Part 2
26)I am propelling My people I am propelling MY people I shall propel and compel them through the darkness, the chaos, the instability, they shall rise above, they shall ride above it, I shall open doors for them to usher in My spirit all the way to the doors of the White
27) House. The Joy of the Lord is your strength! The Word of the Lord is your source and your sword, USE IT MY CHILDREN USE IT!! For this will be a time in the midst of trouble of the miraculous for My children, promotion amongst demotion, yes the ones I call faithful are being
28)ushered into their God given positions that they have been in a preparation process for. There will be a major shift that happens right around Rosh Hashanah, hold on because we will be making a big turn says the Lord God Elohim. Hold onto your Father, for this is necessary.
29)There shall be events that occur with the elements that will confirm this and there shall be a major explosion. I the Lord have heard the cries of My people. I have heard the cries of the faithful in California and I the Lord am shifting the course of these fires, I am sending
30)My angels in to minister to the fire fighters. The fire shall shift, My Holy Fire shall shift it, however California will see a far greater shaking if they do not repent. This is not My desire however I the Lord have bore witness to the blasphemy and the sin bubbling over and
31)there must be a purging. I the Lord am purging I am going in a cleaning out the most offensive infections says the Lord. There shall be a purging of specific cities where the sin slithers through the streets as snakes and it saturates the atmosphere. I the Lord say My Spirit
32) is sweeping in and doing a serious cleaning and disinfecting, you shall see this play out. Watch San Francisco major events, they have opened up portals says the Lord and now I the Lord will begin to shut them. Watch the San Fernando Valley says the Lord.
33)Watch Tulsa Oklahoma a major event says the Lord. For I the Lord God Yahweh am arising, the king of Kings, I am arising and MY enemies shall be scattered! Repent! Turn from your wicked ways! Turn back to ME the Lord your God, SURRENDER before its too late for the clock is
34)ticking! The tick tock idol is going to be dethroned says the Lord. I have set before you this day, life and death and blessing and cursing CHOOSE LIFE CHOOSE JESUS< CHOOSE so that you and your nation may live says the Lord!! Postal workers have been replaced with destroyers
25)meant to infiltrate who are NOT postal workers, they are plants, paid plants, spies meant to taint and shred mail coming in, they were positioned months and months ago to switch mail, and to cause mail to disappear, this will be exposed says the Lord God this day evidence
36)will come forth says the Lord, arrests and removal. I am Your Lord Your King your strong tower your Creator, Your righteous Judge, Your Savior and the giver of Life. Cleve unto Me My children and I shall cleave unto you. Hold onto your Father in Heaven right now as events play
37) out and the picture comes into focus. Know I the Lord am in the midst and the enemy cannot overpower what I the Lord rule. HAVE FAITH ROOTED, UNMOVEABLE, UNSHAKEABLE FAITH RIGHT NOW, AND WATCH MY LIGHT BREAK FORTH AS THE DAWN AND DISSIPATE AND SEND THE DARKNESS FLEEING.
38)Be in expectation for long awaited answer to prayer shall break forth, the door shall suddenly open the answer shall suddenly come at My word. The enemy shall NOT stop it for I am sending My warring angels ahead and He shall not stop what I the Lord am doing in the lives of MY
39)people. They shall move into promise in the midst of chaos and shall be placed in positions that I the Lord ordained for them to bring Glory to My name for in this hour make no mistake My children I SHALL AND WILL BE GLORIFIED AND MY POWER WILL BREAK FORTH IN AN AWESOME WAY.
40)GET READY BE IN PRAYER BE WATCHMEN AND CALL ON THE NAME OF YESHUA. Thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts in the mighty name of Yeshua, Jesus Christ amen and amen.
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16 Sep
1) And the Sprit of the Lord says this day…
Behold I stand at the door and knock, if any man hear let Him open the door and I will come in and sup with Him, I will commune, I will pour out My Spirit says the Lord of Hosts this day.
2)There is a march says the Lord that is getting louder, for I the Lord God Yahweh am going before My people. I am marching before them and I the Lord am clearing the way and making a way where there seems to be no way. I the Lord God, the King of Kings, say as Rosh Hashanah
3)approaches I am going before My people into battle, My Spirit is rushing in, it is charging through the Darkness and splitting it in two. I am delivering My people says the Lord I am delivering My people says the Lord. Make a joyful noise! Blow the shofar! Shout Hallelujah
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New: 4620 [Infiltration] Only those who could[can] be controlled [via blackmail or like-beliefs] were installed in critical leadership across all political and non-political Control and Command Positions [CCP]. CCP [necessary] to ensure protective blanket [insurance].
Traitors everywhere. [D]leadership in joint ops w/China[CCP] in effect to regain power? It was never about the virus. Sequence of events. Flynn 1st strike designed to 1. cripple
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👇💥This! (Roskam-Hillary Clinton) BENGHAZI

Hearing 4 Senate Select Committee Oct. 2015:

Mr. Roskam. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Madam Secretary, the other side of the aisle has admonished the republicans for not having a theory. And let me tell you a little bit of a theory that
I've developed from my reading and research and listening today, and it's this: That you initiated a policy to put the United States into Libya as the Secretary of State and you overcame a number of obstacles within the
administration to advocate for military action, and you
were successful in doing that. Ultimately, the decision was the President's, as you acknowledge. But you were the prime mover. You were the one that was driving. You were even contemplating something called
the Clinton doctrine. And you were concerned about image,
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Part Two: A multi city terrorist attack will be attempted the enemy is attempting to bring terror upon the whole nation in an attempt to put puppets in leadership that will truly unravel the country, look at the cities my children where that leadership stands right now,
look at their condition, for when leadership opens up portals of hell you will see the manifestation in the natural. However My Children Psalm 91 speak it proclaim it, the Lord is your strength and your Song, I am your shield your Glory and the lifter of your head the Spirit of
the Lord is coming upon those mightily in this nation and I the Lord will compel them into the positions where truly they will speak and change will happen says the Lord of Hosts this day.
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PART 1: And the Spirit of the Lord says this day - My Children get your eyes off of circumstance, your eyes off of the physical state of events, and redirect your focus to me the Lord your God and to the Sword of the Spirit MY WORD. For I am the WORD. In the beginning was the
tWord and the Word was with God and the Word WAS GOD! The enemy in this hour wants nothing more than to silence you for truly death and life are in the power of the tongue. This is an hour where the people of God, My soldiers on earth MUST rise up and SPEAK MY WORD and saturate
the atmosphere of the United states of America and around the world. This is a time where evil is attempting to overshadow what I the Lord am doing in the United States, South America, and in Europe. Evil is attempting to tip the scales.
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25 Jun
Black Lives Matter: Does opposing the movement really render one a racist?
1) Setting aside feelings for a second, what do the facts tell us about police malfeasance in America? For one thing, it does not disproportionately affect the black community despite the widespread
2) public perception that it does. BLM's claim of racial disparity in police homicide is simply not one based in reality. A study conducted after Ferguson by Harvard academics found "no racial differences in either the raw data or when contextual factors are taken into account".
3) Whilst black Americans citizens are certainly disproportionately affected by violence, overwhelmingly from members of their own community, there is no data to prove they are greatest victims of interracial violence. The data categorically proves the opposite is in fact true.
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