#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Town Hall Trump Part 2: 1/ The first 40 min was dominated by Trump. He is asked about unemployment & #COVID. Trump does the “we’ll see” evasion & blames “Democrat run states,” goes off on tangent about crime—says “It is what it is.” Dementia.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Town Hall Trump Part 2: 2/ Trump asked about pre-existing conditions by an angry woman with chronic illness. Trump does “if you look at” & goes to “Obama & socialized medicine.” “We will have a health care plan.” George confronts him.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Town Hall Trump Part 2: 3/ Trump is confused & befuddled as George states facts about Trump’s promises of “health care plan in 2 weeks.” Trump is rattled, making no sense, babbling about his “great healthcare for less money.” Commercial time.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Town Hall Trump Part 2: 4/ Seems appropriate that the commercials are for constipation, insomnia, & used cars. This kind of crap will keep you up all night. And Trump is selling a lemon.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Town Hall Trump Part 2: 5/ Asked what he would do differently, Trump complains re fake news, brags he has done more blah blah space force, right to try, BS. He is scattered & does not respond to the question. “When you look at” & the plague.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Town Hall Trump Part 2: 6/ Trump continues to run clock with manic, agitated, tangential jabbering. George is sadly passive. Asked about soldiers, suckers/losers, he lies, denies. Repeats his BS, insults John McCain again, blames fake news.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Town Hall Trump Part 2: 7/ Confronted with criticism from Mattis, Kelly, Bolton, Trump is breathless, calls them liars, failures, bad guys. Wanders off onto Korea, more “look at” three times on one sentence. Trump is agitated, rambling badly.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Town Hall Trump Part 2: 8/ “I go to meet soldiers coming back, and they’re dead,” Trump says, going to “Sir” story, running over George again. Wanders off again. In this segment there wasn’t even a question. Commercial.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Town Hall Trump Part 2: 9/ We are 1:15 in & Trump has done what demented people do, dominating the time so his deficits (he thinks) can be covered & concealed. *Everything* he has said is recitation of his old tapes.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Town Hall Trump Part 2: 10/ Asked by a conservative about support of police, Trump does law & order Tim Scott line, “you look at” lines. Rapid speech, still sniffing & snorting: repeats “Democrat problem” line for 4th time. Slams Portland.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Town Hall Trump Part 2: 11/ Trump continues to loudly dominate George, yelling about CNN, “you saw that,” talks non-stop all the way to the next commercial break. 100% of his monologues tonight repeat his rally speech material. No dialogue.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Town Hall Trump Part 2: 12/ One might think that Trump is being strategic by loudly hogging the time, but this is what anxious demented people do to avoid dealing with issue or question at hand. Mattis, Kelly, & Bolton all wrote about this.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - Town Hall Trump Part 2: 13/ Trump is helped out as an emotional woman cries & says her mother died from #COVID. He is relieved visibly, but falls back on “We’re working on something, & it will be announced soon.” Rambles about “therapeutics.”

• • •

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23 Sep
#Presidementia 1/ Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Pandemic Super Spreader 9/22: Trump is walking onstage with many unmasked people close to him. Few masks down front, but most right behind him are masked.
#Presidementia 2/ Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Pandemic Super Spreader 9/22: Trump complains about churches being closed because Dems hate God. Playing his “you look at” old tapes. Tonight’s agitated, manic rant is a replay of the previous rallies. He’s amped up again.
#Presidementia 3/ Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Pandemic Super Spreader 9/22: Trump freestyles, replaying tall tales, yelling that when he gets mad he gets even. “I am a blocking force for the 2nd Amendment.” Refers to Dems as “my enemies.” Rambling re SCOTUS. #TrumpLiesAmericansDie
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22 Sep
1/5 The Republican Party sent me a vote by mail application. #Presidementia
2/5 In fact, the Republican Party sent me TWO applications to vote by mail. #Presidementia
3/5 The Republican Party sent me “an extra card if you know someone 65 or older.” My dog Shep is 68 in dog years. #Presidementia
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21 Sep
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings Dayton Dementia Super Spreader: 1/ Trump opens a non-campaign event with “Sleepy Joe” insults & untruths, mixing freestyle & reading text. Several “you take a look at what’s happening” old tapes. Says we’ve “turned a corner on the plague.”
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings Dayton Dementia Super Spreader: 2/ Trump repeats “Sir” story, replays 2016 election BS, fake news, SCOTUS, asks if anyone thinks he should “pick a man,” polls the crowd. Woman wins. He’s pretty jacked up for this early in the day, yelling.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings Dayton Dementia Super Spreader: 3/ Trashes Hunter Biden, terribly insulting & repeating the lies. Trashes fake news, says debate will happen. Tells a story about Hoffa & teamsters—curious tall tale re “saving 30,000 jobs.” (?!)
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21 Sep
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - 1/ Trump on Fox & Friends today sounds like he just woke up. Asked about SCOTUS he covers deficits with vague statements, “I have a friend who’d like to be on it.” Doocy spoons a list of qualifications, DJT says, “Well, you could say that.”
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - 2/ Trump says, “You pick judges, & you pick Supreme Court Justice’s too.” Trashes “shifty Schiff, veers to his old tape re Obama, we won election, rebuilt military.” Steve again tries to help him say something specific, Trump talks over him.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings - 3/ The striking aspect of these calls is how Trump speaks in vague, repetitious language, not saying anything. No specific comment on candidates, issues. “Elections have consequences,” said a half dozen times. Repeats tall tale.
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20 Sep
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings Carolina Chaos 1/ Trump tonight is tired, hoarse, but still yelling. He’s sticking to his teleprompter more than last night, freestyling “no oil, no guns, no God.” So far replaying old tapes. There are masks behind him.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings Carolina Chaos 2/ Trump fans out front have no masks. For some reason those near Trump have masks...hmm? So the super-spread will infect only Carolinians. He is retelling 2016 tall tales. Manic, over-amped again. Doing “Sir” stories.
#Presidementia #TrumpBrainDroppings Carolina Chaos 3/ Trump’s reading is rapid, pressured. He freestyles falsehoods about keeping the oil, bringing troops home (he is not), trashing NATO, blaming Obama, unhinged off script. #TrumpRally is replay of old material, mostly false.
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19 Sep
#Presidementia #TrumpRally #TrumpLiedPeopleDied - Minnesota Mayhem Madness - 1/ Trump opened saying that Biden plans “to flood Minnesota with refugees from Somalia,” & then it got worse. He is loud, reading his text about terrorists invading America.
#Presidementia #TrumpRally #TrumpLiedPeopleDied - Minnesota Mayhem Madness - 2/ Trump says, “I’m the difference, and I am the wall between the American dream & chaos.” His vulgar insults of Biden are in the written text. He is jacked up again tonight, was dull & blunted earlier.
#Presidementia #TrumpRally #TrumpLiedPeopleDied - Minnesota Mayhem Madness - 3/ I think I saw Trump walk in shaking hands with people in the no mask, no distance crowd. Anyone else see that? Trashes Ali Velshi for some reason. He is off script, yelling random BS/CS.
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