Everyone knew that @JasAthwal was banned by Tarry’s mates in LOTO because there was no way that He could ever win in a fair battle. Not only did they destroy Jas but they enabled yet another antisemitism appeasing MP into Parliament. Tarry is now in a safe seat for decades.
Tarry was backed by every local antisemite. He has never called them out because they are his key/only supporters. The remaining Jewish community in Ilford South are disgusted that he is their MP having always had the support of their elected officials.
Wrong @Jas_Athwal! Apologies to both of them.

• • •

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7 Sep
Anyone who had any remaining doubts about Chris Williamson plunging into the antisemitic sewer, should look at the Steering Committee for his new outfit, The Resistance Movement:

There's Alan Davies, the Editor of The Word, a publication given huge support by that man who loves Jews, Jeremy Corbyn. Alan updated his long standing anti Jewish racism for the modern age by blaming Israel for the Covid crisis:

There's Sian Bloor, a groupie of a couple of the country's leading far right racists, Richie Allen and David Icke, providing proof yet again that the far left are very comfortable with the far right:

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29 Jun
This is a thread about @lloyd_rm and why he should no longer be allowed the privilege of being an MP, for any party. If, having read this thread you feel as disgusted as me, please retweet it and ensure each time that you separately tag @Keir_Starmer and @UKLabour.
Please also tag any journalists that you know, to include @MattChorley @stephenpollard @JournoStephen @freedland @stephenkb @TanyaGold1 @GuidoFawkes @DPJHodges etc etc
Anyone who has followed UK politics will know about @lloyd_rm's failings: his publicly loutish behaviour including within Parliament; his misogynistic tweets and his support for any antisemite that crosses his path. There are many threads on twitter that can fill you in.
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19 Jun
Thread/ The @UKLabour today released its report into why it lost the election. One part of the report analysed why it lost the social media war so spectacularly.
Part of its analysis was looking at Labour Party outliers ie those accounts who pushed the Corbynite line for years and built big follower numbers.

Those of us fighting antisemitism will recognise that many of these accounts were those who radicalised thousands in Jew hatred.
But it is astonishing that Socialist Voice aka Scott Nelson, a man so steeped in anti Jewish hatred that even Corbyn’s Labour Party couldn’t find a way of keeping him as a member, was one of the accounts analysed.
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18 May
I mean we all know that to be racist you have to be thick.

One only has to look at the thickest (2 Es at a private school) Labour Leader ever to understand why he’s the one who’s an antisemite.
Many of his closest political allies are also racist and thus, we can assume, are also thick.

Not only did these thick racists within Labour HQ produce a lying report to pretend that they weren’t racist, once they were told by their own legal team that the report they produced
reinforced the fact that they were indeed racist, they decided to leak it to their fellow thick racist friends at @novaramedia and @TheCanaryUK etc etc.

And because their thick racist mates did what they were told and pushed the report into the world, the Labour Party and ..
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13 Apr
Thread: What many of us are going to enjoy the most about the release of this fine piece of Corbynista propaganda/factional/fictional reporting is the long term impact of not just its contents (probably very little actually) but on those who wrote it, leaked it and promoted it.
We always knew that those most responsible for the spread of antisemitism on the Labour Left had the brain cells of a turkey. After all, to be a racist and to believe in conspiracy theories, you have to be both very insecure and very, very thick. 2/
And thus, in their excitement to continue to spread their hatred, they continue to prove their lack of intellectual heft by libelling many people and breaking data protection law over and over again. 3/
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26 Oct 19
It’s important that people understand the context.

Luisa was a member of @LAAS. She left because she couldn’t understand why its Jewish and non Jewish members didn’t want to make an antisemite, PM. She thought that was odd because she has no problem with making Corbyn PM.
Almost every Jew who criticises @LAAS and @GnasherJew does so for one reason. Their Jewish identity is far less important to them than their commitment to a Labour government, regardless of that government being led by an antisemite and backed by antisemites.
Of course, that is their right. It’s not for me to say how any individual decides what’s most important to them.

It’s their right to pretend to be anti racists whilst backing antisemites.
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