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16 Sep, 10 tweets, 6 min read
Great editorial coming for @independentaus subscribers in today's weekly newsletter.
Editor @vmp9 is on fire more than NSW in January, as she explains who is the koala's biggest enemy. (Spoiler: there's a twist!)
Make sure you're a subscriber. Yes you!
Of course, @independentaus is one of Australia's most ardent koala champions. Indeed, I have just paid our lawyers $10,000 as someone has taken umbrage at one of the many brilliant, fair and painstakingly researched articles on IA by @koalacrisis about this growing calamity.
In just over 10 years of speaking truth to power, @independentaus has been almost constantly threatened by people with deep pockets - who are almost always the powerful - to try to shut us up.
This is called #lawfare and is a pernicious and costly part of our flawed legal system.
Because of the @independentaus approach, which is a fierce dedication to the truth, instantly verifiable by documentary proof or clickable links to our source, IA has never been taken to court for defamation (or indeed any other matter). Our integrity is absolutely paramount.
Yet we still need to endure and pay for these vexatious and unfair attacks on the public's right to know.
It has cost @independentaus (and me) a lot of money we can ill afford. And the only people it serves are the rich, who routinely gameplay defamation laws to stifle dissent.
But don't despair! Australia's states etc are implementing uniform defamation law reform right now, to enhance "the ability of the media to report on matters of public interest, and lead to an overall reduction in defamation litigation in Australia."
Yay! lexology.com/library/detail…
Ironically, this has meant in the present sense is that every Tom, Dick and Rupert with a big legal budget is sending out their stupid defo claims before this long-overdue legislation comes into effect. It's a nightmare!
I sometimes wonder why I bother. Not for the money anyway.
Of course, we will most likely get through this latest existential threat to our work, just like we have overcome so many before. And ultimately, this change will be a great boon for small independent news publishers like @independentaus. We just wish it would bloody hurry up!
As you might expect, with the pandemic, our donations are right down.
If you could help us weather this latest storm we would be immensely grateful.
Your gold coin donation in Paypal might be the thing that helps us keep the dream alive.
Thanks so much!
Oh! One last thing, all the stories on @independentaus by fearless koala protector and brilliant former Fairfax journalist Sue Arnold (AKA @KoalaCrisis) can be found following her bio here: independentaustralia.net/profile-on/sue…
Support koalas on Facebook here: facebook.com/koalacrisis

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3 Sep
You've probably been following the dispute between Google and Facebook and the Murdoch media's official proxy. the Morrison Gov't
As the publisher of a popular independent news website, I have developed some well-considered views on this deeply corrupt farce.
So here's a thread.
The first thing to understand is that old Uncle Rupert, the repitilian relic, doesn't like the internet. He likes more tangible things, like paper, ink and the entrails of his foes. He also doesn't really understand the internet, but knows what he doesn't like most: aggregators.
He has been railing against these so-called aggregators, by which he means social media platforms and search engines, both personally and through his vast and sinister media conglomerate, for at least a decade. His argument is they are stealing News Corp content by posting links.
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28 Aug
I would say that the difference between me and virtually every other relatively successful journalist or publisher is that I don't regard other journalists or VIPs as any more important than the people we write for. In fact, my sympathies are very much more towards the outsiders.
Many people probably say that, but my record speaks for itself.
Of course, not pandering to egos does make IA a target and I have, regrettably, I must inform you received rather severe and harrowing bouts of sustained intimidation. But enough about my family...
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18 Jul
I haven't done a thread for a while, so indulge me for the next 20 or 30 minutes, while I offer you my thoughts on corruption, dinkum Aussie style.
It's one of my favourite topics and I think I've developed, over the last decade or so, a pretty keen insight.
So here goes...
Many people believe Australia to be relatively corruption free. In my experience, this nation is anything but. It is simply that Aussie corruption is concealed by the "mates network". Money is not passed over (much) in brown envelopes, but mates do mates a favour. And so it goes.
There is so much of this soft, hard to police, systemic corruption a fascinating academic book has been written about it, 'The Game of Mates', by Prof Paul Frijters and Dr Cameron Murray. independentaustralia.net/politics/polit…
Essential reading if you ever wonder why things are so screwed up.
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17 Jun
In truth the mainstream media do report most scandals that we hear about -- at least eventually. I think the gripe most people on Twitter have is the unequal treatment and weight given to scandals involving the ALP, as compared to the soft touch the Coalition is invariably given.
Journalism is, of course, not merely about reporting issues, but is in given them the recognition they deserve. So, for instance, Nick McKenzie reported the ABF allowing the Ruby Princess to dock. But if it was reported lower down on the LHS of page 5 of The Age, it is forgotten.
All this is not the reporters' fault, but rather a decision by the editorial staff -- maybe even the editor for sensitive stories. And if an editor wants to disappear a story, he doesn't need to spike it, he can just choose to under-promote it. Hide it on page five, as mentioned.
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13 Jun
I have a thread coming up where I am going to make a few very important announcements about @independentaus, so hang with me for a bit.
I am sharing these announcements with Twitter first, because this platform has been key to Independent Australia's success. By design. Yes, Facebook is bigger but Twitter has certain features that have been fundamental in enabling us to share our message with more people.
This is nothing to do with personal preferences, but rather with dodgy algorithms, the multiplier effect, perceived comparative IQ and more. But that's not important right now. Point is, Twitter is essential to @independentaus, but more essential are Twitter users.
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21 May
In just over a month, on the 24th of June, it will be 10 whole years since I created Independent Australia and it started publishing. I love @independentaus and I am pretty proud of it, so please indulge me as I offer a few reflections.
I've seen independent publishers come - some of them very well funded, with millions from rich entrepreneurs en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Globa… - and I've seen them depart. Get worn down and disintegrate. In fact, only two independent publications of any note still exist from those days.
One of the joys of being an "elder statesman" of the independent media world now is being interviewed often by fresh-faced journalism and media students - usually on Zoom - eager to know why IA has survived and prospered, while others have disappeared.
Well, let me fill you in.
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