You'll come back home to use the same bedsheets you've been using for the past two weeks

Yes you! Don't scroll down, you!

Tomorrow, you'll wake up and wonder why your skin is not fresh

It can't be, because you're sleeping on bedsheets that has more germs as a toilet seat
But it's not germs you should be worried about, everytime you sleep on your bed, you shed off skin cells, millions of them every night.

There are certain insects known as dust mites, so small you can't see them without a microscope. That feed on those dead skin cells
The more you leave your bed sheets unwashed, the more these mites multiply, they can trigger asthma attacks or give you a runny nose, or even cause eczema flares in some people.

If you always wake up with a runny nose, you might want to change your bed sheet.
You see that stuff that grows on old bread? That is called fungi, they are a lot on unwashed pillows and bedsheets.

When you sweat, your sheets pick up moisture and fungi love moisture

Wash your pillow cases.

Bacteria like Staphylococcus love unwashed sheets. Wash them.
How often should you wash them:

Once a week at the max, especially if you live in an area with poor ventilation where you sweat a lot.

Wash your pillows too, not just the covers. Do that every six months or so

Use a cover on your bed to stop it from picking moisture directly

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21 Sep
Do yourself a favor, look at the back of your noodles. Check the amount of Sodium at the back.

You're supposed to have less than 2.3g of Sodium PER DAY, anything higher places you at risk of hypertension

Add work stress to this, you can see that you may not be helping yourself.
Sodium pulls water to itself, taking a lot of Sodium will attract more water into your bloodstream, more water in your bloodstream means the volume of blood in your bloodstream has increased forcing your heart to work harder and over time, damage your kidneys

Cut down sodium.
Yes, your body still needs sodium for other processes, but like I said, less than 2.3g daily or a teaspoon of salt.

You can still reduce the amount of salt you take on a daily basis, if you must take noodles, don't use all the seasoning.

Your taste buds will adjust. Trust me
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18 Sep
If you know anyone coming to Nigeria, this information is IMPORTANT. RT so they can see this.

It is mandatory for air travelers to do PCR testing upon arrival in Lagos and Reddington Zaine Laboratory is offering FREE treatment package for air travelers returning to Lagos
The treatment package is only applicable in the event of a positive COVID-19 test and it includes, free doctors consultation, free chest CT scan, free home isolation treatment and fifty percent discount on hospitalization treatment.
To qualify, air travelers must choose and register ‘Reddington Zaine Laboratory’ as their preferred Laboratory for their PCR COVID-19 test on the NCDC travel portal / arrival documents and complete the PCR test at Reddington Zaine lab on the 7th day of arrival in Nigeria.
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18 Sep
I saw adults yesterday shouting "Olympus has fallen" Your breasts have fallen on 2 different threads.

Indirectly thinking or saying that fondling, pressing or sucking will make a woman's breasts sag

You can't know body count by breast sagging
That's just not how it works!
Breasts contain mainly fat, glands that produce milk, and Cooper ligaments

It is commonly thought that these ligaments is what give support to these breasts making them firm and supple nd giving them their shape

However, with age, these ligaments become lax and breasts fall
However, some women just have breasts sag even at a young age and the rate of it dropping is not solely dependent on the age of a person.

There are other factors involved, there are also different grades of this also known as breast ptosis, see photo below for guidance.
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27 Aug
When the egg is released from the ovary, it lives for about 24-48 hours

A sperm can live up to 5 days in the woman's reproductive tract

Sperm dropped outside the vagina can enter the vagina and if the conditions are right, get a woman pregnant

Wathoni's story is not impossible
When the egg is released, the cervical mucus becomes thin to allow the sperm to swim freely. When she's not ovulating, the mucus is thicker

For guys, 1ml of semen can contain as much as 100 million sperm cells, some men have sperm cells in their "precum"l
Let's imagine, she's ovulating at that time and they made out, her hand or his hand may have touched his precum or ejaculate and he touches her vagxna,

Remember what I said about the cervical mucus, and number of sperm in a drop of semen? Do the math. The chances are there
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22 Aug
So this guy was sucking his GF's breast and tasted something in his mouth

Are you pregnant?


Why is "milk" coming out from your breast?

"It happens from time to time"

LIAR! It's because you've done aborshon before

"No! I have not done aborshon

Let me explain

What happened in the story above is a condition known as galactorrhea, where a person has milk like discharge from either one or both nipples.

This discharge is different from the regular milk secretion that occurs during pregnancy

It can occur in men also, Yes you heard it
This can be caused by a number of things:

Let's start from the common:

The commonest cause is what we call a prolactinoma, this is simply a tumor or growth that occurs in the pituitary gland.

Where is this gland? I'd like to say it's in between your eyes, inside your head
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19 Aug
Not every woman will bleed during their first sexual experience and it's okay

I'll repeat it. Not every woman will bleed during their first sexual encounter

The hymen is a thin piece of tissue that partially covers the entrance to the vagina

There're different types
RT Thread
It does not completely cover the entrance as many people think. In some people when it does it can cause problems because there's no place for the menstrual blood to escape from.

This is called an imperforate hymen and would need to be opened to allow the blood flow out
Because it's so thin, it can break really easily from vigorous activities, especially in active women or girls or women that participate in sports,riding bicycles etc

Worse,she may not even be aware that it has broken because unlike what we believe, it does not always cause pain
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