The Adverse Effects of Obama’s Executive Order 13583 and the Purge of 190+Generals and Admirals Are Now Obvious - There is now Insurrection and Coup Against POTUS…’s-eo-13583-and-fogo-purge-are-now-obvious/
The results from these actions are now crystal clear. Retired Obama-era flag and general officers (FOGO), in direct violation of Article 88 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, have publicly criticized President Trump and even called him a threat to US national security
Several may even be preparing for a military coup, as reported in a recent shocking video from Col Richard H. Black, JAG Corps, USA (retd), a former head of the Army’s Criminal Law Division
"It began to be clear last October that the Obama administration (with some help from Clinton’s presidency) had seeded the Pentagon with leftist generals whose allegiance was to the Deep State, to cultural leftism, and to the infamous and profitable “military industrial complex”
In only five years, Obama had conducted a major Pentagon purge, firing almost 200 senior officers who held the old-fashioned belief that the military exists to protect America and should not be a social justice institution with limited firepower.
The upper-level officers who remained were hardcore Democrats & Lefists. While still in the military, Admiral McRaven gave bin Laden a respectful, private burial

Once out of the military, he wrote an editorial for the NY Times, strongly suggesting a military coup against Trump.
"Barry McCaffrey, a Clinton White House officer, likened Trump to Mussolini because he canceled the White House’s newspaper subscriptions."
"And Obama’s Joint Chiefs Vice Chair, James Winnefeld, was deeply offended on behalf of ISIS terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi because Trump did the psychologically smart thing of telling al-Baghdadi’s followers that he died like a coward."
While these public statements by retired Obama FOGOs are unprecedented and reflect Obama’s successful politicization of the upper ranks of the military, perhaps even more disturbing are the effects of EO 13583
EO 13583 directed that all government employees and military get "diversity and inclusion" training, which, by 2020, included the implementation of Marxist critical race theory training in all federal agencies including the US military services.
Media targeted at military service personnel are replete with stories focused on critical race theory, racial injustice, and other issues aligned with that Executive Order.
Several recent articles about the implementation of Marxist critical race training are below:
These actions promote divisiveness and destroy good order and discipline in the ranks. And they push young servicemen and women into the waiting arms of Black Lives Matter and the “cancel culture.”
These Marxist teachings even penetrated West Point, as evidenced in this 2016 photo of Black Power, which the Army refused to discipline.
The US Naval Academy was also penetrated w/Marxist SJW teachings

After Trump banned critical race theory teachings in all federal & military institutions, VADM Sean Buck, the Superintendent of the Naval Academy, sent this internal email to staff on 9/9:
The entire email was about how to address the problem of "systemic racism", white Privilege and other critical race theory subjects, including training, which the President and Commander in Chief had just forbidden.
Regardless of the Superintendent’s email memo being “internal”, it was promulgated five days AFTER the President’s written, lawful directive and thus evinces direct and deliberate disobedience and insubordination.
The Navy's email spoke about training all Midshipmen a in critical race theory. Trained in cultural Marxism!
There have been multiple incidents of senior DOD officials, including military officers, recklessly, publicly disagreeing with, affronting, rebuking, disavowing, and disobeying the Commander in Chief (CIC).
One can imagine how much worse it must be behind the scenes, and how harmful this has been to the morale and welfare of the Services, not to mention dangerous to our liberties.
The incidents seem to have escalated from borderline, publicly expressed disagreements to outright insubordination in the forms of obstruction, and now, in the case of the USNA Superintendent, abject disobedience.
This threat will not organically & voluntarily subside if the duly elected POTUS & CIC refrains from asserting his Constitutional & statutory authority. This unprofessional, unmilitary and now unlawful behavior on the part of these arrogant, mutinous officers will only get worse.
The rot resulting from Obama’s executive order and the firings of senior military officers has wrought extensive damage to military good order, discipline, readiness, and training – and ultimately to the nation’s national defense capabilities.
The political corruption in the military needs to be reversed and the hyper-partisans purged from the ranks. Start at the top, Mr. President!
This thread are highlights from an article by Stu Cvrk. Some personal additions added.

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