Science & Markets through their effects have lifted more people out of poverty than any other areas of human ingenuity.

You can’t be an anti-market or anti-scientific progressive. I know you may have been told that progressives can be that. But the word actually means something.
There’s nothing progressive about “my truth” if your truth contradicts reality to make you feel better. The soul who came up with Oral Rehydration Therapy was a progressive who saved the lives of countless poor people. A person demanding we deny biology is just a power tripper.
Any easy way to tell a false progressive is whether that person denies the main engines of progress: markets, STEM, law, high quality institutions.

You don’t get to fly direct to equality, fairness & justice by wishing yourself there & barking orders to comply backed by threats.
The hard part of being a progressive is the design of mechanism & incentives: how do we work with true human nature to get beautiful outcomes for society that can actually be reached.

Progressives aren’t utopian, because Utopian dreams always lead us backwards.
Be antiutopian.🙏

• • •

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18 Sep
I am not going to editorialize this. You already know it. You can lash out at me to reduce the cognitive dissonance if you have to, but your eyes work as well as mine.

You know where we are in this story. And you have no idea what to do either. Not if you need to feed a family.
We seem to be unsure of simple things like “2+2=5 is false” and absolutely *certain* about truly *complex* and/or *subtle* things like climate, vaccines, virus origins, mask efficacy, what is a platform/publisher and what is racist.

Every news cycle is an assault on the mind.
Why can we not discuss all branches of the Viral origin decision tree? Somebody explain this. We aren’t under direct PRC control. How does this work? I’m truly confused as to the mechanism.
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16 Sep
A job of the police is to be violent as needed, albeit in a controlled, professional, regular & ethical fashion.

We shouldn’t teach our dimmer children that there’s never a reason for violence or that non-violence is pacifist.

This appears to confuse them irrevocably as adults.
Perhaps we should read to them from Gandhi and Weber but make it rhyme with lots of endearing illustrations of forest animals.
I am saying this because I have just witnessed a thread where the idea that “there is never a reason for violence” is taken as axiomatic.

There is no reading of nature that supports this idea. No reading of Gandhi that supports it. No theory of social organization that supports.
Read 4 tweets
13 Sep
I can at long last explain to everyone what the “Intellectual Dark Web was about”.

It was about this.

And what comes next if you the media and you the Democratic Party and You Trump and you the Tech Platforms and You the Universities don’t stop playing.

A plague on all your houses. RNC/BLM/ACAB/MSM/DNC/1619/ANTIFA/AltRight/ETC

You‘ve thwarted every attempt at Unity, Logic & Moderation that threatens your business models. You destroyed Science. Scholarship. Journalism on your way here and didn’t blink.

You see unity as THREAT
And you are right. You want to know why?? Well this is my most favorited tweet. It has nothing to do with me.

You would be better off with this wise young man as your president than either Trump or Biden. But your business models would collapse.

Well your business models suck.
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12 Sep
Midnight. 9/11. 2020. No apologies.
@lexfridman, @benshapiro, @TulsiGabbard, @jockowillink, @coldxman, @stephstem, @elewrockjazz,

Could I ask a favor? I love listening to every scrap of your music on line.

One take. Whatever comes out. Same song w/o words in some other style that represents our diverse country?
@AlecBenjamin @CharlotteKMuhl @MichaelEinziger & Ann Marie @seanonolennon &CKM @soozanto Then consider putting it in the thread & encourage others you love to do the same? All I ask is that you leave any flaws in because, hey, we aren’t perfect. And that’s kind of the point.
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10 Sep
We don’t empower living heroes with the ability to challenge institutions.

We allow for individuals tied to institutions. We allow collective heroism (e.g. crews of astronauts are neither individual nor unaffiliated). But Lindbergh taught them the danger.

And so we now destroy.
Most of my real heroes now appear before me as scoundrels. They are mired in smears, whisper campaigns, impoverished by boycotts, cancelled, beset by campaigns to discredit everything they do, say, or even observe.

That isn’t an accident. It is reputation warfare known as F.U.D.
Moral: Institutions are doing you a favor by whittling down the set of possible heroes. Ask yourself:

FEAR: who frightens me?

UNCERTAINTY: who is unpredictable?

DOUBT: who lives under a cloud of questions particularly with respect to motive.

Then ask: is there a FUD campaign?
Read 5 tweets
9 Sep
Did de Gaulle get this all the time?

“You still consider yourself French? Dude you are British. You live here. It’s all over. Chill bruh. It’s cool. You’ve been red-pilled! Admit it.”

Or Ulysses: “Let it go.”

Or Israel: “Hebrew? It’s a dead language!”

Ok. That’s how I see it.
The “Left” has meaning that isn’t exhibited by any party currently. The Democratic Party needs to expel its corrupt leadership and donor base. Or the Republicans need to become more responsive to certain norms which are important to me. Both are unworkable as this election shows.
[Fascinating responses. I know I didn’t want every sane republican to leave the Exectuive Branch. Wanting every sane liberal out of 1 of our 2 parties losing its mind doesn’t sound smart to me...but it make sense to many of you Trumpers. You‘re making a big error here however..]
Read 4 tweets

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