I've been talking about cleansing my temple of parasites.

FINALLY, someone asked for pictures.

So, here they are, with a timeline.

I started taking fenbendazole; 3 days on, 4 days off, using the weight chart on the back of the bottle.

First round was in mid July, 2020-07-11 Sat (for three days).

Second round 2020-07-17 Fri, for 3 days.

2020-07-24 Fri late at night, started turpentine and sugar in 1:4 ratio, starting small, just 1/8 tsp of turpentine -- "pure gum spirits", not the paint thinner!

2020-07-25 Sat afternoon, third round of fenbendazole; for three days.

That Sat evening, had a full dose of 1 tsp of the turpentine, with 4 tsp sugar.

2020-07-28 Tue night, another turpentine second "full" dose.

2020-07-29 Wed night, third "full" dose of turpentine.

2020-07-30 Thu night, 4th full turpentine.

2020-07-31 Fri, started 4th fenbendazole, doubled the dose, for 3 days. Added D-Alpha Tocopherol Succinate Vitamin E powder, which I seem to have misplaced. Good to do this review!

Fri/Sat/Sun night, 5th/6th/7th full turpentine.

2020-08-03 Mon (&Tue/Thu/Fri) night, 8th (&9th/10th/11th) turpentine.

Also Fri night, started fifth fenbendazole.

2020-08-08 Sat night, had 2 tsp turpentine, i.e., doubled the dose. This was the first time I used my "advanced" protocol: start drinking sugar 10 min prior.

The idea being, the sugar gets them to "open their mouths" and the turpentine takes them apart.

Unfortunately, doubling the dose causing digestive discomfort, so I walked it back after this.

Continued like the above another week and a half.

Then it started getting weird.

2020-08-17 Mon, started having a very strong burning sensation when I urinated. Couple nights before, had had three "cans" of pineapple juice (6 oz each).

My wife said it could be a reaction to the pineapple.

Looked it up; the bromelains in it, said they could terminate

a pregnancy!

So, strong stuff; said "stay away from pineapple juice for a bit".

2020-08-18 Tue afternoon, realized that the marks I had seen in the bowl that morning hadn't been there before I peed, but since I close the toilet before I flush, I didn't see them "jump"

when the water moved. There were two.

Next urination, felt one (painfully!) come out towards the end, watched it hit the water, and then fall to the bottom of the bowl. Freaky!

Chose not to close the lid, and saw it "jump" (it was dead; was just water moving).

Discussed with my mother, who has had kidney stones.

She had peed those into a metal container, and they made "plink" noises when they hit; they were rocks, calcified.

So I decided to save one, not knowing what it was yet.

On the next urination, another one fell, and I fished it out and kept it in a plastic bag for a week or so -- saved as I didn't know exactly what it was, and might need to analyze.

Now that I'm looking back at the pictures, I'm pretty sure I had two "strains" of critters.

So, here's the first image. This one, I didn't save the critter.

It was the third time I saw something in the bowl; and, was the time I saw it fall, then sink to the bottom of the bowl.

Here's from the next time one was in a bowl; this one, I fished out with a spoon, and saved in a plastic bag:

At that point, I looked up images and found an example of ropeworms that seemed like the previous image:

The next day, 2020-08-19 Wed, I was sitting to go and felt a similar strong pain peeing. Nothing in the bowl, then realized it was "right there at the exit" so wiped my penis with toilet paper, and it came out.

So, this picture is of a parasite that didn't hit the water.

This is tiring. I have more pictures.

Treated a pinworm with Pyrantel Pamoate Oral Suspension successfully, which is a picture of poop, with a white thread in it.

And have some more, similar to the above. Once I realized what was coming out, I didn't need to save them.

Still taking pictures though.

Some more recent ones were smaller. Right now I'm fighting a large one, keeps blocking the stream, last one to come out was 3 days ago but it's still painful.

So, I have an answer to Frank Zappa's lyrical question.


I'm peeing every 20 minutes or so!

So which cure is working? I am pretty sure it's the turpentine that's cleaning these through my urinary tract.

But it very well could have been they had taken such a foothold that it took several treatments before any of them dislodged.

I definitely didn't feel any urination pain until after I had started the turpentine treatments.

But like I said, it could also have been a combination. Mileage may vary, and all that.

God bless. 🐸🔍🥲🙏🍿😀

P.S., for @idiot_salad who asked the Q, over here:

Also, from the timeline -- it took more than a month since the fenbendazole started; and, about three weeks since I started the turpentine treatments; before they first started being flushed out. 🙏
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God bless.

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