Liberals have such a deliberately backwards idea of how power works that it's stupifying. Xi has control over the party organization to purge his enemies, can throw rich high status people who criticize him jail, has the loyalty of the ethnonationalists, and controls personnel
appointments in the party. Also not even mentioning the security services hardlinets. A bunch of useless self annointed hereditary oligarchs are going to overthrow him any day now who are entirely reliant on family patronage and weak rules enforcement for everything. 🤣🤣🤣
Like feudal barons who prospered under political decentralization, and thus ersatz Liberalism where they could play all sides, the grumblings of would be mountain strongholders at having their liberties clipped is laughably impotent as it is opportunistic.
Turns out it really doesn't matter who your father in law is or your uncle when men with guns show up at your door with written orders for your arrest with all paperwork properly stamped by the party.

• • •

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15 Sep
Removing Mongol stink from premise, or the party moves slowly but surely. One of the trends in the last few years is Communist Party ethnic policy making a complete 180. Rather than Soviet style ethnogenesis and actually creating potentially hostile social outgroups, it has
reversed course and instead going full bore on assimilationism by first reducing the incentives to minority ethnic identification (gaokao score bonuses) and now straight up doing away with primary education in anything other than Mandarin. The natural suspects are of course
screaming about it. The next on the chopping block are the ethnic Mongols. The crying by Mongol ethnats and their Western sympathizers are laughable once you realize that actual Mongolian nationalists barely consider Chinese Mongols as actual Mongols. Part of this is simply
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15 Aug
I suspect some Western politicians conceptualizes state stability the way communists do, though all will deny it. The disappointing thing is that the Party is too reactive, too defensive. Should take a page from Russia's playbook and hammer away at the brittle foundations of Image
the American empires ideological edifice. There are so many fissure points to exploit, contradictions to accentuate. Don't even need to do the propaganda work directly, just set up various foundations and cut outs to fund the actual existing schisms to be broadcast to a wider
audience. Even the censorship and arrests that are sure to follow once the nomenklatura in Washington feels threatened works to delegitimize the regime in its own ways.
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30 Jul
This divergence between the Chinese take on politics and the Western take on politics is interesting. For the Chinese, politics is ultimately about power, and power is a zero sum affair. Getting you and your entire clan beheaded in pursuit of political power is just the cost of
pursuing it. If you don't want to risk it all, don't try to pursue the throne. The West had an even more cut throat system during the Roman empire, with the percentages of emperors deposed by assassination or coup exceeding any Chinese dynastic era. Yet with the Empires demise
and it's replacement by Germanic barbarian kingdoms, Western political culture became less all-in and more restrained. Incidences like the murder of the two princes in the tower became uncommon when they barely would have warranted mentioning elsewhere. I'm still trying to grasp
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21 Jul
Since Xinjiang is a popular topic, let me drop another spicy take. The Chinese have the older historical claim to the land and the Uighurs are the invaders. The situation is actually quite analogous to England actually, though in an England in which the Roman Empire never died.
The Uighurs themselves are not entirely autocthonous to the region, being an admixed population consisting of a native Western Eurasian (Iranian) component and a latter Eastern Eurasian (Turk) component. They are essentially the Anglo-Saxons redux. An outside barbarian group
subjugated the natives and through intermarriage at saber point wiped out the original culture and replaced it with their own just as the Germanic invasion of Britain subjugated the native celts. The thing was, the Han were there before the Barbarians ever showed up in the first
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18 Jul
This is your brain on Star Wars / Harry Potter levels of human crisis response. Different groups have different limits. In is a truism that all humans basically desire the same things, but this ignores the different priorities of individuals and most importantly groups. Likewise Image
People will all respond to external stimuli much the same way, but individuals and collectives will all have their own limits. The self-imagined rugged individualism of the American mythos blinds them to the reality of their own readiness to obey power. They are no longer liminal
peoples along a frontier, but settled stock and the inability to accept this reality leads to an ideological overcompensation. By reaching deep into the Uighur family, the Party State has shown it's power to the current adult population in a way simply unimaginable to the Western
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16 Jul
The difference is that the Communist Party isn't pushing ethnonationalist revanchism or annihilation of targeted populations. The platform of the Nsdap was not subtle nor it's messaging to the German people. The Jews were the problem and there expulsion from Germany the solution.
Communist Party propaganda isn't exactly subtle. If the Party decides the Uighurs as a whole are enemies of the people, they will be classified as such and Chinese public sentiment mobilized towards their eradication via public media organs. When the party announces who the enemy
is, it is very explicit. So far, the Party is targeting Uighur religious expression directly and indirectly cultural traits deemed potentially separatists. This is actually explicity designed to leave Uighurs a pathway to collaboration rather than deeming them undesirables.
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