What a "Racism is a Public Health Crisis" in Education looks like. There are a ton of these, and we are working on cataloging as many as we can find. But they all are very similar.
@ConceptualJames @realchrisrufo
This district "believes its a moral imperative to overcome these inequities and injustices." This paragraph then finishes with this piece of work: "through prioritized and intentional efforts for racial equity and antiracism."
The Board solidifies its position that the reason for disparities in educational outcome is institutional racism, implicit bias, and prejudice. Because this is a "Moral Imperative," actions must be taken.
Those actions are developed to "promote racial equity and interrupt institutional racism." Basically, they want to open the door for giving more resources and educational aid based solely on race; not on academic need; and this is where things start to get sketchy.
Here is where the indoctrination begins. They want to adopt curriculum that "addresses the Eurocentric curricular and course offerings institutional bias." Code for "Decolonizing" the curriculum and materials.
Not to mention that the Board wants to implement programming for all students to "examine racial identity, white privilege, and institutional racism.
Another sketchy piece to this, and I see this in a lot of these documents; the hiring and retention of "diverse certificated, classified and administrative staff...reflects student racial and ethnic demographics." No wonder California wants to allow for discrimination.
The Board also wants to make sure the $$$$ is aligned for "racial equity priorities." This means that the school budgets need to reflect the allocation of funds to promote the new agenda.
At the end of the action items, we see what @AsraNomani has been fighting in VA. The analysis of AP/honors (and SPED) programs for a racial imbalance. Because the Board sees everything through a systemic racism lens, ANY inequities in programming must be addressed.
Many of these declarations by school districts tend to play out the same way. And what is concerning is how they are using this as an opportunity to give more resources and opportunities to students not based on simply academic need; but, are openly using race.

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Structural Racism is the "major barrier" to achieving equity
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