All right, I'm going to engage with this because it's important to break down why I do not agree with this, why I have taken the stance I have, and the fact that I did not act without an understanding of both fannish history and its spaces of exclusion.
First, Rukmini did not name the writer, you did (and you note that this was subtweeting), so the claim that this is a pile on is ??? at best given how many #Nazi fics are on AO3. But aside from that, the first people to post about it were Jewish fans.
While I disagree that Jews don't experience racism (because Jews of colour exist), I agree that this is not as immediately harmful as many of the issues already in fandom, and that the refusal to see representation of #nazis (eg HYDRA, etc) as horrible is a genuine concern.
I think that the narrative of "what if one day I was a fascist and complicit in genocide, could I be redeemed?" is deeply questionable because it isn't one that usually talks about accountability or anything beyond the person's remorse. It centers the person over the survivors.
I have seen this repeatedly raised in Jewish critiques of literature that does talk about romances with SS officers, and made a point of to note that the #Shoah is not to humanise those who perpetrated it, but to acknowledge those who lived in & after it, to ensure to centre them
Until the point I read the fic in question, I didn't see that (though I'll admit I stopped reading part of the way through because I found it upsetting to read). I took time to mull over why I disagree with you on this, & it is because the idea /is/ applicable to more than #nazis
Fascism hurts everyone, and the implication that active action in fascism is by people who are just people is one that I've read a lot of, and a lot of it is apologists for #Nazis. This is what worries me and where much of my resistance to your argument comes from.
Do I have a say over whether or not you feel this fic is valid? No, I very much don't. But I do have a say in the fact that narratives are put about affect the world more broadly, and me in it. White supremacy and fascism do affect me. My solidarity is not abstract here.
Do I think that the attempt to centre extremely common narratives about humanising people who committed atrocities because "it was the time" or "it was their culture" or "it was their job & they were scared" are problematic? Yes, I do. Very specifically because these are ongoing.
Do I feel like that's where effort towards humanising people needs to be put? Um, no. Pretty vehemently no. I want people who have historically been dehumanised in a bunch of ways to have access to that kindness. Oppressors usually already have access to citizenship/ humanity.
There is so much racism and antisemitism in the world. I see it every day in the spaces I'm in. You mention that antiblackness is rampant and I agree. I also know that there are Black Jews, and they experience both racism and antiblackness. It /is/ the overlap of both for them.
I think that many Jewish fans tried to note these points, so I'm not bringing up anything new. Much of what I've said is from listening and reading Jewish thinkers, authors, and critics - and yes, speaking with friends - who've talked about WHY these things need care and nuance.
I've also paid close attention to the various times when the romance industry has tried to put out similar books that humanise #Nazis (or war criminals more generally) and seen the ways the playing out of a particular kind of masculine vulnerability for the non-Jewish character.
My takeaways during this period were to think very carefully about who is doing the writing, what they're choosing to centre, and where they see the impact of this kind of work. I applied the same basic set of principles to this fic. And I think it is harmful. I stand by that.
And I don't just mean to the Jewish community; I mean more broadly to the idea of what can be written about and who gets to see this as a romantic fantasy. And again, this is about me very much as well, about the ways in which fascism is playing out in various spaces I'm in.
In the future will this enable right wing Indian acafans to write about how they enabled mob violence but were eventually redeemed through the power of love? I'm horrified by the very idea (and it might seem far-fetched now), but this is something that is a possibility made open.
I think antisemitism is more than just overt name-calling and abuse; it is in what spaces make welcome and who is implicitly considered in that manner. It is about whether that lens is validated long term. It is about fascism. Again, my solidarity is not abstract. I fight for me.
I disagree with the idea that antisemitism can be absolutely defined because it shifts, just as racism shifts, and the choice not to acknowledge that harms us all. Do I think the author considered any of this? No, I don't. But I've seen them presume all "censorship" is bad.
I don't hold with that. I am not a believer in absolute free speech because (1) it's a joke anyway because access to speech is determined by power, so whose "freedom" defines this; and (2) it lets a great deal of violence run unchecked which dehumanises people constantly.
Do I think the author was antisemitic? Yes, I still do. I thought so because their choices centre a perspective that will make antisemitism more viable at the AO3. Do I think there is EVEN WORSE antisemitic content on the AO3? YES. That's part of why it needs actual processes.
But I don't hold with "this isn't antisemitic enough to be outright violent antisemitism" because I don't truck with the distinguishing of hard fascism and soft fascism. I just resist fascism and stand with those who do.

// That's me on this.
Additionally, the author added a person of colour into their tags on a fic about #nazis. They did this deliberately. Sit with that a second. You really want to tell me they're acting to undercut violence here? We then fundamentally disagree on that.
There's a difference in dehumanising an oppressor and not centring them in #Shoah narratives. Holding people who did wrong accountable with their humanity is not writing a story about them being trapped by circumstance. That's an excuse.
Intent is not the same as outcome, and oppression is about outcome and not intent. I do not think that centring the intent people who perform brutality will ever lead anyone to hold people in their circles accountable; quite the opposite in fact (from my experience. YMMV).
My conclusion's pretty clear. I think the fic is subversively antisemitic & am in favour of evaluative processes at AO3. I don't think the history of a genre decides anything because there's historically LOT of white supremacy across publishing globally.
I also realise that this tweet is in bad faith because:
1) It implies I have the power to decide anything. Which, I'm going to be laughing forever, thanks.
2) It's implying I've "targeted" an indie creator rather than just been another fan having this conversation. >
3) I'm in favour of evaluative processes in the romance and literary industry as well. I've never not been in favour of this?
4) The idea that these conversations don't need to happen is straight up nonsense. Literally look at the world in 2020.

// that's me.
People can figure out how they want to come to this or what they want to use to help them think through this. I'm good with conversations in good faith provided I have the time/ energy. I don't do trolls and I don't engage with anyone who won't do the work with me. That's that.
Considering the various Jewish fans who have responded to the fic noting that they felt harmed by it, I think this is deliberately disingenuous. Not all Jewish fans may have felt harmed, but lots did. That /is/ an actual consequence.
So I'm leaving this here for anyone who wants to think about this. I've checked and the person whose tumblr it is is okay with this:…
"Don't like, don't read" isn't benign and I don't pretend it is. If you're going to talk about Nazis in the MCU being humanised and say that is harmful in fandom, then that's a thing that does affect who feels welcome in fannish spaces.
It's one thing to say "this isn't my thing but isn't harmful" & leave it alone. It is another thing entirely to assume tags are the only process by which harmful things end up on the AO3. It is another thing to assume that tags aren't speaking to people about what's acceptable.
I'm going to leave this here and mute this thread because I think this is stuff where lots of people have very distinct opinions from me. I just think the libertarian idea that everyone's the same in fandom under "don't like don't read" is bunk. We are historical beings.

• • •

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1 Sep
This is the part that really underlines this. She did something unconsidered,refused to reflect, got defensive, and then tried to imply I was somehow overreacting to @RukminiPande. Sure, this is "professional respect".
This is why I am so vehemently against any system of support that stems from self-serving saviour narratives. It implies a supposed burden of loyalty and like all of the skills were one sided. Uh, no.
I was approached for a chapter for a professional project. I agreed & brought @RukminiPande on board. We were approached specifically as PoC acafans since the book lacked this, and so we wrote from that perspective. So this was not just to our benefit, it benefited the book.
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31 Aug
Please do not do this. FIC was published much before Rukmini and I began to be targeted. We have not received solidarity or support from anyone involved in FIC during this. To mobilise what has taken place now to plug your book is unworthy of the solidarity you claim to respect.
To come from a conversation about co-option and derailing of Black Lives Matter to this co-option of a antiracist work without concern or consideration is to fundamentally misread what anyone is asking people to do, let alone myself. (I do not speak for @RukminiPande.)
I am tired of fighting battles and I want to give people space to learn. But please, for the love of the praxis everyone is so eager to claim but no one wants to do the actual work for, maybe leave the tweet in drafts.
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31 Aug
Update: I've read the apologies @henryjenkins has sent, both the one on the comics listserv as well as the personal one to me. And I've responded. Again, I'm documenting everything here because I do not want any misrepresentation later. This is the listserv one.
Transcription: I am writing this as a public apology to Samira Nadakarni and Rukmini Pande for the hurtful email exchange, which was made public on the ComixScholars-L list serve. I set out to amplify the voices of scholars and artists of color and ended up harming multiple >
South Asian women.
I am reaching out privately to talk with the women involved, but since the emails were made public, I am also offering this public apology.
Let me say from the start that I admire Rukmini Pande's contributions to the field enormously.
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30 Aug
So updates. @DrWilliamProct1 has emailed me an apology and I have now responded. I'm putting both up here because I want this information to remain clear and public so it cannot be twisted in any way at a later date. Transcription in the tweets below
Transcript: Dear Samari,

I am emailing to express my sincere apologies for the hurt and pain I have caused you with both the black comics series, the shift to multicultural comics, and the email exchange between Henry Jenkins and I.
I am autistic, and I was writing in a state of distress brought on by autistic meltdown, and did not follow my usual procedures in asking someone to check how I am communicating on this occasion. Consequently, I often do not recognize tone, whether in person, in email, or on >
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30 Aug
I am grateful to everyone who is reaching out and offering solidarity right now. There are a lot of responses coming in and I'm catching up slowly, but please know these are all appreciated even if I'm not able to respond to each message/ tweet/ RT individually.
Going through many of the RTs, I think the horrible and striking thing for me has been how many people of colour, particularly of marginalised genders, have mentioned experiencing this sort of event before and leaving these fields. That this hurt echoes down to now says a lot.
The field is immeasurably diminished for these losses, the perspectives they could offer, the work they could do, the care and community they could bring to this. It takes a lot of harm to have that pain be the primary memory of a field. That's not nothing.
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29 Aug
WOW. OKAY. Yeah, I'm the person they're referring to. I have previously noted that @DrWilliamProct1 is complicit in #racismo. I gave @henryjenkins the benefit of the doubt. More fool me. Great job on the racism. Love that BLM header. #ComicsStudies #FanStudies #MediaStudies
The second person @DrWilliamProct1 is referencing is @RukminiPande who is someone who has not only repeatedly pointed out how racially gaslighting his work is, but has had to listen to him say things like he doesn't think structural racism exists. Fuck this racist dude.
Read 24 tweets

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