Prayer is the most effective means we have of achieving victory in spiritual warfare, because prayer is how we petition our almighty God to come to our aid against his enemies. But there is a way that the power of prayer can be subverted by effeminate conditioning.
It happens by reasoning like this: since God is all-powerful and all-wise, he is infinitely more competent than us to both know how to achieve victory, and to implement that winning strategy. Therefore, once we have prayed, we should leave everything to God. Our job is done.
This is very much like thinking that since God is the one who changes hearts, and he can reach anyone he chooses to save through his Spirit without need of human help, therefore we need not evangelize. Just sit back and watch our Savior work!
In fact, it is not merely *like* thinking this; it is the *same* as thinking this, because evangelism itself is spiritual warfare (e.g. Mt 16:18). The command to evangelize (Mt 28) is a command to fight. We are commanded to fight in spiritual warfare, not to let go and let God.
Off the top of my head, I can't think of anywhere in Scripture that God fights *in place of* his people without first telling them explicitly that this is what he will do. There are many places, however, where he fights *alongside* them without explicit instruction or advice.
This comes down to whether the spiritual and the physical reflect realms each other. Does spiritual warfare follow similar principles and patterns to physical, or are they utterly different? We would never presume to instruct our army to sit back after praying in a physical war.
Scripture teaches that the physical, in fact, reflects the spiritual. This is why Paul knows that it is *he* who engages in spiritual warfare against those who suspect him of walking in the flesh. He fights on behalf of God; but it is not God who fights in his place.
So in 2 Cor 10 he threatens that he is going to have to be bold in face to face conflict with those saying he walks according to the flesh—in order to destroy, take captives, and punish. The objects of the warfare are different, and the weapons, but the tactics remain the same.
In other words, there are two requirements for success in the battle for the West:

1. *We* must fight
2. *God* must give us victory

Number 2 doesn't happen without number 1 in the ordinary scheme of things. But it also doesn't happen with actually asking, often and earnestly.
To close, here is a song written about the attack on Pearl Harbor, describing the words of a real chaplain, to both summarize the principle, and encourage you in implementing it:

Btw, most wartime skills don't come naturally. Scripture is our final authority, but it is not our only guide, and it is not a tactical manual. To supplement it, read faithful men who have actually achieved some success in war. Here's a great primer:…

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