#WalkAway "Hi everyone. It’s my turn to introduce myself.
I’m 36, I’m a surgeon, I moved to Italy in 1999 after my parent’s divorce and I’m a proud American citizen.

I now live in a mostly socialist country (Italy) where things just don’t work. People are underpaid in all

sectors, “universal healthcare” is joke (like the wait time for an ultrasound is like 6 months), and taxes are sky high.

I voted when I could, it’s not so easy from here, and when I was younger I sometimes just “forgot”.

I always thought that the US was going to take care

of itself; after all, it’s the greatest country in the world, right?

In the past year I started following the “hot topics” of the liberals and Democrats and whatnots. The cancel culture, the late term abortions, the white privilege, and everything else. I have been

called a bigot, a racist and a Karen for speaking my opinion. I’ve read about university professors being fired for not using “correct pronouns”. I’ve watched, even if from far away, our cities be ruined and our history be disrespected.

And I realized that for once, America

needs my vote. Because one vote, my vote, might not make a difference, but look how many of us there are.

We’re going to make a difference this year.
Let’s make America great again." - I. 🇺🇸


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17 Sep
#WalkAway "I watched amused as Trump came down the golden escalator and told my disbelieving husband that very night, "Watch this, he's going to win." When Trump stood on the first debate stage and answered that he did not support Mandatory Vaccination, as it was currently

1/ Image
being imposed to enter public or private school in my home state of California, he solidified my vote!!! (And undying love!) While I don't like to think of myself as a one issue voter, the fact is, since I had children my desire for Medical Freedom has surpassed all

other political issues. After all, if we can't control what is injected into our bodies (and our babies!) what exactly is the point of freedom?!? Since that time I've watched Trump stand up to the formidable foe that is Big Pharma. He is the only one with the confidence

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15 Sep
#WalkAway "I am a #WalkAway

I was an avid Bernie supporter, perhaps even a Bernie fanatic for 5 years. I was devastated by the way he was treated by the DNC and how his nomination was stolen from HRC and then again by Biden of all people.

In 2016, I couldn’t bring myself

to cast a vote for either candidate. Trump was a joke and Hillary was incomprehensible. I ate up all the Trump-hating memes that my fellow Dems posted, and I was disgusted by him - how he was portrayed.

My boyfriend had always been a “conspiracy theorist” and so when he

would bring up anything outside of the MSM narrative, I’d just roll my eyes at him and beg him to not mention any of this ridiculousness anymore. He is a patient man.

Then Covid hit. After a week of feeling concerned about the threat, I began to see through the narrative.

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14 Sep
#WalkAway "Everyone has been messaging me “How can you vote for Trump, you hated him so much!”
They are shocked because I was a Hillary supporter, a very loud leftist & I even campaigned for democrats in my district in 2018. But I’ve finally had enough & I will tell you why.

I know for some reason everyone gets really mad about all the mean things the big bad orange man SAYS, but I’m more worried about what Democrats DO.

In New York, Gov. Cuomo forced Covid patients back into nursing homes & forced them to stay there, except for his own mother

who he relocated to keep her safe. 11,000 seniors died.

In Portland, Antifa camps are paid for by tax dollars and rest on City of Portland property. Their DA drops all riot charges and releases them no bail for 100 nights. Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler never once denounced

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14 Sep
#WalkAway "Hi everyone! My name is T. & I live in a small town in Wisconsin. I'm not necessarily a #WalkAway persay. I'm 25 and until Trump won in 2016 I didn't really care about politics and never voted because I thought both sides were corrupt & figured it was just 2 sides

1/ Image
of the same coin. I had conflicting ideals, pro 2A, pro gay, basically pro everyone doing what makes them happy as long as it wasn't hurting others or pushing their agendas in my face. I didn't want Hillary to win in 2016 as I knew she was vile, but I didn't bother to vote.

I did continuously say Trump would be a good idea because he's not a career politician and he's a businessman and that could definitely help our country. Immediately after the election there was so much hate on Trump and so many ridiculous things happening that my

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12 Sep
#WalkAway "I’ve always been pretty independent when it comes to politics, as I never really agreed with everything in both parties (women’s health being a prime example) I’ve never believed in being labeled one way or the other, with no room for my own personal views that

differ from others. However, as of recent I have a very hard time being open minded to the idea of welcoming in a president who hates America. I have a hard time welcoming in a president who labels those with conservative views as racist and privileged. I have a hard time

welcoming in a president who is ok with riots and looting, but discourages church services and weddings. I have a hard time welcoming a president who solely based his selection of running mate, on gender & color of skin. I have a hard time welcoming a president who’s mental

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11 Sep
#WalkAway "4 years ago I sobbed when Trump was elected. I have been a Democrat my entire life. Raised to think I was “woke,” accepting, & inclusive. I voted for “Killery,” and though it is no excuse, I didn’t know how to research back then. I used google alone. I most 1/
certainly thought I was voting for the “lesser of two evils.” All of my friends were liberal. I truly believed the media. I believed that anyone that voted for Trump was a racist, misogynistic, homophobic hateful individual and my other liberal friends encouraged me to part 2/
ways with Conservative friends following the 2016 election. I went so far left that I even refused to see certain clients and unfriended many social media followers because of their political views. I became so unwell due to fear of what “Trump would do to our country that I 3/
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