Three months ago the Minneapolis city council wanted to abolish the police department and start over, now they're complaining that the police aren't arresting enough people…
The Minneapolis city council president argued just a few months ago that calling police when someone busts into your home comes from a place of "privilege"…
Now the same city council president complains that police are not arresting enough people to control crime. Quite the turnaround, she put down the Robin DiAngelo and talked to her constituents maybe?

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18 Sep
About 1 out of 20 doctors are Indian American. 1% of Americans are Indian and 5% of doctors are Indian. According to Ibram Kendi, this is systemic racism in action.
You are either racist or anti-racist, and anti-racist is only achieved when everything in society is proportionate to population. Of course, you can't apply this to say, Americans and owning a certain percentage of global wealth. CRT is very parochial.
If you applied CRT memes to global wealth ownership, you'd need a massive transfer of wealth from almost all Americans -- white, black, and brown -- to people overseas in order to be proportionate.
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18 Sep
When I say that a conspiracy theory -- that it's common for police to just randomly engage in racial killings -- has gone mainstream and is repeated everywhere in established outlets, this is what I think it results in…
D.C. woman absolutely loses it because store calls police on two shoplifters, who are just reprimanded and banned from the store, nothing more, because she insists that calling police meant some kind of death sentence or something for them. Because she has no knowledge of police.
"People know what happens when police are called on Black folx"

Well other than the weird spelling of folks, what happens 99.9999% of the time is nothing. There are 75 million police interactions with people a year and 1,000 shootings, mostly of armed people.
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17 Sep
Critical Race Theory is toxic racial essentialism that makes racism worse, but I think whatever challenges it can't be libertarian in nature. You have to acknowledge there is real inequality of opportunity and tax cuts and markets don't fix ti all.
Right now CRT is promoted mostly by the most well-educated and wealthiest Americans but eventually it will trickle down to middle/working people and to the poor, who have plenty of legitimate demands about housing, policing, educational inequity, income, etc.
You need something better to sell people so they don't drink the Kool Aid.
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17 Sep
In response to the President of Princeton declaring the school to be racist, the Department of Education will investigate (educations that racially discriminate violate the 1964 Civil Rights Act)…
Is there any way we can get the entire Ivy League and other inequality-reproducing institutions to follow Princeton's noble example and declare themselves something that causes them to lose all federal funding?
This case is the first time a lot of America will examine the woke definition of racist (basically a spirit that inhabits all interactions between white and nonwhite people) and compare it to the one in the Civil Rights Act, advocated by King/Rustin.
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10 Sep
If you are mad at Killer Mike for meeting with the GOP governor of Georgia, wait until you find out what Stacey Abrams did with the GOP governor of Georgia.…
Killer Mike meets with all kinds of people (Dem and Republican) to offer input. Stacey Abrams works with the GOP to gut free college, reduce voting rights, and deregulate banking accountability laws. On Twitter, style tends to win out over substance.…
When I lived in Georgia I'd also meet with right-wing lawmakers -- to try and push them in a more progressive direction. Sometimes it works (criminal justice reform in Georgia was aggressively pushed by Nathan Deal). But just having meetings? Everyone does that.
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9 Sep
In order to defend this thesis, Kendi cites Derek Chauvin and Kyle Rittenhouse, both of whom were charged with murder? $10 million please.
I also think if you have Kendi's philosophy and you can justify any sweeping statement just by a statistical stereotype, you can't honestly include men in this thesis. Men have it worse than women in the CJ system at every level. It's not a privilege to be a man in prison.
It doesn't mean you just get away with crimes if you're white as Kendi suggests, but there is generally a little bit of a bias towards white folks in many aspects of criminal justice. However, there is also a lot of bias against men.…
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