I live in a red state.


So I escape about 90% of the crap Democrat governors & mayors are right now inflicting on the people unfortunate enough to have voted them into office.

Forget everything you think you know about why you vote if you live in a blue state.
You've likely been taught that your vote is a VIRTUE SIGNAL, that you are TELLING PEOPLE things about yourself, how awesome and compassionate and caring you are by who you choose to vote for.

Democrats woo you by engaging in what I call "compassion psychobabble".

Your vote isn't about YOU.

Never has been.

It's about you handing POWER over yourself to OTHER PEOPLE.

Power to bless your life or UTTERLY RUIN IT.


Full stop.

End of story.
Democrats with **radical** beliefs get elected to powerful positions because they BABBLE to people & tickle their ears about how much they CARE ABOUT CHOO!

But after they have the job, and a crisis arrives, you'll see that "I care about choo!" mask drop.
That's when you get to see their REAL FACE.

And it is an ugly one.
No, they don't "care about choo!"

Not at all.

As people in NYC, Chicago, Portland, Seattle and elsewhere are belatedly having to discover THE HARD WAY.
It's a ***very*** bitter lesson blue state voters are having to learn.

If an ideological lunatic ends up running your city, there are **very real** consequences for that.

Now, I understand what happened here.

Very few people were voting or participating in the primaries.
Because so few people were engaged in the process, some truly radical and extremist people have managed to game the voting systems in these blue states and get elected to office.

Maybe you didn't realize how important it was who becomes your mayor or governor.
The thing is, you NOW understand how important it is to get involved. You can't sit on your ass and say "I don't get involved in politics, it doesn't really affect me all that much."


That's **exactly** what they want.
"Why bother to vote, the system is rigged anyway."

That's called "Loserthink". That's telling yourself you are POWERLESS and so you give yourself an excuse to stay passive.

Only **active** people can save themselves & change their situation.
You only have 2 options if you live in one of these blue states & cities where ideological lunatics in charge are keeping you locked down, defunding the police & letting rioters run amok.

You can leave or you can GET INVOLVED.

Sitting on your ass is not an option.

Pick one.
And I don't mean just voting in this upcoming election. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

Yeah OK, a whole bunch of people weren't paying attention or were tricked into voting lunatics into office. Now what?

It hurts to hear that Trump is not coming to save you and take away the governor or the mayor's authority and declare martial law.

He will only come in when he is ***INVITED IN***.

So these mayors & governors insist he stay away while they blame him for all of this.
And I know not everybody in these blue cities voted for these lunatic mayors.

But it is what it is. There's one one way to legally get rid of them and put somebody better into that office.

So if you're not moving? Work your ass off to find better candidates & support them.
It's hard message to hear but it's the truth. Nobody's coming to save these blue cities. The cities have to rise up and SAVE THEMSELVES.

Those of us in the red states can help, but the heavy lifting starts at home.


• • •

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25 Sep
The fact Sessions handled an insurgency inside the very same DOJ/FBI he was in charge of DIFFERENTLY FROM HOW YOU WOULD HAVE HANDLED IT does not mean he was 'useless'.

Putting people on notice: start talking about Durham on the job by April of 2017 or I'm gonna CALL YOU OUT.
It's **right there** in the Flynn filing from yesterday.

Stop pretending you didn't see it.

"Should I keep my interview with John D?"

"I'm going to continue postponing my interview with Durham." ImageImage
Durham was already investigating the **strategic leaking** going on inside the DOJ/FBI to target Trump, his family members and his associates by April of 2017.

His investigation of the LEAKS led him straight to the RussiaGate Hoax.

He started **long before** May of 2019.
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25 Sep
OK outsourcing this.

I need a longer clip to establish the context.

Along with the where, the when, to who.

OK verified it.

It's from 2016 and Biden is attempting a lame joke here.

Trump has said one day he'll tell us about everything the O'Biden admin. did to our military.

I'm looking forward to it.

Including making our service men & women listen to speeches where a bombing Biden said "C'mon man!" a zillion times.
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25 Sep

And I'll tell you why.

BECAUSE ALL THE USUAL SUSPECT POLITICAL ACTIVIST GROUPS are cut out of getting any of this $ and siphoning it off to themselves. Sharpton & the Gang & CRT grifters aren't getting 1 penny of it.

This money will go STRAIGHT TO THE BLACK COMMUNITIES in these cities.

Which means it won't be running through the usual federal /state/local channels which Democrats use to play middleman and take their exorbitant cuts of it.
Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, BLM, Critical Race Theory grifters all watching this sweet, sweet $500 billion just passing by them and they can't touch any of it:
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Despite the fact Twitter has been playing around with my account for over 2 years now, I will still cross the 250,000 mark sometime in the next few hours.

I appreciate the fact I am followed by a quarter of a million people and I will do my best to make it worth it. Image
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I don't even know why they bother with that.

I can pass the captcha and get the text message to my phone in less than 2 minutes.
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25 Sep
In a 302 only a month old, the DOJ continues to redact both @RealSLokhova and Stefan Halper’s names.

Guess what that means?

It means Halper’s story aboutLokhova and Flynn is still classified. They’re not ready to unredact the names even though we’ve known for two years now it’s Halper as the FBI source and Lokhova who was claimed to have left the event with Flynn.
That’s an issue still being investigated.

Remember, they insisted on redacting Pientka’s name for two years even though we knew it was him. They only stopped redacting Pientka’s name recently.
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I want to take just a moment and THANK Judge Sullivan for leaving the case open ALL THIS TIME so AG Barr & DOJ & US Attorney Jeff Jensen could hand over MORE EXCULPATORY DOCUMENTS to @SidneyPowell1 & @molmccann! 🥳🇺🇸👍


**This** is why the switch to a counterintel op & why they HID they did this switch.

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