms over the back of the couch. "Hello."
"Uh,Hi, Kacchan-- Um, how are you feeling?"
"I'm pretty cool." he tilts his head. "I mean aside everything else, I've heard interesting stuff from these guys." he points his finger to his classmates
Izuku can't help his curiousity. "What was it?"
"That we are freakin' training to be heroes." he giggles. (Katsuki actually can giggle??) and Izuku blinks, suddenly discoverin something new. "You... in your other...?"
"What? Ah, no really. I just go to a normal highschool."
His eyes widen. Kacchan is not a hero student? "B-But, with your quirk--" Izuku knows how amazing that quirk is, and he saw him use it back in the infirmary. Why wouldn't the Kacchan of another world be a hero in training too?
"My quirk? It's a volatile thing. I never had
much interest in training either. Well, I have been lately for a reason but I ain't got that much experience."
Then... Izuku realizes something. If he isn't a hero in training, he isn't a UA student, if he isn't a UA student then... "Why did you come to me for help?"
If Katsuki
didn't understand his train of thought, he doesn't show it. His eyes and smile soften once he says:

"Because you looked like my Yami."
"Y.....Yami? Who is...?" Izuku squirms under his look and the fondness of his voice.
"I can recognize those cute freckles and green eyes anywhere. Even with the green hair, when I saw you I knew you were Yamikumo."
"I-I'm not--" Izuku blushes. Did he just mention his freckles
"M-my name is Midoriya Izuku. S-So I'm not that person-"
"Oh? You're the same as me then. Midoriya Yamikumo is my..." he grins. "very, very best friend."
He's not sure why he's getting red, but he stares at his knees as he mutters. "Then I'm sorry but I'm not that person, Kacc-- Um, sorry. I should call you K-Katsuki-kun instead?"
"What? Psh, no. Yami calls me that since I have memory. Would be weird if it's any different."
"O-Oh. Alright then." Izuku should actually argue more about this, since he's not who Katsuki thinks he is, but he can't do it anymore with Katsuki's staring. "What?"
"Do you dye your hair green?"
He frowns. "...No."
"Ah. My bad then. Sorry."
Izuku resists a grimace as he stands
up. "I will go to bed now. Good night."

Katsuki looks at the guy speedwalk to the elevator, and blinks. Kaminari and Sero are behind the couch and poke his face.
"Dude, what did you tell Midoriya? He looks kinda upset."
Katsuki pouts. "Nothing weird."

"That sounds like you
totally said something weird. Do you even know him, though?"
"Hmh." he nods, still looking at the elevator's closed door. "We are childhood friends."
There's a beat of silence, and Sero marvels;
"That's freakin' wild."
Apparently , since he's exempt from assisting classes, the first thing Katsuki does is acquaint himself with the commons room kitchen.
So when Izuku wakes up that morning, a bit late after not really being able to rest properly, he walks to the room with Ochako at his side.
"Morning! ...Is everything okay?" Ochako asks him first thing when they find each other.
Izuku fakes a yawn. "Just a bit sleepy."
"Ah..." Ochako looks at the side, probably thinking to say smth else, but she holds back. "Man, I'm super hungry! What are you getting?"
"I dont have
energy..." Izuku admits, "Probably cereal."
When theyre getting closer, they can hear the clink of plates and muffled voices . The kitchen seem to be very cheerful today and Ochako and Izuku look at each other upon noticing the fuss.
"Oi, Uraraka, Midoriya, moorning!"
Kaminari waves from his seat, his mouth half full. "Guess who made breakfast for everybody! Kacchan!"
They see Katsuki appear behind Kaminari, hitting his head with a spatula, frowning a bit. For a moment, Izuku's breath hitched, recognizing a familiar sight, but its broken when
Katsuki realizes they entered, specially Izuku, and he gives a goofy smile.
"Hey, sleepyheads. Had a good rest?"
Ochako blinks at him, and back to Izuku, whos probably not realizin he's sulking. "Oh yes! Morning G...Gogo-kun!"
Katsuki walks to them, still holding the spatula
high. "I made a lot for y'all, so better grab something before class, Uraraka."
"Ah--? Oh, yea! A-Alright- Thank you very much for making us food!" Ochako elbows Izuku and he snaps his head up. "Morning!" Izuku yells by reflex, and his face goes red. "Hello. Thanks for the food"
The two sit in front of each other in the table where Iida and Todoroki are already at, and Ochako is the first one to lean over and whisper. "Holy molly this is as weird as I find it?"
"Yeah. Bakugo... I mean, *he* asked me what was my favorite juice flavor and brought me this."
He raises his apple juice box and sips it. "Very good though."
"H-He has brought me grape juice as well." Iida comments and Ochako slaps his arm.
"That's not what I mean! He called me Uraraka. I know he's not supposed to be Bakugo, but when did he learn our names?"
"Ah. That
was me." Todoroki simply says. "He asked me this morning to tell him the name of everybody that joined the common room. And you two were the only ones left."
"My point still remains. Weird."
"Could be worse." Todoroki shakes his head. "Midoriya, you're very quiet."
"Yeah. Is
this as weird for you too,? Iida asks, choosing to follow the word Ochako picked. -"He doesn't seem to have any ill intent to anyone though. He just met us."
Izuku sighs. "Not me. He said he recognized me as his childhood friend, so..."
"Oh my god. That's kinda cute, though?
From another dimension and you're still friends--!"
"That's not..." He slumps on the table. "Even if Kacchan says--"
"What do I say?" The three jump at Katsuki appearing out of thin air, holding two plates. He's got a polite smile as he serves Ochako her plate. "I didn't know
if you had something as favorite, so I just asked the rest. Apparently most of you are good with eggs, rice and bacon, huh?"
"Oh! Yeah this looks delicious." She claps her hands. "Thank you for the meal!"
He seems to immediately soak the praise, and nods. "That's right~"
Then Katsuki is putting a plate in front of Izuku, whos avoiding looking at him.
His plate it's completely different from the rest of the table (and probably the whole room),
and he blinks at the food. He's got harumaki, sausages, tomatoes, rice and egg rolls that are cut in half, and sorted in a way they got a shape.

Izuku's mouth goes slack. Katsuki smiles and goes back to the kitchen.
It's Todoroki the first one to speak. "Cute thing you got there."
Izuku groans and covers his face. "Kill me now, please."

Class is uneventful, could maybe have been more interesting If Izuku were paying ANY attention during it, but he wasn't.
Kacchan's whole behaviour both made him curious and wary. It's weird seeing someone you've known all your life acting in such different way.
He looks at the
empty seat in front of him and frown. "I hope Kacchan is alright," he whispers to himself.

Izuku takes a bit more before coming back to the dorms, and he's walking back with Todoroki with the sunset behind them.
"Does it bother you?"
"About Bakugo. I mean..."
Izuku tries to smile. "I'm just a bit worried. We don't know how long this is gonna endure or if..." He doesn't really want to think about the implication of Kacchan not coming back. Of not graduating, becoming heroes together.
"I get it. I don't hate this guy, but he's not him."
Izuku nods, feeling a little understood, finally. "I don't want to make Kacc....Katsuki-kun life difficult though, he didn't ask to come to this world and all..."
The comfortable silence falls over them again as they reach the dorms. As always, it's lively inside and when
they notice they're all reunited in the couches, Ochako waves her hands towards her way. When they're on reach, Ochako whispers. "They're showing Gogo-kun their quirks. His reactions are kind of hilarious!"
As soon as she finishes saying, Sero calls the taller boy. "Todoroki!
Show this guy what can you do!"
"Oh right." Katsuki who's sitting crosslegged in one of the couches, leans over with extreme wonder. "Everybody was telling me about their quirks."
"Ah." Todoroki walks to the center of the cirlcle, and akwardly stands before deciding to just be
practical. He raises his hand and ice sprouts below him.
Uraraka was right, Katsuki's eyes go wide as saucers and his mouth agape. "Cool! Oh, I didn't mean the pun-"
All their classmates started laughing around, and Todoroki's cheeks flush a bit before he raises his other hand
and a small flame rests in his hand. Katsuki definitely wasn't expecting that, and he gasps really loud. "YOU GOT TWO?! REALLY?!"
Ashido and Kaminari laugh loudly near to him and Sero just cheers. "That's our boy! Todoroki's quirk is amazing, right?"
They all agree w cheers
"So, so. Who's your favorite quirk, Kacchan?" Izuku watches as Kaminari clings onto Katsuki's shoulder without a single complaint or glare. Opposite to that, Katsuki grins at him and hums.
"ahhhh... Sorry, man. But definitively Todoroki."
"Really!? He's admitting it!?"
"What?" Katsuki laughs. "Wasn't I supposed to say that? Sorry, I tend to take things literally."
"Nah that's fine man,"
Todoroki looks at Katsuki with an unreadable expression. "Uh. Thanks."

"Hm? But what about Midoriya-chan?" When Tsuyu mentions him, Izuku stiffens.
He doesn't really like being on the spot like that, specially with this Kacchan around.
He should have really gone to bed as soon as he got here.
There's a chorus of "Yeah!" and Ashido is getting closer to him, trying to push him to the middle.

Katsuki's voice interrupts all
of their words. He still has a small grin, but his voice is lower. Just like Kacchan, Izuku thinks and--

"Hey. Don't put Izuku in the spot like that. Even if he's quirkless, he's still super strong . Enough to be in UA.
SO don't mess up with him or I will get mad."
The silence gets so heavy and the exchanged looks grow frantic, Izuku's face grows red , but he isn't even sure if he feels humilliated or angry.
Why though? Because Katsuki just said a secret Kacchan has kept to himself for so long?
Ochako fiddles with her fingers, probably
thinking about speaking up first, but Izuku takes the chance in a hurry. "I'm not quirkless." he says it low but the silence is too much for him to not be heard by Katsuki.

When he sees the blond's mouth open and close without a word, Izuku wonders if maybe Katsuki's intentions
weren't bad. Maybe the Deku he knows in his world is quirkless, a loser, someone Katsuki Gogo despises...?
(He is my very best friend) are the words that echo in his mind.

Maybe Izuku isn't angry at Katsuki for who he is, but because he got what Izuku wished to have.
"Oh. Sorry then, y-you, you can show me if you want?"
Everybody makes a grimace, and Izuku can't help the blank expression.

"No, thanks." he hisses. "I'm going to bed."
His ears are burning as he makes his way to the elevator, but decides against it and goes to the staircase. Yes. He needs a run and some breath. He wishes he could go outside but his balcony will have to do.
"Wait! Izuku!" Katsuki's voice reach him as he realizes he's chasing
him, running to catch up. Izuku doesn't turn around, instead keeps going up. "wait, wait wait. Let's talk okay? Sorry about what I said. I- I thought, well--"
"I, told you I'm not that person..." Izuku's voice cracks a bit, and he hurries the last set of stairs to his room.
He has heard Katsuki said 'sorry' so many times in just two days. It's all making his head spin. If only his Kacchan was this honest.
His Kacchan...? Izuku's eyes fill with tears.

When Izuku opens his door, he almost manages to slam it in Katsuki's face, but he stops it with
his hands. "O-Okay, listen, can we--? Izuku"
"Dont call me that! It's weird!"
"What?" Katsuki's eyes widen. "Is it bad? Midoriya, then?"
Izuku knows he's not making sense but he sobs anyway while he's trying to hold the door. "No, nooo just... Go away--"
Katsuki seizes the
chance and gets inside, closes the door behind him. "Enough of this. We ARE talking, y'hear me? I can't stand being like this with you. You're the most important person to me in my world and--"
Izuku sniffles, confused. ",..what?"
Katsuki tilts his head, his eyes are so warm
, the same red Izuku always admired.
"I said it before, didn't I? Well, I kinda lied but. I do really love Yami. And if I could replace the Katsuki of this world, and even if you're not quite like Yami, I can love you anyways, right?"
Izuku takes a breath, he sits in the bed
and even if he doesn't say it Katsuki sits next to him, their knees touching. "You know that's weird. So you feel the same I do? About not being quite the person you've known for so long?"
"Well, of course I do. There are few things but, I just thought," Katsuki looks at the
posters around the room, a small smile blooming. "I just thought if you're the same in essence, in soul... Kind, hard workers, smart, determined... so damn stubborn." Izuku can't help to smile a bit at it.
"Then I can easily appreciate you as well, Izuku."
Izuku isn't sure when he turned sideways and let Katsuki cup his cheek, but it's warm and soft and he relishes in the touch, the tears running down wiped by his thumb. He sighs and when he opens his eyes Katsuki is right there, breathing the same air.
But their kiss doesn't feel weird. It feels as Katsuki is baring his soul to him as Izuku tries too. They both seem to be looking in each other for who's absent. However it's soft and sweet and Izuku knows this is only the beggining of the end.
"Kacchan," he whispers once they separate, looking at his eyes under a new light. "I want you to tell me about your world."
They lie next to each other in his bed, and Katsuki takes his hand, presses their foreheads together.

"'mkay. But you gotta tell me all about yours."
woo . The end???

if you liked it or want me to continue let me know ;) coffee gets me goin the most tbh
Also, what's Kacchan doing in Yami's world ?! 😯
[Thanks v much to @corporalskitten and Sitri's kofis, Let's continue this story 🥰]

Barely a minute pass by before Izuku hides his face in Katsuki's chest.
"Unnhh... that was my first kiss..."
A snort. "Really? Then the Katsuki
of this world is not only an asshole but dumb as well?"
"Wha— He's not an asshole! where did you get that?"
"Oh well, when you start seeing all his supposed classmates shocked that I told them "good morning" I presumed he's not the... people type."
Izuku hums. "He's just...
a little bit difficult to deal with, that's it." When he lifts his head to the lack of answer, only finds Katsuki's deadpanning.
"You're really head over heels for a guy, huh?"
"No!" He groans. "I mean, maybe? I literally never considered it before...?"
Before Izuku hides again,
a little bit difficult to deal with, that's it." When he lifts his head to the lack of answer, only finds Katsuki's deadpanning.
"You're really head over heels for a guy, huh?"
"No!" He groans. "I mean, maybe? I literally never considered it before...?"
Before Izuku hides again,
the blond brings him closer. "So is the situation between him and you that complicated? Or is it because he's an ass to everyone?"
Izuku bits his lips, pondering where to start. "So we are childhood friends,"
"and...We kind of had a fallout?" His cheeks redden. "Not
the way you're thinking..." Izuku knows it'd be difficult to explain without the whole story, and this is where his brain starts running about the implications. He can tell this Katsuki about not having a quirk, right? And about... OFA? What's the risk? Since he's from another
world after all, who would divulge this to? Wait— Izuku has to stop bfre he goes into an spiral.
"You still there?" Katsuki pets his hair, bringing him back "You really mutter a lot. Cute."
Even if embarrassed he frowns. "Why"
"Yami does it too. Well, sometimes I've caught him."
“So?” He encourages, and Izuku sighs.
“So, before I said I wasn’t quirkless. But I am. I mean, I was. I’m not anymore.”
“Okay, so by your face I’m guessing you’re debating about telling me why.”
“No it’s…” he sighs again. “It’s fine, Kacchan knows about it too.”
Before he can overthink about it again, Izuku starts talking, about their childhood, about his dream of becoming heroes, about his status as quirkless. About middle school. About the slime monster incident.
About All Might.
Izuku never thought about it before, but he really has been keeping the secret to himself since the slip with Kacchan. It has become a long story and probably a weight he never realized was so bad.
Somehow, it’s a relief.
To tell someone this when you trust that person, even if they’ve barely met. But Izuku can’t doubt Katsuki.
“T-That’s, that’s the hang of it. More or less.”
It is a bit easier to talk since he can hide his face, and Katsuki has been making small hums between his story, but certainly Izuku wants to hear what he thinks now.
“Alright, you’ve certainly accomplished what you promised. Even though I haven’t talked about my world yet… hah.” There’s a bit of quiet as Katsuki gather his thoughts, Izuku just presses closer to him. “The whole incident with … All Might, it’s kind of wild.”
The green haired can’t see his expression, but definitely hears the bitter tone to which he mentions the fallen Symbol of Peace’s name.
Izuku can’t help but question it. “Did something similar happened with All Might?”
“Ah. It’s…” Katsuki scratches his hair.
“I used to admire him but… Well. Yami loathes him, so I decided to let my fanaticism behind, you know? And before I noticed, years passed by and I don’t really looked up to him anymore-”
With every word, Izuku’s eyebrows go higher. His ‘other’ self, loathes All Might…?
“Why does he?”
“That… I don’t really know. He really never told me the reason. Just… Well, I know you said you both were attacked by the smile villain, but in my case I was the only victim.
All Might did save me, and I just remember seeing a glimpse of this guy before I collapsed. The next thing I remember, I’m awake in a hospital bed and Yami is sleeping next to the window.”
“The only thing I did was ask if he saw, and his eyes were bloodshot when he told me ‘I know, I saw it all.’ I never really dared to ask. Maybe I should have, but Yami keeps his secrets locked very tight. He’s always been that way.”

• • •

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