Defeat Disinfo ( is the heart of the RINO resistance, & part of the coup crew. Curtis Hougland, Stanley McChrystal, & David Eichenbaum, are the leadership of Defeat Disinfo. These people need to be exposed and their ashes pissed on.
Hougland, currently works on multiple large scale initiatives to censor & block conservative content & users on social media.
One of Hougland’s companies, Graphika, ( is also used by social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, & Google to detect & mass delete “deepfake” and “fake news” content, problem is they only delete the conservative accounts.
What you see unfolding before your eyes currently here in the US is verbatim from the US Army War College manual on psychological warfare, "the objective is to destroy the will & ability of the enemy to fight by depriving them of the support of allies & neutrals."
If you gig deeper into Defeat Disinfo, shows that their network of enablers & operators includes a large number of retired & currently serving high ranking US military personal. While retired personnel are free to do what they want, currently serving is an issue.
On Aug 11, 2020 DefenseOne published an open letter by two retired US Army lieutenant colonels, John Nagl and Paul Yingling to General Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Take a gander at the content…
These two retired light colonels sound like they are openly calling for a coup d’état in order to remove the president by force. Not surprisingly, these two are active members of McChrystal’s Defeat Disinfo initiative. But, these military linkages go even deeper.
Paul Yingling is a close friend of HR McMaster & was his deputy commander in Iraq. Everyone's familiar with McMaster’s little NSC minions, Vindman & Ciaramella, the Ukrainian cover story distractions from the real crimes in Ukraine.
7 days later on Aug 17, 2020, DefenseOne published a Thomas Crosbie piece: Six Scenarios for Military Intervention After January 2020, Crosbie provided a step-by-step playbook for the upcoming coup d’état.…
Look at Crosbie’s network contact and it shows the same Defeat Disinfo linkages at the two light colonals. Lots of of senior ‘retired military’ DNA & fingerprints in the 2020 election information warfare theater should raise a lot of questions. ADL, NIF, & J Street are active
Why is the Pentagon tolerating DARPA sponsored information warfare tools being used in the US for political targeting of the administration and the president?…
Why does the Pentagon and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff tolerate blatant violations of Article 88 in the UCMJ?…
You know @tedlieu is a currently active military officer. His twitter feed alone should bring his ass up on an Article 88.

Why are US non-profits like the ADL, J Street, and NIF allowed to engage in extreme partisan political activity?
ADL's Jonathan Greenblatt’s affiliation with left wing subversive organizations has a long history. While serving in the Obama WH, he worked with the leadership of Avaaz and other leading anti-American and anti-Israel groups like J Street and the NIF.
Greenblatt's Iranian wife is the founder and director of The Alliance for Rights of All Minorities (ARAM), another shady non-profit that is deeply involved in anti Israel agendas and political funding which is a no no when in comes to Non-profits.
Greenblatt wrote a foreign policy piece targeting Israel. In it, he argued that Israel was falsely claiming that the Palestinians were advocating for “ethnic cleansing” in Judea and Samaria which they do, not a false claim at all.…
All these players are involved in this Globalist Elites club that are trying to fiscally enslave non-members. Greenblatt’s ‘expert source’ for his claims was Stefanie Fox from the Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), a leading extremist left wing Jewish BDS organization.
JVP has a $3.2 M budget and a massive 200K member outreach program. In 2018, Greenblatt established the ADL Center for Technology and Society (CTS) and received a $1.75M payment from Pierre Omidyar the founder of eBay.…
CTS is an information warfare platform used for massive censorship, influence operations, & political targeting. The members of the CTS advisory board include disinformation specialists like Shawn Henry, president of Crowdstrike & Eli Pariser, the co-founder of Avaaz.
ADL pays lip service to being apolitical, but it exhibits clear extreme left-wing bias through every aspect of its organizational structure and function. For example, its "Belfer Fellows" program is staffed entirely with pure political appointees.
Naveed Jamali – MSM talking head who made a name for himself promoting the Trump Russian collusion narrative

Dr. Molly Crockett – Psychologist who promoted the theory that Trump was elected because 60 million people wanted to “punish others even at a personal cost to themselves”
Dr. Amy Zhang – An assistant professor at the University of Washington who promoted Antifa propaganda and called for “the white house to disavow white supremacy” constantly for three plus years, like it's playing in a damn loop in her damn head.
Hey @CharlesOrtel how does an American nonprofit NGO like Avaaz, which is actually HQ'd in London and Canada that is meddling in the internal affairs of a sovereign country how in the hell does that not raise a huge red flag?

This Globalist Elitist Group web is mind boggling.
A perfect example of how this maze of progressive organizations operates word-wide can be found in Raluca Ganea, one of Avaaz’s senior campaigner.
Ganea, in addition to her work with Avaaz, also operated in a number of other international extreme left-wing organizations like NIF, Shutafut-Sharaka where she worked as a senior media coordinator.

Look who's with Avaaz co founder Tom Perriello. former swamper of the left
Tom Perriello who had his 2008 election campaign endorsed and financed by J Street. Perriello just like Greenblatt, is a former a senior Obama official. He is now the executive director for U.S. programs at Soros’ Open Society Foundations.
Why was the left downplaying the ME Peace Treaty signing that was going on today, calling it a farce and accusing Bibi Netanyahu of giving a political gift to Trump, well what else were they going to do. They covered for the reckless crap Barry pulled in the region from day one.
In Barry's first year in 2009, during Operation Cast Lead, Avaaz ran a large media campaign entitled “Gaza: Stop the Bloodshed” calling for a ceasefire & re-opening of the borders & crossings and ending the blockade of Gaza. From the beginning Barry and Co were backing hezbollah
No reference was made to the thousands of Hamas rockets which terrorized Israeli civilians for years before the operation and no explanation given as to why a blockade was necessary to prevent the smuggling of arms to Gaza.…
In 2010, Avaaz firmly pinned its colors to the mast of the Turkish terror ship Mavi Marmara when it launched a petition calling for world leaders to:

“investigate the raid, end the blockade”, and describing the IHH/Muslim Brotherhood-organised flotilla as “humanitarian”.

Avaaz is a dangerous subversive of what the US actually stand for.…

• • •

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17 Sep
This should set off your tuning fork that the briefing in the SCIF yesterday has them scrambling for lifeboats. Here they left goes trying to project a lack of credibility into what Durham is about to deliver.
When you throw a rock in the bushes and you hear a yelp, that's the dog that was hit.

Your turn in the barrel dipshits
Gotta love those blatant Dem-biased articles used for circular references and hearsay rumors as their basis for "politics getting into the investigation". Bill Barr had every legal right to not allow Mueller's Report from ever seeing the light of day but he didn't.
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17 Sep
All these frantic MAGA's running around with their hair on fire over how things are proceeding, propagandized by the media with false deadlines of 60 days before an election, and lack of instant gratification requests not being granted.
You've got to ask yourself questions, why is @realDonaldTrump is not blowtorching Barr on Twitter for not indicting the swampers right now? Why is Barr not getting the surface of the sun heat that Sessions got?
The evidence is overwhelming and some of his strongest supporters are almost apoplectic about the injustice. Between Sessions complete failure to do his job, & Rosenstien/Mueller stalling prosecutorial progress when it came to the swamp, it's taken time.
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16 Sep
.@JoeBiden handlers are desperate to pander to hispanics down in Florida the have him play the Latino Hit "Despacito" Did they look at the translation 🤣🤣

I want to breathe your neck slowly
Let me tell you things in your ears
So that you remember when you're not with me
I want to undress you with kisses slowly
Sign the walls of your labyrinth
And make your whole body a manuscript
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15 Sep
Well Louisville be prepared to pay out from now on since you caved on this.

Perhaps Breonna Taylor was a victim of circumstances but her live in boyfriend shot at cops.

LMPD got a no knock warrant but the officers nonetheless knocked/identified before attempting entry
Gunfire was exchanged between Taylor's boyfriend Kenneth Walker and the officers through the door. Walker said that he believed that the officers were intruders. The LMPD officers fired over twenty shots.
Breonna Taylor was caught in a crossfire her boyfriend initiated.

The primary targets of the LMPD investigation were Jamarcus Glover and Adrian Walker, Kenneth Walker’s brother. Kenneth had a gun legally.
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15 Sep
Claudia Apolinar, who is being guarded by fellow members of the sheriff’s department while she and her partner – a 24-year-old deputy – continue to recover, worked as an aide in a Los Angeles Country library starting in 2011. In 2017, she applied to be a sheriff’s deputy
Shot through her lower jaw,
Apolinar, who is a 31-year-old mother to a 6-year-old boy, and her partner were ambushed Saturday night while sitting in their car at the MLK PLX in Compton. She managed to get out a 998 call and apply a tourniquet to her partner.
They were rushed to St Francis hospital in serious condition. Both are expected to recover fully.

If you’ve seen the video, after the shooting, the passenger door opens and Apolinar stumbles out, hand on her face, The driver-side door opens soon after.
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11 Sep
Well this political hack Gleeson has filed his brief and it's a doozy when it comes to political hackness.…
Right off the Bat:
Well John, to call this case normal where the prosecution has hidden Brady & Giglio materials, altered document, lost documents, failed to fulfill bench ordered document production, and frame a completely innocent man.

Your political bias and hackery is noted you douchebag
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