1/On 9/14 @realDonaldTrump tweets a signature SPEED in relation to DOJ & prosecutions especially Hillary Clinton's deletion of her emails.
There are several posts w SPEED noted as a signature
Is this tweet pointing back to these posts?
The Plan is moving forward more quickly now?
2/Kevin Corke said he received reliable information that indictments are coming & 4 him 2 set his alarm clock!
Durham investigation results should be coming forward as Sept 21st last day of summer
"Durham should be finished before end of summer"
Movie 2 coming this fall Sept 22?
3/Q asks if Kevin set his alarm & gives us dates to watch & track for Sept 14th-18th & Sept 21st-25th
Operations should go more quickly now especially since CV19 has taken a turn around the corner
Equal Justice under the law👉not 'laws for the & not for me anymore'!
4/ Q144 Has spelled out "THIS WEEK"
Primary objective from the beginning was to discredit the MSM/Dem propaganda arm that publishes lies & funded by CIA as well as many Social Media platforms.
Think Snowden-back in the news?
WHO else are Wizards/Warlocks?
Stuckn the middle w Q😆
5/Speed accelerated +5
We are moving fast. Not all in 2 letters are bad apples (Snow White CIA computers were spying on us)
House cleaning, restructuring, Ops 24/7
C Before D= Coats before Declas
Remove DNI roadblock before could start Declas of 1-99 documents
6/Q goes back Social Media platforms & MSM-who are the shareholders? Why is this relevant?
What is Operation Mockingbird?
Who is Anderson Cooper, really?
Op repeated over & over?
How many?
Snow White
GodFather III (Herman Cain-GodFather's PIZZA-Boystown on box? Trafficking)
7/ Operation Mockingbird continues 4 MSM from Nov 2017
These figures have now changed some
These names are VERY important 2 remember & track their families like Anderson Cooper who is a Vanderbilt/CIA & member of Fabian/other cults that run the world & use mind control on us all
8/Post discusses the Queen, her connection 2 cults, Princess Diana, London Mayor, Who worships Satan openly w upside down cross (Chelsea Clinton>Marina Abramovic Spirit Cooking Witch), Satan worship by many of our leaders. Angela Merkel & Illegal Immigrants assets used 2 destroy
9/ Answers here to post about Queen, C Clinton, Satan worship & immigrants used to destroy nations/culture & 4 insurgency type operations to over throw governments👉create terrorist groups/Networks
Kill dissidents
👉Infiltration verses invasion
Puppets of those in Control/Power
10/Further answers to the questions in previous post
Snow White👉 Spy Vs. Spy CIA Directorate of Operations code-named Snow White. articles.chicagotribune.com/2000-01-13/fea… archive.fo/yCwf9
11/Back 2 post 144 Who are the W&W-What council do they control?
Warlocks nrl.navy.mil/vxs1/
Wizards vpu2.navy.mil
Wizards: VPU-2 based HW - aircraft carry the "most sophisticated Equip
Warlocks: Warlock Green/Red Shortstop Electronic Protection System (SEPS) 🧙‍♂️🧙
12/Post 144 further breakdown-The NSA "Q Group" is the directorate that was in n charge of hunting down Snowden. thedailybeast.com/inside-the-q-g…
Sara Carter caught someone from China trying to hack into her email.
DNC corrupt & distracted trying to save own skin
13/ Post 144 final
US Army 127th Support Battalion Unit IRON EAGLE army.mil/article/166837…
Pres Obama said simply “We got him” crberryauthor.wordpress.com/tag/edward-sno…
PAY ATTENTION PATRIOTS: The US is at risk this week by bad actors. Actions being taken R 4 God & Country
14/It's important 2 review this info 2 get a good understanding of what's happened/happening, who the players are/were, why they do what they do, who controls them, & what 2 look forward 2 in the future.
Also, the incredible amount of work @POTUS & Q Team had to do 2 get HERE...
15/The amount of players that had to be removed/roadblocks removed in order to go forward w indictments that are ROCK SOLID-no chance of ESCAPE for these corrupt Luciferian/Satanists who rule the world. You see there are STILL a large amount to clear w the Gov/Mayors>riots/fires.
16/Good News is that God/Patriots are in control & we are SO much closer to JUSTICE & PAIN for these traitors. The Alarm Clock has been set & we are 2 watch these next 2 weeks-hopefully not disinfo 4 the 🤡s 2 make them act but 2 bring more BIG BOOMS/add 2 indictments>Clinesmith
17/This week???????
Thank you Kevin!

• • •

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